Perfect Husband 8 December 2021: The Episode starts with Pushkar getting angry at Vidhi. He says you are sleeping in peace here, this isn’t fair. He takes a pillow and keeps it under her head. He goes to some secret chamber. He gets some boxes and checks inside. He gets something. He drops the bugs on Vidhi. She wakes up and gets scared. She rushes to the washroom and washes her hands. She says there are ants everywhere in the room. She sleeps in the washroom. It’s the morning, Pushkar comes to Vidhi and wakes her up. He asks why did you sleep in the bathroom, what happened. She says some ants came inside the room at night. He says you didn’t tell me anything, get fresh, I will get medicine. He goes smiling. She sees Badri going. She goes to see. Pushkar acts sweet.

Vidhi recalls whatever happened after her return. He asks what happened. She says nothing. You go and get ready, everyone is waiting. She goes to Badri. She says I regard you like an elder brother, I know you know a lot about Pushkar, tell me the truth, I don’t know if this is true, I feel Pushkar has given you this wound, tell me if Pushkar has another face before things get worse, I will understand, just say yes or no. Badri recalls Pushkar putting hot coal in his mouth and making him mute in childhood. Vidhi asks Badri to please tell her, is this silence loyal or fearful, he has to break this silence for the sake of everyone, I can just change this into good. He goes.

She sees Pushkar’s slippers. Vidhi hears some servants talking. She follows in her footsteps. She says I have to find out. She goes to a secret chamber. She gets inside the room. She thinks this dilemma has to get cleared. Pushkar gets hot coal. Badri gets shocked. Pushkar scolds Badri. He says Vidhi is asking strange questions these days. He scares Badri. Badri cries. Vidhi checks the room well. Pushkar says you know me, I m not so bad. Badri coughs by the smoke. Pushkar says so I think I shouldn’t doubt you, you may go now. Badri goes.

Pushkar hears a sound from Badri’s room. He goes to check. Vidhi sees him coming and hides. Bela gets caught by police. Bela defends that she belongs to a good family. Inspector asks her to call her family. She gets afraid of Ashwin. She thinks whom to call. She calls Pushkar for help. He says what, I m coming. He says why did Bela fall in trouble, why shall I worry, this is the right chance to become a hero. Vidhi gets the sim card. She thinks it means Badri has sent those pics and messages before my marriage. She goes to Badri and stops him. She says I didn’t come to ask anything, truth has come in front of me on its own.

She shows the pics sent by Badri. She says you have done a brother’s duty, you wanted to stop my marriage with Pushkar, I know I did a big mistake by marrying Pushkar, just say yes or no, is this all true, is Pushkar not like he appears. He nods. He gets some coal ashes and puts on Pushkar’s pic. She says my doubt was right, I will talk to him directly now. She promises to protect him. He goes. She says the truth was so close to me and I didn’t see it. Inspector asks Bela for details. She gets glad seeing Pushkar. She stops seeing Ashwin. Ashwin requests the inspector to leave Bela.

Inspector questions Ashwin and insults him. Pushkar reacts and scolds the inspector. He gets a lawyer. He says these are bail papers, release Bela and apologize to them. Inspector apologizes. Bela apologizes to Ashwin. She thanks Pushkar.

Vidhi goes to Rajshri and asks for Pushkar. Rajshri asks for ant bite signs. Vidhi tells everything. She says Pushkar has done all this. Rajshri gets shocked. She asks what. Vidhi says I have seen him, he is not like he appears. Rajshri shouts at her. She says you mean to say he is doing acting here. Vidhi says yes, you don’t know him. Rajshri praises Pushkar and asks was this any acting, he requested me to forgive your mistakes, you know where did he go now. Vidhi says no. Rajshri says he went to Mumbai. Vidhi asks why. Rajshri says to save your family’s respect. Vidhi asks what happened to my family, why didn’t tell me. Rajshri says he didn’t tell you as you may worry, you are alleging him, Bela ran away with Rangeela, they stayed in some cheap hotel in Mumbai, police arrested Bela with other girls. Vidhi gets shocked.

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