Perfect Husband Full Story Zee world: The story is set in a spot in Rajasthan, where Rajshree Rathod (Jaya Prada) continues to look for an ideal spouse for her optimal child, Pushkar Rathod (Ayush Anand). Vidhita (Saily Sanjeev) likewise needs an ideal spouse for herself. After their marriage, there are many high points and low points in their relationship and after that, the inquiry emerges that can an ideal child become an optimal spouse?

Perfect Husband Zee world: Full Story, Casts & Summary

Amazing Husband Zee World show has partaken in a great beginning. It is the primary TV appearance of the veteran model Jaya Prada. The story happens in Rajasthan. It is about a normal pay young lady Vidhita who is hitched by a rich guy named Pushkar Rathod. She is trusting that he will be an optimal spouse. Her own expectations concerning her better half. She is attracted to Pushkar after seeing his ideal appearance. She is totally unique to Pushkar But she before long understands her better half’s not the ideal man she had expected. She needs to manage Pushkar’s cruel conduct.

Vidhita’s excursion through life has numerous highs and lows. She has a troublesome relationship. The mother of Pushkar Rajshri helps her in aiding the relationship last with trust. Rajshri thinks her child is awesome notwithstanding, she understands that hes not the best spouse. Rajshri wants the bliss of Vidhita similarly. She is committed and adores Vidhita like she is pleased with her child. The show centers around the characteristics a lady needs in her optimal spouse.

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Likewise, Ayush Anand is found in the job of her child as Pushkar Rathod. Sayali Sanjeev is seen assuming the part of an unassuming community young lady named Vidhita Rajawat. The story spins around the account of Vidhita and her optimal spouse. Vidhita, similar to an ordinary young lady needs an ideal spouse and discovers Pushkar.

Later she understands that Pushkar had an altogether different way to deal with life contrasted with her viewpoint. Additionally, Rajyshree apparently controls the job of the mother just as a mother by marriage in the great casing. The story is loaded up with ups and downs of this not really optimistic wedded life.

Vidhita is depicted as a warm and effervescent young lady who lives with her twin sister Nivedita alongside her dad-in-law Ashwin. Ashwin’s mom isn’t attached to Vidhita without question. She’s worried for Bela’s future as her little girl. Vidhita is Bela’s closest companion. She never neglects to keep Bela’s affection in her heart. Bela is constantly confounded with regard to her garments and cosmetics. She appears to be more whimsical and careless and this concerns her mom. Vidhita is ruined by Ashwin who is miserable with regards to her marriage separation only two years back. Not set in stone to get Vidhita hitched to a legitimate family. Vidhita goes to the reasonable. She meets the rich and generous woman Rajshri. Vidhita takes an interest in The Perfect Pati challenge, in which Rajshri is the adjudicator.

Vihita places her life at risk to ensure Rajshri. Vihita meets Rajshri at their first experience. Rajshri accepts that she is a decent worth. In the wake of finding out about Vidhita’s positive musings during the opposition, Rajshri gets impacted and chooses to go to Vidhita’s home to examine Vidhita and Pushkar’s fellowship. Interestingly, Pushkar is presented as Rajshri’s defensive child. He is enraged at whatever point his kin Meera wears popular garments. He consumes her popular garments and buys a wide scope of customary dress for her. Rajshri and Meera are both persuaded that Pushkar is excessively delicate. Pushkar conceals his compromising activities through his beguiling persona.

Pushkar proclaims his inclination for the lady he will wed to and decays her deal. He condemns the young lady for having low qualities. Vidhita and Pushkar have contrasting suppositions regarding the matter of marriage and soul mates. Vidhita won the opposition. Her family is fulfilled. Rajshri considers the town’s cleric and makes a solicitation of having Pushkar drawn into Vidhita. The cleric contacts Ashwin’s mother to tell her with regards to the coalition for Vidhita. Ashwin’s mom is baffled in light of the fact that Vidhita consistently gets the best position. She misleads her relatives that the collusion is agreeable to Bela. Ashwin is as yet asking her relatives to meet Pushkar and afterward proceed with the conversation.

Rajshri and Meera Rajshri and Meera Pushkar about Vidhita who was ideally suited for his character. Pushkar is dazzled by Vidhita’s image. He is keen on gathering her. He illuminates Rajshri that his confidence in her decision is solid. Pushkar is the one to take Rajshri alongside Meera to a café. The server is adulated by Meera and this surprises Pushkar. Pushkar shoots bean stew powder into the eyes of the server and is admonishes him for being excessively more amiable with Meera. Pushkar is undermining the server. He covers his conduct before Rajshri. Pushkar is dazzled by Vidhita for having figured out how she saved Rajshri’s life. He is getting ready to meet Vidhita and Ashwin’s mom might want Pushkar to get hitched, Bela.

Perfect Husband Casts and their Real Name

  • Sayali Sanjeev as Vidhita Rajawat
  • Ayush Anand as Pushkar Rathod
  • Jaya Prada as Rajyashri Rathod
  • Samarth Shandilya as Rangeela

Perfect Husband Zee world Information

  • Title: Perfect Husband
  • No. Of seasons: 1
  • No. Of Episodes: 127
  • Channel: Zee world
  • First Episode: 20th October 2021
  • Final Episode: Nil
  • Original Title: Perfect Pati
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Network: &tv

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