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Sun Ho chooses to stop school before he sets his last plan in motion. Simultaneously, Dong Man searches for an approach to help Sun Ho in the most ideal manner. A long time elapses and everybody accumulates again back at the college, expecting to meet the one whom they care about the most.

Police University

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 16

Episode Title: The Hacker Sun Ho (Season Finale)

Air Date: Oct 5, 2021

Source: Police.University.E16.1080p.H264.AAC.WEB-DL-Phanteam



The last scene starts with Professor Yu discovering in excess of 300 betting sites have been hacked by a mysterious person. The hacking started around 12 PM the other day. The programmer designated their visual side and put the police college tree on it, the sites freeze when you endeavor to get to them. 

Hence, police expressed they will complete one more extraordinary crackdown on this load of sites to gather together the wrongdoers. 

Sun Ho appears at the police headquarters to concede to his past wrongdoing in the principal scene. His admission alone wouldn’t be sufficient to prosecute him yet he needs to get discipline for his wrongdoing. Sun Ho doesn’t get back to the college. 

Another teacher goes after educator Yu’s position and he’s keen on Hee-Soo. Kwon Hyeok-Pil is quickly not dazzled with him. 

The four police understudy young ladies assemble and examine the ways they need to pick. They likewise examine love. Kang Hee needs to go into the savage wrongdoing unit. 

Around evening time, the three teachers are drinking and Professor Yu is eager to return to the power. Additionally, Kwon Hyeok-Pil hits on Hee-Soo who gives off an impression of being shocked by his advances however is somewhat content with it. 

Afterward, Professor Yu is educated that Sun Ho demands getting rebuffed in any event, when the case is shut and they just have his admission to depend on. Subsequently, they’ve chosen to utilize him to get information on how these individuals run their activities and assist with making projects to prevent such individuals from flourishing. Sun Ho gets a mail letter from his college. He opens it and is wonderfully astounded by it. [to be uncovered later] 

Jo Joon-Wook is planning to admit to Eon Ju with the assistance of No Bum-Tae. Be that as it may, ends up, Jo Joon-Wook yielded and chose to assist him with admitting to her all things considered, she acknowledges him. Jo Joon-Wook cries about it later yet he’s kind of alright with it. 

2 Years Later-2023 

Park Cheol-Jin is set free from jail, Professor Yu invites him back, and keeping in mind that getting him lunch he offers him a rent arrangement. He paid for the 20,000$ store and Park Cheol-Jin should pay the 1500$ month to month lease to work at his own eatery to bring in cash. He’s appreciative and apologizes once more. 

Seung-Beom is finished with his military and is endeavoring to get a judo degree, he figured out how to get into school. They are currently a cheerful family. 

At the public police college, our primary crew accumulates, they have been delegated as mentors. We additionally discover Na Rae is currently dating Park Min-Kyu. 

At the passage preparing function, Sun Ho shows up, he’s evaluating his karma once more. Ends up, Professor Yu discovered a proviso to assist him with stilling get into the police college, in the wake of talking with Kwon Hyeok-Pil, they consent to drop his certification so he can for all intents and purposes re-apply again for the college. 

Sun Ho didn’t stay in touch with them in the course of recent years incorporating with Kang Hee who is astonished however glad to see him at the enrollment area. 

On the main day of his eatery opening, Park Cheol-Jin welcomes his first client who goes out to Kang Hee’s mom. She needs to fill in as a cook for him. She fundamentally embeds herself shrewdly into the business. 

Min Jae-Kyung visits Seo Sang-Hak in jail, he has all the earmarks of being atoning and putting forth a valiant effort to reward society. 

Kang Hee has chosen to get together with Sun Ho. Subsequent to being late because of assisting an individual out of luck, Sun Ho shows up. He admits he won’t ever walk out on her regardless of the amount she drives him away, she lets him know she’ll break his leg on the off chance that he flees again, they embrace and kiss. 

Year 2025 

At the graduation service of the cops. Kang Hee’s mom appears with blossoms, Sun Ho likewise appears with greater blossoms. Educator Yu likewise appears at the service. Sun Ho vows to work close by, he needs two additional years to graduate and afterward two different years to serve in the military and he’ll get up to speed. The two trade kind words, Professor Yu tells Sun Ho his heart turned out to be full a direct result of him. 

The whole cast takes one final photograph together. The end.

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