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Reach for the stars friday 22nd May 2020; Reach for the stars update friday 22 May 2020, kamla says in front of her God that my truth has been stolen from me. Its just my belief that is left. Pakiya asks Vitthal why didn’t he let him go with her. He says don’t worry Kamla is with God. Nothing will happen to her but I have asked he to be careful. Paki says you are worried yourself. Vitthal says yes I am because her dream has been attacked. What does Kamla want ? Just a palm full sky. Just the right to dream. They all can’t understand that they have hurt their own dreams by attacking Kamla. She gave them courage to live but she lost in the end. Kamla enters the chowl. She says I have lost the battle yet and i won’t leave the field until I don’t win this. Pakiya asks where were you Ai ? She says I went to gather my courage. You have to look inside when there is no support outside. You have to meet the God with in you then he shows you the way.

Reach for the stars update friday 22 May 2020 Kalpi and Raghav are on their way to Mumbai. Lawyer Verma comes to the choel and says you all have 2 hours to leave the chowl. Kamla says you have the power of money but we have God with us. Kamla hasn’t been defeated yet and she will keep fighting till the end. I will never leave this. You have to carry my dead body from here. He says I will convey your message but it won’t change any thing. You have to leave this place. You will get another place if your have life. Manda says go lawyer our Kamla tai is so good at drama. Paki asks Kamla what will happen now even the law is not with us. Not even the people who were with us. We just have two hours left and there is no sign of Kalpi. What will happen yo us Kamla maa. Kamla says what else could be worse than this but I swear to God that we still have the courage with us and I have my family with me. This house is my temple and I won’t let it be crashed they have to demolish me to demolish this house. Vitthal says to kamla I am with you. Se swipes her tears away.

Reach for the stars update friday 22nd May 2020 zee world Everyone from the chowl come out with their stull and start placing it in front of the chowl’s entrance. Kamla, Vitthal and everyone else participates in this. Kamla’s head hurts.Everyone looks determined. Nettu, Sahil and Prem come long with thge cops. Nettu asks Paki to come out. She says I am where I should be standing. Near by my mom.

Reach for the stars update 22 May 2020 Kalpi on the other hand is looking at the time over and over again. Police announces the warning to leave the plavce they won’t be responsible if anyone gets injured. This place has to be cleared. Kamla says just know one thing we won’t leave our house. Run the bulldozer over us, Crush us along with our houses. They all join hands in hands with each other. Manda says only 15 minutes are left I am going. She gets out of the chowl. She asks Kanta and Manges to leave the place. The bulldozer is about to crush the chowl She asks Kamla and Vitthal to leave as well.

Reach for the stars friday 22 May 2020 Cops says we are starting our work now we all ask you to leave. He starts the count down. Manda runs away. Vitthal starts the countdown with them as well. The police raids in the chowl. Kamla Paki and Vitthal are trying to stop them. Kamla gets hurt by the attack. Manges says look Kanta tai. Why will Kamla fight for us if she is a traitor. I will fight with her. Kant says my heart says we should be with her, They all jump on the police. The clash between the police and people starts.

Kalpi asks Raghva does he have any proof that the chowl belongs to him ? She says I am sorry but we need to find one. How will you prove that its your chowl. Paki begs Prm to stop this clash. She cries. Police is hurting the people so bad. Vitthal gets badly injured. He remembers Kamla’s courage. Kamla is in the house and police starts the bulldozer. Vitthal anmd Paki beg police to stop it. Kamla remembers all the good moments she has spent there.

Our Perfect Place update thursday 21 May 2020 on zee world

update Reach for the stars friday 22 May 2020 Kamla is in tears she remembers the first time she entered the house as a bride. She looks at kalpi’s books. Cops order to start crushing the chowl from a bull dozer. Paki, Pakiya and Vitthal are trying to stop it. Police is forcefully taking them out. Pakiya tries to go upstairs but police gets him back. Vitthal and Pakiya are trying to call out Kamla’s name. Suddenly a car stops by, in the mid way of houses and bulldozer. Raghav gets out of the car with a file. Everyone is startled while Paki is looking at him with admiration. Kalpi gets out from the other side. Raghav points the finger at the bulldozer and says don’t move forward. This chowl can’t be broken it still belong to Mr. Singhaniya. The papers are fake and so are the signatures. Here is the proof. He hands over a file to inspector. He says these papers prove that it doens’y belong to Mr. Kapoor. Prem says inspector breaek the chowl. Inspector says to Prem don’t intrude the law. Prem addresses to Raghav and says who are you? A how you dare to stop us. He syas Raghav Singhnaiya. Everyone is dazed. Especially Nettu, Prem and Sahil. Vitthal and all the people of chowl runs to him.

friday on Reach for the stars update 22 May 2020 Paki says so you are Raghav. Prem and Nettu ask him to prove that he is Raghav Singhaniya. Raghav says cheating is what you did to Kamla bai and getting signatures from her. And making those fake papers. Prem says mind your own business. He says take a photo of me and match it with records in builder records. Its the trait of you people to play with people. Its not in my blood not in my dad’s. Nettu says this is our property. Raghav says you can’t hide the truth. Sahil asks what are you talking about ? Prem says so I was right he will come in front if you hurt Kamla bai. Look he is here but you can’t stop me. Raghav says there are two types of people one who have money and they think others are worthless and others are those who don’t insult others on basis of their wealth. mangesh says Kamla didn’t betray us these Kapoor cheated us. Our Singhaniya sir is back. Inspector says we can’t do this anymore these papers are stamped from the court until the next order. Its is yet to be decided which papers are authentic. Prem says I will demolish this chowl right now. You are Raghva thenm stop me. Prem run to the bulldozer and gets the driver out. Raghav pulls over a rope and Prem falls on the muddy groud. Prem gets up but the cops stop him. Sahil is trying to stop him. Nettu says stop it and lets go. Prem says you will have to pay for this Raghav Singhnaiya. Celebration starts in the chowl. Kalpi runs upstairs and see Kamla there she is in slumber. Raghva looks at the name plate. Paki, Pakiya and Vitthal go upstairs as well. Kamla gets up and Kalpi is looking at her with a smile. Kamla says I knew you will come on time. Kalpi says how could I disappoint you. Everything is all right. She opens her arms to hug Kamla but Paki goes running from the back and hugs Kamla. Kamla hugs her back and they are all so happy. Kalpi is in tears. Raghav is looking at all this. Kamla hugs Vitthal. Kalpi goes in balcony shattered and in tears. Raghav is gazing at her from the other side. Pakiya tells Kamla that Raghva came there to save their chowl. Kamla says why didn’t you all get him up here. They all go running to take him up to the house. Kalpi is standing at the door alone.

Reach for the stars 22 May 2020 kamla goes downstairs and celebrates with everybody. They all hug her and are so happy. Kamla looks for Raghva but he is no where. Paki says he was right here. His car was parked here don’t know where he vanished. Kamla says to Vitthal I wanna meet him lets go. Vitthal says he will come to meet you.

Reach for the stars 22nd May 2020 zee world Nettu, Sahil and Prem enter the house and Nettu’s friends are there celebrating. One says that congratulations Nettu new mall new property. Nettu shouts shut up. Raghva came there he took the site from us. Now court will decide again. they see Prem drinking. A lady says people were right it wasn’t property of Kapoors. They makes fake papers. Nettu tries to stop Prem but he says don’t try to stop me. All friends of Nettu leave. Prem says I am joke now. People will laugh at me. Nettu tries to stop him but he leaves. Nettu recalls all what Raghav says . She says I won’t forgive you kamla. You took my daughter and now shattered the dream of my son. I will destroy your dream to live. I will t

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