Reach for the stars update friday 29th May 2020; Reach for the stars update friday 29 May 2020, Kalpi says please trust me. Kamla says what trust ? That you can cheat to clear the exams. That you can lie to us. She is in tears. Vitthal comes and asks what happened ? Kamla says our Kalpi has grown up a little a lot. You know she is so mature that she was bribing to clear the exams. Our Kalpi has actually failed. Vitthal is dazed. He asks Kalpi what is she saying ? Kalpi says please listen to me, Ai. Kamla says stop lying. Kamla says to Vitthal that the laptop you gifted her is not lost, she sell it so she can get money to be cleared. Where di she learn this all from Vitthal ? Your princess has failed Vitthal all our dreams have shattered. Vitthal is startled to hear this all and is in tears himself. Kamla says nothing you ever did Kalpi hurt me this much but today you broke me Kalpi. You made my hard work lose. You think dreaming is that easy for people like us ? It takes a lot. But we saw those dreams. You know we don’t have much food to eat but still I saw all those dreams but from this day no made will ever see dreams. You showed we have no right. You didn’t fail, I have. My courage, my upbringing, my hope everything has failed. Kalpi says please listen to me. Kamla says time to listen and hear has ended, don’t ever talk to me from now. Kamla goes upstairs and Kalpi follows her. Kamla recalls how she used to get good grades in the school. She locks the door.

Reach for the stars update friday 29 May 2020 Kanta says Kalpi you were a hope for all of us but you.. She leaves and all other people as well. paki run upstairs to see Kamla. She knocks the door and says please Kamla maa open the door for me. Pakiya says to Kalpi what you did ?Never thought what wll happen to Ai and baba. Everything has ended. He leaves. Its just Kalpi and Vitthal left in the yard. Paki says please open this door, please say anything. kamla swiped her tears away.

Reach for the stars update friday 29th May 2020 zee world Paki goes to Kalpi and says you should n’t have done this. You broke her heart. Look at you dad, I used to think always I wish my dad loved me like he loves you.

zee world update on Reach for the stars friday 29 May 2020 Never imagined you will pay them back this way. She leaves the present there and leaves. Kalpi sits by VItthal and says I know I chose the wrong way but my intentions were not wrong. I know what I did was bad but I took this step just to fulfill your dreams. When I went to he college my name was not on the list. I got scared and sir I need to pay for my sheets. That’s all. She places her head on his knee. He pats her head. He says you need to forgive your children but you need to understand that your Ai has suffered a lot just to make you successful. I don’t have the courage. If you think you have hurt her then go and tell her that you can still fulfill her dream. Go and talk to her. Truth remains truth. Before its too late and there is no space for your truth, go and make space for your truth in her heart. She is your mom, you are both incomplete without each other. Kalpi swipes her tears and goes upstairs.

Reach for the stars friday update 29 May 2020 Kalpi says please open the door Ai just listen what I want to say. She is about to turn when Kamla opens the door. Kalpi gets and holds Kamla. She says I admit.. Kamla says that you path was wrong but not your intentions. Kalpi says yes I gave him money to give me another chance. I was about to write those sheets. Kamla says you think its the first time with you ? Whatever we did for you wasn’t easy for us by staying truthful. We have so many chances that one wrong path can give us a lot but we never left truth. I have seen myself in you and that is why it hurts so much. Don’t ask me to live a life of lie. Kalpi says Ai.. Pakiya says in anger hey Kalpi. Vitthal says she is your sister.

Paki is sahring her feelings with Mummy ji. She says I feel like I have lost her forever. Nettu asks Kamla isn’t talking to Kalpi, why did you cancel the party ? Paki says how do you know all this ? Paki says isn’t this all your plan ? To embarrass Kamla maa? Nettu says yes I made Kalpi fail the exams.

Reach for the stars friday 29 May 2020 update Nettu says what do you think ? I dislike Kamla but that doesn’t mean that I will spoil the future of her daughter. Kalpi did so bad, she worked so long here. I feel really bad for her. its the only dream she ever saw. Muumy ji says stop it Nettu these words don’t suit you. Paki is leaving, Nettu says this time I have made no mistake. Paki gazes her with anger.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 28 May 2020 zee world

Scene 2
Reach for the stars 29 May 2020 zee world Sammy asks Raghav why is he reading these all sad news. He says that a proverb says keep an eye on all sad news that makes you feel less bad about your worries. Sammy says I have another sad news for you. Kalpana Yadav tried to bribe to get her exams cleared. Raghav says thata is so bad for Kamla maa. She is a woman of truth. I feel bad for her. He says once in childhood she Kalpi was accused of stealing. Sammy says yes and you saved her you told me.

Scene 3
zee world friday Reach for the stars 29 May 2020 Vitthal’s Ai aarives at the chowl. She fights with the auto driver about not giving him change. Pakiya says leave it Ai. She says its important, you won’t understand you don’t earn actually. Men should have money in their pocket, specially the one that run the house. Your dad has always given free hand to your mom.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars update friday 29 May 2020 Mummy ji shouts at Nettu for the bil of Prem’s credit card. She says he is our son we will bear his expenses. Mumyy ji says there is a difference in both these things. That is why you lost your daughter. Vitthals’ Ai gets in the house. When Kalpi meets her she asks are you done with exams ? Did you clear it? Vitthal tries to change the topic. She says what were studying in such an expensive college ? Whats so special about you ? Kamla serves her the breakfast. Pakiya says already we have so many tensions now another one. Vitthal slaps him softly and says she will kill you if she hears this. AI says again no one answered my question ? Whats wrong ? Vitthal says lets have the lunch. She asks does Kalpi know how to make food ? Vitthal says yes she knows. She says that’s better at least she can manage someone’s house. She asks again about the result and says why is everyone so quiet ? Kamla says Ai Kalpi has failed. All of them are dazed. She asks what ?

Scene 5
Reach for the stars 29th May 2020 nettu calls Poki that there is a letter for her. Paki takes it and founds that its the appointment letter. She hugs mummy ji and says I got a job. Mummy ji says look Nettu i told you she is pure talent. Nettu is disappointed. Sahil congratulates Paki and says look she has got a job. Nettu says won’t you ask whom is she going to work for ? She shows him the letter that Paki will be working in Raghav’s company. Nettu says one thing is for sure you won’t work there. Think about your dad and brother. Sahil says you don’t need to work under anyone. You can work in our company. Paki says that I have got this job from my own. Nettu is about to salp her and says there is a limit of hurting someone. Sahil stops her. Prem says let her do the job mom. She has got that opportunity. What do you think mom and dad that she will consent with you ? This is her identity she does what she wants. Prem says she will see the world and still we are here if you don’t like the job. Paki says that won’t happen. Prem says that’s the attitude, all the best. Paki says you surprise me so much sometimes, thank you and she leaves.

Reach for the stars 29th May 2020 zee world Nettu asks Prem later why he let paki work there in Raghav’s compnay. She says i know you are so intelligent. Prem says he is our enemy we will keep getting a little information about him if she works there. Nettu says you are a true business man. He says Raghva thinks he has beaten me. Nettu says that’s impossible.

Scene 5
zee world update on Reach for the stars Ai says this is the result when a husband is too much under his wife. What happened you took loan and got her admitted in boarding school. You should have spent that money on Pakiya. You should have stayed at the village adn your woman would have been under you today. She says stop talking Vitthal, you are not a man nor a woman. She has made you something in between.

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