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Reach for the stars Friday 5th update June 2020; Reach for the stars update Friday 5 June 2020, Kalpi says to Raghav I am here to take you with me. Paki has locked herself in the room. She needs you sir. Sammy says Raghav won’t go there. Raghav says why ? just because for one second kapoors’ won over me. What will they do kill me ? Lets go and see what they can do. Vitthal and pakiaya enter the chowl. Pakiya comes to them and asks if they have seen Kalpi? Kamla says where can she go ? They all are worried and start looking for her.

Reach for the stars update Friday 5 June 2020 Mummy ji and Nettu are crying. Pem says she will open the door. Nettu says first she was worried about Kamla and now Raghav. Kalpi opens the door and Raghav comes in. Prem says what are you doing here. Prem is so angry to see Raghav in his house. Sahil stops him and says that’s it Prem. Raghav goes to the door. He say Miss Kapoor. Paki is stunned to listen his voice. He says you don’t have to be ashamed. She says you don’t know sir my family.. Raghav says are you okay ? She nods. Raghav says good.

Reach for the stars update zee world Friday 5th June 2020 Kalpi is walking by the road to go home. Raghav stops the car and opens the door. Kalpi looks at him for a moment and sits in the car. paki says thanks Raghav thanks for coming, you were here when I needed you the most. She is really happy. Raghav turns on the music and song ‘Khudaya vey’. He is not driving well. Kalpi wonders why is he driving like that. Kalpi says sir please stop the car. He is not listening. Kalpi holds his hand on the gear. She says lock the car and we will go in the auto. He says nothing will happen to you. Kalpi says i am worried about you more than I am worried about my self. He says I am not used to of care. He starts the car again. On the way he says sorry. I know thar car is fast but I am driving well. All that happened today shouldn’t have happened. I stay away from selfish people. Someone doesn’t break my trust, that’s the reason why i don’t trust anybody. I am all alone if someone comes in my life that I start trusting I ask them to leave so they can’t betray me. I am not that strict with people that way I am with myself. Its hard to live alone. He smiles and says what am I saying. I fires you, I am sorry and thanks for saving me from defeat. This contract was so important for me. Kalpi says can i say something. He says yes. She says I thought you don’t care about feelings of others at all but now I know that you are not like that. She stops the car with a sudden break. He holds Kalpi from shoulder to save her. The song ‘khudaya vey’ plays again. he looks out and says here we are at your home, go. He takes off his hand. She says thank you sir. He nods. Kalpi gets out of the car and waves him good bye. She says what is this Raghav Singhniya. Whenever I meet him I feel like I am meeting a new person.

zee world update on Reach for the stars 5 June 2020 Kalpi enters the home. Vitthal, Kamla and Pakiya are so worried about her. Kamla says where were you Kalpi. Vitthal says did you know we were so worried about you. Kalpi says Ai I went to Paki’s house. Kamla says what happened ? She says Sahil called on your phone. I answered. Kamla asks is everything okay ? Kalpi says Paki locked herself in the room she was so guilty she thought Raghav won’t talk to her. Then she explains the whole story. I took Raghav with me and then she opened the door. Kamla says I have to call her. Kalpi says she is perfectly fine. She will join office from tomorrow.

Twist of Fate update friday 5 June 2020

Kamla calls paki and say what am i listening Paki. didn’t you think what would happen to me if you harm yourself. I love you so much. Couldn’t you call me / You can share everything with me. i am here with you. Kalpi is listening to all this she says I thought you would appreciate me but you forgot me once again.

Reach for the stars update Friday 5 June 2020 Raghav wakes up to the alarm and recalls the incident of last night. The drive with Kalpi. He says what i did why i talked to Kalpi like that why I went to Kapoors. Paki apologizes Kamla for doing that. She tells Kamla that she is waiting for the right person. Kamla says I can’t let anyone come in your life. Its my responsibilty to look for a guy for you. Paki says i will make you meet him.

Reach for the stars 5th June 2020 zee world Raghav is in office. Sammy asks how are you now ? He says my pain is my drug. Sahil is your rival and you appointed his daughter. You went to their home to save her. Don’t forget she is a Kapoor as well. Raghav says she is their weakness. I will use her to hurt Sahil kapoor. That’s the mission of my life Paki is just a path for me to destroy Sahil Kapoor. Sammy says I know you hate them Paki is not responsible for all this. i am sorry to says but this is wrong but I know you will do what you want. He says this is the game of revenge and there is nothing right and wrong. Paki’s mistake is that she is a Kapoor and she has to pay.

Scene 2
Kalpi says to Paki Raghav isn’t that bad. You should give him a little time. A peon says he has called you both in. Paki says I won’t go we will scold ta me. I know he hasn’t forgotten. Kalpi says lets come in and give him a chance he has called both of us.

Scene 2
Reach for the stars Friday update 5 June 2020 Nettu finds out that the room of Paki is locked. She says now she won’t even trust me. Muumy ji says am going with my friends. I can’t tolerate your stupids intentions. Manda comes in, Nettu says clean the house in two minutes. Manda says only Rajnikanth can do that.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars 5th June 2020 zee world Raghav says we have to go miss Kapoor to show the housing project. Paki says is that all ? Raghav says what else should I say? Kalpi says there is a problem i have to ask for permission from my home. Raghav says who told you that you are coming ? Kalpi says but last night you said.. He says I know what I said. You have a lot of work here. They both leave. Raghav looks at Paki and says I know you like me Miss Kapoor and you have to confess it today. This is the first step of my success. Raghav writes 27 on the mirror wall. Kalpi sees it.

Scene 4
zee world Reach for the stars update June 2020 nettu scolds at Manda for cleaning the house with soap water. Poki comes running in and falls on the ground. Manda laughs. Nettu tries to help but Paki throws her hand off her body. She asks Manda to help her. Manda takes her to the room. Paki calls Raghav and informs him that she can’t come. Raghav says what an excuse. She says no I am saying truth. Raghav says okay rest at home. Sammy says you have to take Kalpi with you she is the best person to take with there. Raghav says i can go alone. Sammy says no its better she will make a report. Raghav says okay call her. He says in heart what’s wrong with my luck the one i want closer is going away and the one I want away is coming closer.

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