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Reach for the stars update Monday 1st June 2020; Reach for the stars update Monday 1 June 2020, Kamla recalls Kalp’s childehood. She always used to be first and has an intention to became something good. When she stood in front of Nettu and said her daughter won’t work like she did. Kamla is in tears. She goes to Raghav’s office. Raghav allows the guard to let her come in.

Reach for the stars update Monday 1 June 2020 Kamla goes in the room. Raghav comes from back and says tells what can I do Kamla bai. He has his back turned towards Kamla. He turns towards her and Kamla is in tears. She recalled the way she touched him in childhood. Raghav goes a little away. He is sentimental. Kamla says you still didn’t learn to smile ? He says please says Kamla bai. Kamla says I didn’t o to God today. I don’t know where I was wrong. My Kalpi disappointed me. I left her alone before time and said go and touch the sky. I don’t know today where is the path. My God is not showing me the way. But I remember that one thing. In the condition when I sent you from here, I wonder what you went through. I am so proud of you and I want to be proud of my Kalpi as well. I know she can do this. It was her idea to get you back and save the chowl. I know you can show my daughter the right way. After failing the college she is working as a waitress in a hotel.

Reach for the stars update Monday 1st June 2020 zee world Raghav says there is nothing small and big. Kamla says I know but i am her mother I never wanted her to do the dishes of other people. Please show my daughter the right path. Even i can’t tell her what to do. Rahgav calls Sammy and says make appointment letter of Kalpana Vitthal Yadav, I will tell you the salary and work later. Kamla bows down to him. He says if you couldn’t see Kalpi down she won’t be able to see you down as well. Go home, everything will be all right. Kamla says you remind me of Singhnaiya sir, may God bless you.

zee world update on Reach for the stars Monday 1 June 2020 Kalpi is serving Nettu. She throws a little dish on Nettu’s feet. Nettu says have you ever worn shoes like these. Manager says I apologize you on her behalf. Nettu says ask her to clean my shoes. Manager says you will be fired Kalpana if you don’t clean her shoes right now. Kalpi takes the handkerchief and is about touch Nettu’s foot when Kamla holds her hand. She says Kalpi won’t work for anyone and won’t clean any shoes. Nettu says who is she manager ? Kamla says I am her Ai, my name is kamla bai. I told you before never let my daughter do anything she isn’t born for. I have never forgotten my dream. I saw a dream of my daughter’s win. I did all for her. You will never understand. Kamla says lets go Kalpi you won’t work here becasue you AI has found a new job for you. She takes Kalpi with her. Nettu is bewildered.
On the way Kalpi stops Kamla says and says I know you have so much hopes from me.

Kamla says you will work in Raghav’s company. This is the last chance you have got. Don’t do anything there that let you or me down. Kalpi hugs Kamla. Kamla hugs her back.

Reach for the stars update 1 June 2020 Kalpi and kamal enter the house. Aaji says I thought daughter is working but mom is taking her for enjoyment. Vitthal comes in and says I have bought you sweets Ai. Kamla says I asked Kalpi to leave the job. It didn’t deserve her. Vitthal asks what job were you doing ? Kalpi says I was waitress in that hotel. Vitthal can’t believe this.

Twist of Fate update saturday 6th June 2020 on zee world

Vitthal says my daughter will become a madam now. Vitthal says you have to give exams of final year once again along with the work. Kamla is quiet. Kalpi wonders why isn’t she saying anything.

Reach for the stars Monday 1 June 2020 update She is in the balcony and remembers the interview that she had with Raghav. She says I can’t get Raghav. He didn’t meet Ai that day but agreed to give me job. On the other hand Paki is staring at Raghav’s picture. She smiles recalling how Raghav saved her. Raghav says now everything is in front of me. Just this night has to pass then I know what my next step is. Paki says what will happen, I will work with Raghav.

Scene 2
Vitthal says Kalpi in deep thoughts. He asks why is she up so late ? Vitthal says its your first day at the job tomorrow. Kalpi sasy why Raghav appointed me, he doesn’t talk to me even. Vitthal says you never know whats in his heart. All i know is that he came when you asked him to save the chowl. On your Ai’s request he gave you a job. Never judge someone by their words. Kalpi hugs him.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars 1 June 2020 zee world Next morning Kalpi wakes up and sees Kamla praying. She sees a handbag around her and there is a present in it for her. She opens it and there is a dress in it. Kalpi says to Vitthal thank you for the dress baba. Vitthal says no I didn’t brought it. Kalpi asks does Ai ? Kamla says Vitthal ask her to get ready. She shouldn’t get late. Kalpi wears that dress.

Reach for the stars zee world 1 June 2020 On the other hand, Paki is going through her closet not knowing what to wear. Mummy ji brings her the juice. She says look daddi i have nothing to wear for the first day. Mummy ji says what will happen when you go to see the guy you marry. Nettu comes in and says oh my strawberry can’t decide what to wear. She starts suggesting wear this. Paki says stop it Nettu. Nettu leaves and wonders where Kamla has got a job for KAlpi. How she manages every time.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars 1st June 2020 zee world Kamla gets a lunch box prepared for Kalpi. Kalpi bows down but Kamla gets back. Kalpi is sad. She places the box there and leaves. Vitthal says forgive her Kamla. Kalpi is listening to all this. Kamla says I have forgiven her but I just want her to choose the right path always. God has given her second chance. Kamla says she has to fulfill the dreams. Kalpi says no dream can be achieved without your prayers. She says you sent me to the school and sent me to the hostel. You stopped me when I ws doing dishes at someone’s house. I am incomplete without you. Kamla is in tears and kisses her forehead. She says my prayers are always with you. Go and show the world that you can win again. Kalpi leaves. Kamla sees the box she says I will give it to her by going myself.

Scene 5
zee world update on Reach for the stars Kalpi goes to the office. The receptionist asks her to wait. Kalpi says please inform that I am here. She says i am Kalpana Yadav. She asks a peon to show her the cabin. Everyone is treating her so well. He shows her the cabin. It is so well furnished. She says is it really mine ? He says yes. She wonders why is Raghav being so nice to her. She sits on her chair. A guy comes in and says I am sumit call me if ou need something. Another guy says her welcome. When he leaves Raghav is standing at his back. He ask what are you doing here ? She says you gave me the job. He asks what are you doing in this cabin? He asks his secretary. He says you said that there is supervisor coming in this office Raghav says I asid that miss Paki Kapoor will be the supervisor and Miss Kalpana will will assist her. He says sorry madam this is not your cabin.

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