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Reach for the stars update Monday 25th May 2020; Reach for the stars update Monday 25 May 2020, Next morning everything is same in the chowl and Kamla starts the day with pooja. She thanks her God. Pakiya and Kalpi join too. Kalpi gets the blessing of both Vitthal and Kamla. Kalpi says let me meet urwi. Pakiya goes with her too.

Reach for the stars update Monday 25 May 2020 Sahil falls from the chair and falls on the groung. Nettu and Sahil run to save him. He says don’t come here I can stand by my own. He stands up. Prem says I don’t need any support. I will stand by own. I don’t want anyone. I am Prem Kapoor. Mummy ji says save him before you lose him like our respect. Nettu says how will I save him I can’t see him like this, we are finished sahil.

zee world Reach for the stars update Monday 25th May 2020 Vitthal says to Kamla you are my strength. What a fight Kamla you were the leader and all the world following Kamla. You kept moving forward. Mangesh comes and says tai people of chowl are calling you downstairs. Vitthal says let her spend time with me.
Kamla goes gown downstairs. Everyone welcomes her. She distributes the sweets to everyone. Kamla gives it to Manda. Kanta says Kamla you save us like our God today. You protected us like a mother. Manda says I wn’t live until you don’t forgive me. Kamla says how will you leave this is your house. Manda says I never wanted to hurt you or cheat anyone bu I just have anger issues. Kamla says we know that we all are one. We should be together in all problems. Mangesh says we should celebrate. Manda says and I will dance. Kamla says but we will go back to ouyr works like we used to. We shouldn’t leave our works now. Kanta says means you will again ? kamla says no I will never go back to Kapoors’ house again. This hurts Paki. Kamla says extend all your prayers to Kalpi. Its all because of her, she saved us. Kanta syas we will to satkar of her too. After all she is your daughter. Pakiya asks kamla where is Kalpi ? She says she was with you. He says I ws busy in celebrating. Kamla says why are you so involved in your fun. He says because i am son of Kamla tai.

Reach for the stars Monday 25 May 2020 Kalpi is on stairs. Kalpi says why this happen with me all the time. Why Poki always comes between me and my mother. Vitthal comes calling out her name. He asks what are you thinking ? She says i am thinking everything is same nothing changed here. He says everything we meant to be same. You AI wants to celebrate with you. She says how can I believe when she didn’t even hug me. He says I will hug you and hugs her. Paki says Kamla maa why are you worried ? She says because Kalpi is not here. Paki says no worries i am here. You can utilize me until she isn’t here. Vitthal says Kalpi is here. Pakiya says she should get the hug. Kamla hugs her. Kamla tells Kanta nd everyone what to do for the celebration. Paki says how about inviting Raghav Singhaniya. I will get him here, Vitthal says that is a really good idea. Kamla says you played a good part as well in this fight. Paki says i can fight with everyone for you. Kamla says but you have to go home and don’t fight with Prem. Paki says okay i am leaving. She leaves.

monday on Reach for the stars update 25 May 2020 Paki wonders how will she get Raghav Singhaniya to the celebration. She goes to Kalpi how was Raghav Singhnaiya ? Has he changed ? Or is he still the same and harsh and rude. Paki says how he saved us. Kalpi says us ? Its our house. She runs after Kalpi to tell her how can she find her. Kalpi says stop it. She says okay i don’t need any help I will find him by my own.
Paki goes to her house.

Reach for the stars 25 May 2020 Sammy walks in and claps. he says well well Mr. Raghav you are on all TV channels right now. Like the way you helped them. He says please leave me alone Sammy ? He looks tensed. Sammy asks but tell me whats wrong ? He says leave me. He leaves. He wonders why paki and kamla maa are so close.

Prem is drunk Nettu tries to control him but he is madly angry. POaki gets home he says welcome welcome you must be so happy by destroying your family. Very good do it more. Nettu takes him upstairs.

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Scene 2
Reach for the stars Monday update 25 May 2020 Vitthal says to Pakiya why is not he working he says look what I brought for Kalpi. She shows a shield. Everyone laughs. Vitthal says she didn’t won a cricket competition.

Reach for the stars Monday 25 May 2020 update Paki says to Sahil that I know you are angry with me. Please pardon me. Nettu says wow you are talking like Kamla now. Paki says the same Kamla told me that I have to be here because i have to live here. If you had selecting the right path you would not have been in this much trouble. Nettu says pack your bag and leave. Just go and live with them. Mummy ji cries and takes Paki with her. Nettu says what will we do now Sahil ? He says you just rest I will handle everything. He calls someone and says call Raghav Singhaniya and arrange a meeting with him. Tell him that I wanna meet him. Paki listens this and she gets happy that she will get the address of Raghav so she can invite him to the celebration. She will make it more good this thought excites her.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars update Monday 25 May 2020 zee world Paki comes to the chowl and meet Kamla she says that she will get the address of Raghav. Sahil kapoor has announced price on the name of Raghav. She laughs and says papa just wanna meet him. Kalpi says this is all useless he won’t come here, he is not the same. Paki says don’t celebrate if you don’t want to. Kalpi says you won’t take Ai there. Pakiya says stop fighting he will come if he wants to. He must be laughing that two stupid girls are fighting for him.

Scene 4
update on Reach for the stars Monday 25 May 2020 Sammy comes to Rahav and says I don’t know what else are you burning with the calories. He gives him a refreshing drink. Sammy tells him that Sahil wants to meet him. He says yes I will. Sammy says but why ? He says because and old quote says keep your friends close and enemies close. The real mood will be when I meet him.

Scene 5
Reach for the stars 25 May 2020 The program is about to start Kalpi goes to sit with Kamla but Paki sits there already. Kalpi sadly goes back and Kamla looks at her. Vitthal has been called on the stage. He says its a very important day for us like m y wife used to say our good will always be with us. We just got to see this day due to two people. One is my name other is my pride. My Kamla and my princess Kalpi. Everyone claps. Mangesh is doing the hosting. He says lets have the first item number of today. Its Paki dancing on a song. Everyone cheers. She gets Kalpi up too. Kalpi is hesitant the she starts dancing. They both dance together. Everyone gives them standing ovation.

Reach for the stars 25th May 2020 zee world Raghav is looking at different shirts. Sammy says wow you are so serious for this meeting. I mean like the way you are choosing the dresses. Wear anything that doesn’t matter. Raghav smiles.

Sahil on the other hand is taking suits out to. She asks Nettu to get him his best suit. Nettu asks where are you going ? He says I can’t say anything yet. He says thanks nettu what would have i done without you.

There Kamla bai and Vitthal are called on the stage for the dance. They dance on the song, ‘itni si khushi’. They calls Kalpi and Pakiya up too. Everyone is cheering. They four dance hands in hands with each other. Paki gets up too. This disappoints Kalpi. Kamla hugs Kalpi.

Sammy says I don’t believe that you can’t decide a suit snce 15 minutes. I thought you don’t care about all this. He says I don’t but people like Sahil Kapoor do. I want to make him feel weak. When he will get to know that my suit is more expensive than his car he will be embarrassed since the beginning.

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