Reach for the stars update saturday 30th May 2020; Reach for the stars update saturday 30 May 2020, Kamla says Ai kalpi will give the exams again and she has to clear this time. Pakiya says yes she will and she is the most intelligent girl. She asks do you know house hold / If not how will she keep her husband happy. Vitthal says she will become madam she doesn’t need to learn all this. She will get a guy who will love and respect her. She says just like kamla got you.

Reach for the stars update saturday 30 May 2020 Ai says she is failed once. She won’t get any job. Vitthal says stop being angry Ai please. She says there is only one way get Kalpi married. She asks Pakiya to get her stuff. Kamla says I never forced your son to do anything. Everyone deserves a chance. If you think Kalpi can’t get a job and she should get married. Give her just 24 hours to prove herself. If she doesn’t get a job in that time I will get her married where ever you say. She says okay let me says who will give job to this college fail. Everyone leaves. Vitthal says to Manda you know how to spoil someone’s house.

Reach for the stars update saturday 30th May 2020 zee world Manda comes to Nettu’s house and says I am manda and I have brought you such a good news that you will give me a party. Theses sweets are of Kalpi’s wedding. Her grandma has come and she has said that Kalpi should get married. Nettu says excellent Manda now give this sweet to all the drivers and maid. Paki comes in and Manda gives her the sweet. Paki asks what are you doing here ? Manda says Kalpi is getting married. Paki says you are here to tell this ? Nettu says no she is asking for a job. Manda says are you going to the chowl ? Take me too, Paki nods. Nettu says Kamla’s dream is all shattered now.

zee world update on Reach for the stars saturday 30 May 2020 kalpi is marking jobs in the newspaper. She thinks that sh will do these jobs she never thought of. But she will do this to prove that she is capable of doing something. Aaji is talking to her different relatives and trying to get some bot for Kalpi. Kalpi says i will get the job by this evening. She says you were about to clear as well and laughs.

Reach for the stars 30 May 2020 zee world Kalpi sees Paki down there. She leaves though Paki tries to talk to her. She says this is not good Kalpi looks tensed. She should not be married yet. I will ask kamla maa to stop this all. Kamla recalls nettu saysing her that all her dreams have broken. Paki enters the house. She says what am i listening you are getting Kalpi married ? aaji asks who is she ? kamla says she is Nettu’s daughter. Paki says of Kamla maa as well. Kamla says she is Vitthal’s mom. Paki says hello grandma. she says don’t call me grandma. Kamla says she is part of this house. Paki says don’t do this with Kalpi Kamla maa. Aaji says if agreed to what I said she won’t be facing all this and Pakiya would have been employed.

Gangaa update Friday 29 May 2020 on zee world

Reach for the stars saturday update 30 May 2020 Kalpi is calling different companies to get he job. When nothing works she plans on going to one she was out of credit already. On her way she sees a board and enters the location. She shows her certificates. he says so you are 12th pass. Kalpi says no I have so many others certificates i am perfect for the job of floor manager. He says no we can only hire you as waitress, you are not graduate. She contemplates. She thinks she will destroy Kamla’s dream even more by doing this job. She leaves. Shethinks she failed to get a job and wishes Aaji could lose the wish of getting her married as well.

Scene 2
Reach for the stars saturday 30 May 2020 update Aaji tells Kamla that a guy is coming to see Kalpi. He is well off and a handsome man. a car stops by the chowl and asks people where is the house of Vitthal ? he goes up where aaji is telling Kamla that he is a driver. He is shankar he gets in, Aaji introduces him to Kamla and pakiya. Manda, Kanata and everyone is sneaking in. Manda enters and says you didn’t tell us that you are getting Kalpi married. aaji says why will she, I am getting her married. Aaaji asks Kamla to make tea. Manda says have time with him Kamla tai In will make the tea.

Reach for the stars 30th May 2020 zee world Vitthal enters the house. Aaji introduces him to Shankar. He tells aaji that he has his own small house and he has been working since he was 15. He has saved all he earned. I am driver yet and keep chagning. Manda says education is nothing all we need is money to eat twice and our Kalpi is 15th fail but she is so intelligent. Vitthal says yes she is that is why she wants to become something. Shankar says who will handle the house then ? Vitthal says in which book its written ? Shankar asks where is the girl. Vitthal says her name is Kalpana. He says oh yes.

saturday on Reach for the stars update 30 May 2020 Kalpi enters the chowl. Aaji asks kamla to sit. She is talking to Shankar. She says i used to make sweets for you. Kalpi listens the guy asking about her, she looks in the house and gets upset. She goes down again and goes to the hotel that offered her job of a waitress. he says we can’t give job of floor manager. He asks what is your experience. She says I don’t have any. He says okay we will hire you on trial for a month. I am giving you a chance. You won’t get any salary for this trial period. She asks when should I join from ? He says by tomorrow. She thinks in her heart sorry Ai but nothing is small. I will be able to go above from this very low job.

Scene 3
zee world update on Reach for the stars Aaji is really angry and Kamla and Vitthal because kalpi is not home yet. She says this is not good that the girls should stay out for so long. Shankar went as well. Vitthal says this proposal wasn’t for her. She says let her come and I will tell her how to live in this society. Vitthal says Kamla doesn’t deserve this. Kamla says maybe Ai is right. Vitthal says doesn’t she deserve a chance ? Kamla says everyone gets a chance. Vitthal says don’t lose hope. Vitthal says God is doing this all for a reason. Everything will be all right in the end. We will get the result in the end. We will keep moving to our destination. He swipes her tears away. He hugs her, and they both smile.

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