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Reach for the stars update thursday 18th June 2020; Reach for the stars update thursday 18 June 2020, pakiya says Pakhi you married Raghav ? Plate falls off Kamla’s hand. Manda says wow Raghav and Pakhi are such a perfect couple. She says look Raghav has become your son in law finally. Pakhi says I am sorry Kamla maa I had to maary like this. Won’t pray for me. She touches Kamla’s feet. Kamla says my paryers are with you. Kalpi is so shocked to say something.Vitthal throws away his turban. Pakhi says Rahav i think Kamla maa is so angry let me go upstaitrs to talk to her. Its Kalpi and Raghav alone there. Kalpi moves to him. Kalpi sats why you did yjis to me? She shouts. Pakhi says upstairs I know that you are mad at me. I call you mom and sisn’t tell you. Pakhi says I couldn’t tell anyone. I am sorry please forgive me. You know how much i love Raghav. This all has happened because of you. Now please be happy.

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Reach for the stars update thursday 18 June 2020 Kalpi says why you broke me. If you didn; wanna marry me you should have told me. Why you hurt my parents. You didn’t come to meet ai baba but I said its okay. What will say to them Raghav. Please say this all is a lie. She shouts please Raghav. He says I can’t lie to you even when I want. Truth is I have married Pakhi.

Reach For The Stars Thursday 18 June 2020 Update Pakhi says Raghav loves me a lot. When I came back from paris he called me and asked me to come to his place. When I went there, its was filled with flowers. Pakhi remembers that Raghav came and hug her from back. Pakhi said please tell me this is not a dream. Raghav says this is reality. I wanna say it candidly. He bowed down and said will you marry me ? Pakhi said yes and he makes her wear the ring. He says this was our ring ceremony. We will now go to court for wedding. I wanna marry you right now. I can’t waste more time. Pakhi hugged him.

Pakhi says to kamla tell me what could I do. It was the biggest dream of my life. He had made all the preparations. I right, no?Raghav says I had to do this. I agree but listen to me. He holds kalpi. Kalpi slaps him and says leave me. These things don’t matter to me now. I was mad to trust you. I thought I will have a fistful sky but I forgot that its nit for people like us. She throws away her ring and all the bangles. She goes running in. Raghav throws away his turban and is so angry.

Reach for the stars update thursday 18 June 2020 Kalpi is running and comes to a pillar. She is crying hard. He sits on the floor. Raghav comes there following her. He says I know I am your culprit. Punish me however you want, Just listen to me why I did this.

Reach For The Stars Thursday 18 June 2020 Update Kalpi says there is snothing left to listen. You rich people enjoy hurting us, Its your trait and you did the same. You just took me as a challenge. Don’t ask for pardon. Its my mistake that I forgot that I live in a chowl and people like you care about class more. Raghav says I know you have been deceived but In have been deceived too. I can feel your pain. Kamla maa always that go to mandir before every good thind. I went to mandir before coming her. He quotes ” Gauri was there and she started running when she saw sahil there. She was running madly on the road. SHe saw a kid and started chasing her. She got hid by Raghav’s car. He came out and looked at her. She was screaming chintu. Raghav was dazed. He tried to recognize the lady. Its was his mom. When he actually turned her face to him. He recalls his childhood days. ” Kalpi is shocked to listen this.

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Reach for the stars update thursday 18th June 2020 Raghav says to kalpi i wanted to leave her alone but still took her home. Your love made me like that. got her checked. Doctor said she has lost her memory and will be okay with the treatment. he recalls, Gauri is on bed. She wakes up saying chintu. He comes closer to her and gives her juice. Raghav said to her why you left us alone you should have been with dad. Still you don’t recognize me. Gauri gets up hugged Raghav. She said chintu. Where were you ? I looked for yoy everywhere. Raghav said yes chintu but not yours. I am Raghav Singhnaiya now. Yoy can leave now. She says how can you ask me to leave after so years. Raghav said you left me and my dad alone. Gauri says this is a lie. I never left you and your dad. She told Raghav that the workers were on strike, i came to know that sahil kapoor creted differences between your dad and me. I wanted to go in and talk to your dad. I went in and saw that sahil was killing your dad. His thugs saw me and chased. I got hut by a car and don’t remember what happened after that. I am homeless since that day. I wish I had not recalled all this. I never lef t you. Sahil is your culprit not me. He is our enemy he killed your dad. He made you an orphan and still lives happily in his life. Promise me on my life that you will destroy him. He took your parents from you, you will take everything precious to him. Raghav hugs Gauri and is in tears.

Reach For The Stars Thursday 18 June 2020 Update Kalpana is so shocked to listen all this. Raghav says tell me what could I do. I thought Its my time to act like a son. i have to take revenge of the pain my mom has suffered. Tell would you have got married breaking the promise you made to kamla maa ?Kalpi says whats the point of marrying Pakhi in all this ?
You are a true business man you come up with deals all the time. What deal you have for me? Why you broke my parents and my heart ? We trusted you and this is what you gave us. WHat have you punished us for ? For trusting you and for considering you a good person ? They destroyed your parents’ life and you demolished the dreams of my parents. Give me an answer? You make relationships for benefits ?

Scene 2
Reach for the stars 18th June 2020 Pakhi tells Kamla that me and Raghav got married in a court and i came here to apologize you. Please apologize me and pray for me. Kamla places her hand on her head. Pakhi asks where is sammy ? Kalpi was about to wed him ? Is it today or its done already ? Kamla says Pakhi go home its too late. Pakhi gets a call from nettu. she tells her that she is with kamla maa. pakhi says I have to leave Kamla maa I will come later.
Pakhi looks for Raghav but can’t find him. She calls him but his phone is switched off. Pakhi plans on leaving alone. kamla is crying hard.

Scene 3
Raghavs says please forgive me Kalpi. I love you and I always will. Kalpi shives him away and says excuse me Raghav sir, I realized that no poor lady can be part of a rich man’s house. There is no deal for me.

Reach for the stars 18 June 2020 update Vitthal comes out in extreme resentemnt. He holds Raghav from his collar and says how did you feel seeing the death of emotions of my daughter. Today you showed us our worth. Vitthal throws him in the temple and hits him. He says tell me what to do now ? What did you get by breaking my daughters heart ? Tell me the deal you made for doing this to my daughter. kamla tries to stop him but he don’t stop me today. Vitthal is beating Raghav so hard with a wood. kalpi tries to stop him. Vitthal is not listening to her. He says what you thought that we are people of chowl so we don’t have any respect. You will come with your wife here and we will welcome you. If your dad was alive today he would have told you what it feels like for a dad when his kids get hurt.

Reach for the stars thursday update 18 June 2020 kamla tries to stop, Vitthal says everything has ended our respect and al we had. Vitthal hits Raghava and says my daughter won’t be able to face the world you will have to pay for this. He takes a sword and hits Raghav with it.

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