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Reach for the stars thursday 21st May 2020; Reach for the stars update thursday 21 May 2020, Kamla says to Paki that Kalpi has done magic today. Paki says I am wishing that God grant us with a win. Suddenly they see someone covered going out of the chowl. Kalpi is so busy with the file works and stuff.

Reach for the stars update thursday 21 May 2020 Paki and Kamla follow the lady who is going out of the chowl. They stop her and ask who are you ? Manda turns back. Kamla shout where were you going ? Manda is confused, she says I talked to a baba and told him about the chowl he said there will be a pooja and everything will be all right after that. Kamla says have faith manda we will win this fight. Raghav is back he has promised he will save our homes. Manda says please let me go. She leaves. Paki asks will you believe her ? Kamla says I believe in the goodness I will win on the basis of my strength.

Reach for the stars update thursday 21st May 2020 zee world Kalpi gets up from her seat and is about to knock the door but then stops not trying to disturb is sleep. She collects all the files. The guy asks how was my acting ? Nettu says it was good. Manda enters the house Nettu thinks its some thief. Manda says no its me. Prem gives her the money. Nettu says these papers will stop the stay order and case closed. Manda says I am leaving. Nettu asks stop and listen what you have to do you have to prove that Kamla has done cheated you all. Manda says I will do this let me check how much is in this envelope? Nettu says 10 lac we are not hiring you. Manda says okay I am leaving. Manda is flying in air, having 10 lac in her hands.

Reach for the stars thursday 21 May 2020 Kamla’s phone rings, Its Kalpi. She asks are you okay Ai ? Kamla asks how are you ? Kalpi asks whats going on there? I am in Puna I have found Raghva Singhaniya. Kamla says I mer Raghav yesterday in Mumbai. Kalpi says he is here in puna with me I have been waiting for him all day whom did you meet ? Phone slips from Kamla’s hand. Kalpi is worried. Kamla says what have I done. She remembers the signature she did on the papers that fake Raghav asked her to.

Reach for the stars update 21 May 2020 Vitthal and all the people start pooja next day. They all look so hopeful. Kanta asks where is Raghav Singhnaiya he was about to come. Paki says nobody gets on time in this traffic of Mumbai. Kanta asks where is Kamla ? She should be with us she is our hero. A car stops by and its the lawyer. He is angry he says why you made me fool ? These are the papers that Kamla bai signed that show that this property belongs to Kapoors and Kamla bai has got 1 lac for each house. Kamla bai has ended this fight. Vitthal says this is impossible. He says this has happened she has sold all of you. Vitthal says these are not signatures of Kamla. Kamla says from the back these are my signatures Vitthal. Everyone is startled. Kamla tells everyone that she met Raghav and he said that siging these papers will save their houses. These show that this chowl was given to us. Manda says what are you trying to say that Raghva fooled you ? Kamla says he was not Raghav Kalpi called and told me that Raghav is in puna still. Manda says stop making us fool Kamla tai. Kamla says I haven’t cheated anyone. Paki says I am with you Kamla maa. This is for sure a trick by Nettu. Vitthal says why would she do this ? Manda says money can make anyone do anything, Kamla bai did what she thought was right and she became our leader without asking. She went to meety Raghva with informing us. Vitthal says what you wanna say ? Manda says did she ask us when she went to meet Raghav yesterday? Why would she ? She was going to sell us. Pakiya says behave yourself. Vitthal stops him. Manda says stop favoring her i am not scared of anyone. In how much you sold us ? Paki says don’t dare saying a single word ? Manda says okay lets search in her house ? Vitthal says all right let them do this. Vitthal says this is so wrong Manda don’t accuse her. Manda says then let us search your house. Kanta says let her do this it will clear all the things. Kamla says go Manda, suddenly she starts coughing Vitthal asks are you okay ? Kamla says all she will find in the house will be Kalpi’s books and remaining food. They all enter their house.

Reach for the stars update 21 thursday May 2020 Manda says lets check her house she has been fooling us since so long. This daughter of Kapoors is with you too. Pakiya says stop it tai. Kamla allows Manda to rummage in her house. She says why would I be scared they won’t find anything in the house just the remaining food and Kalpi’s food. Manda takes everyone to Kamla’s house.

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Reach for the stars 21 May 2020 Kalpi opens the door of Raghva’s room and says I have completed the work please come to Mumbai with me he points her to go out. He says what you want favor or return of this forceful help. He says get out of my room. Kalpi syas are you coming with me ? He says I asked you to shut the door and get out.

update on Reach for the stars thursday 21 May 2020 There Manda enters Kamla’s house and rest of the people are looking through all the stuff. Vitthal says to Kamla we all tryst you don’t be worried about what Manda says. He gives her water. Kamla says until God doesn’t answer our queries I won’t drink. People are look through all the stuff stil can’t find anything. Suddenly Manda drops money from box. Kanta says what Kamla did to us. Manda comes downstairs and show kamla the money. Kamla is speechless. Manda says wow kamla you solved your problem. Ask them where we found this. Kanta says we can’t believe this. You did this you us Kamla. Vitthal says we don’t know where this money came from. Suddenly an aged woman comes forward and slaps Kamla on the face so hard. She says what you did you sell us to them. We all trusted you. Vitthal holds Kamla. Everyone leaves. Kamla is in tears. She recalls what Mausi said to her. Vitthal says please don’t cry Kamla. Kamla says i lost Vitthal. Today I lost my fight. Vitthal says we are with you we will never let you down. Paki says today my family has to answer me and she leaves in anger. Pakiya tries to console her. Kamla moves towards the mandir and cries hard. Kamla is going somewhere. Vitthal asks where are you going ? She says my truth has been taken from me Vitthal i just have to see whether God is with me or not.

Reach for the stars thursday 21 update May 2020 Raghav get out of his room where Kalpi is standing. He calls someone and says leave the file and tell client that I will talk to them on video call. And yes ask driver to get the car ready i am going to Mumbai. Kalpi smiles and he takes file from her hand.

Reach for the stars thursday 21 May 2020 update Kalpi is in car with Raghva she wonders how Kamla will be. She says to Raghav i wanna call my mom. He gives his phone to her. Kamla is bare footed. Kalpi looks at the screen but she can’t dial the number. Raghva takes phone from her.. Kalpi is about to dial when she sees that he has already dialed it. She looks at screen and its maa written there. She wonders why h he saved Kamla’s no as maa. Kalpi dials but the number is switched off. She thanks him and returns the phone. Kalpi asks him to drive fast but he stops the car and says come on drive yourself. She says I don’t know how to drive. He says then keep quiet and let me drive. Kamla’s feet are bleeding. She prays to her god. He goes out and buys chips. He offers Kalpi. She says I am not hungry. He says are you looking at the traffic ? This car can’t fly, eat something and handover the packet to her. kalpi saya all I can think about is Ai.
She is badly worried.

Reach for the stars 21st May 2020 zee world Kamla reaches the madir and prays there. Raghav asks a man whats with the traffic ? He says a severe accident tool place it will take a little time to clear. Kalpi says please go from some other way i wanna reach there. Kamla says if you let me down today then there will be no dreams of poor. This is the fight oof all the poor people. I pray for your help. I seek your hand.

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