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Reach for the stars 2 June 2020; Reach for the stars update Tuesday 2nd June 2020, Kalpi wonders did Kamla know what job raghav had for her. She suddenly sees a light coming on Raghav. She goes running to save him. Everyone is dazed. Sammy takes him in his cabin.

Reach for the stars update Tuesday 2 June 2020 Kamla comes to the office to give her the lunch box. Kalpi sees her. She wonders what will she say to Kamla about het job. Did she know for what Raghav appointed her. Suddenly Paki comes in too, she hugs Kamla and says I was missing you so much. She says i am so happy to see you here. Kamla wishes them both luck. She leaves. Paki asks where is Raghav. Kalpi goes back to her work.

Sammy has called the doctor. He asks when will he give the injection. Raghav says no I don’t like injections. Sammy says he is the doctor he knows well. Paki enters the cabin and laughs saying are you scared of injections. Raghav says how came in without my permission. Get out, Paki leaves.

Reach for the stars update Tuesday 2nd June 2020 zee world Paki goes to Kalpi and tells her that Ragahv is scared of injections. She giggles. She sees her name on the name plate as the marketing supervisor, she is so happy. SHe asks Kalpi what is her designation? kalpi says I will assist you. Paki is stunned she says this isn’t possible. This must be some mistake.

Raghav says no there is no mistake. Raghav says its okay I have made your work easy. People don’t get these sort of luxuries in this office. Sammy will tell you your work. And sammy tell her assistant that people don’t other chances. Sammy asks Paki anymore question ? Paki says are you done ? So please leave.

zee world update Reach for the stars Tuesday 2 June 2020 On the way back, Kalpi is in front of the same building she always wished to buy. She wonder how will she accomplish her dream. She recalls Raghav telling her that she will be the assistant to the supervisor. And Paki being happy on her name as the supervisor. A child who is handicapped comes to her and asks why are you sad ? She says don’t you feel sad ? He says because of this ? Not at all. My mo says don’t be sad of what you don’t have and celebrate what you have. Kalpi is so inspired by him, She says yes I will get what I deserve. I will prove myself.

Reach for the stars update Tuesday 2 June 2020 zee world Paki goes to Raghav’s room and says what does this all mean and why you did this ? She says how can you make Kalpi my assistant. She is like my sister you should have asked me. How will I boss around her. Raghav asks her to be quiet. He says take this glass and drink the water. Take a deep breath. I am the boss here. I decide what people do here and it never happens that some disagrees to me. I work in a different manner but i love it. Now get out of this room. Next time you will take my appointment to meet me and ask me before coming into my cabin.

Paki says to Kalpi that we will work together. We will manage all the things. We are friends. Kalpi says no every office has a hierarchy. Paki says we are friends. Kalpi says no we are not. Paki says God you all have gone made. I want a coffee. Kalpi stands up, paki asks where are you going ? She says to get you a coffee. She says no thanks I will make one. Raghav is seeing all this through the camera. Kalpi calls Raghav says I have a problem, i wanna meet you. He says i will tell you and disconnects the call.

Paki is making coffee for both Kalpi and herself. Raghav is standing at her back. He asks whom is this second cup for ? She says its for Kalpi. Raghav calls kalpi there and says why is your senior making coffee when you are here ? Kalpi says i asked her to.. Raghav says shut up and both of you come in my office right now.

Reach for the stars zee world 2 June 2020 Paki says to Raghav, come on Raghav it was just a coffee. Raghav says I told you before I won’t like if someone doesn’t obey what I say. Kalpi comes in. Raghav says you were about to take tea here. Paki says stop it. Don’t let her do what she doesn’t like. I will ask your designation letter. Kalpi hands over him a paper. He says so you are bringing me a designation letter ? Kalpi says when are you done with it ? You needed a self motivator who can change their future and that’s me. I am just telling you that in 30 days you will sign it. This is my promotion letter. I don’t make spelling mistakes. She writes 30 on the glass wall and says I will prove my skills in 30 days mark it. I am bringing your tea. Raghav is speechless while Paki is smiling. Raghav smiles and looks at that 30 written on the glass wall.

Deception update Monday 1 June 2020 on zee world

Scene 2
Kamla comes to the chowl and sees a little girl in uniform. She asls why you didn’t come to school. Kanta says come pinky lets to. Kamla says why are you late today ? Kanta says there were too much to do. Kamla says we have to work hard for children. Kanta says yes i am working only for her. I will make her like Kalpi. She will make me proud just like Kalpi did.

Reach for the stars Tuesday update 2 June 2020 Kamla asks Aaji why is she sitting alone. She says I am planing on going back. You are not listening to me. What are you trying to prove by making Kalpi a madam ? Kamla says i listened a story in childhood that everyone will get a fist full sky for them. Aaji says you first said my son to sit at home and now waiting for the money of daughter. You got my innocent son but that’s not the case with everyone. Kalpi won’t get a guy like that. Kamla says I don’t what a guy for her who doesn’t understand her. Lets go and make a dish. Remember when I made it for you after wedding. You loved it. Its a big day for me. i want to make that dish. They both go inside the house.

Scene 3
Paki is playing game on her phone. Sammy says are you hereto work or play these games ? She says I am playing this stress killing game it will increase my capability. Sammy asks what game is that ? Paki says its the jodha akbar game it increases your history knowledge.

Reach for the stars Tuesday 2 June 2020 update Paki says to Kalpi miss yadav I am leaving what about the letter I asked to type you. She whispers in Kalpi’s ear I have to act like a boss sorry Raghav is here. Kalpi nods. She leaves. Kalpi sees Raghav moving his hand. She says he shows that nothing will ever happen to him. Ai told me to help others. She goes to Raghav’s office with a first aid box. He asks why didn’t you leave ? She says i know your pain is not decreasing, you didn’t get the injection. He says I am fine you can go now. Kalpi leaves the medication box there.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars 2 June 2020 Outside its raining. Kalpi stops a car for life. Its Raghav driving it. He leaves Kalpi is disappointed. She says only because of Ai I am tolerating this rudeness of you Raghav. Kalpi goes home and says hi ai. Kamla says why are you so wet ? Kalpi says it was raining and I didn’t have the umbrella. Let me help you. Kamla says no change the cloths otherwise you will get fever. Kamla says looks like you are so happy is everything okay in the office ? She says yes. Raghav treats me so well. He takes care of everything. Kamla smiles. Kalpi sneezes, Kamla says go in and change it.

Reach for the stars 2nd June 2020 zee world Paki calls Kamla. Kamla asks how was your day ? Paki asks is Kalpi home ? How is her mode ? Paki says when I entered the office I came to know that she is my assistant. Tell me how can I be her boss. Raghav was treating her like a peon. Paki says I am fan of Kalpi today. She gave Raghav a letter it was her promotion letter. SHe gave him an open challenge. Suddenly phone disconnects. Mummy ji asks Paki to have th dinner. She leaves. Kamla swipes her tears. Kalpi says i am so hungry ai. She says I am coming in.

Scene 5
Reach for the stars 2 June 2020 Kamla is serving everyone the dinner. She wonders why Kalpi didn’t tell her. Kalpi thinks I will tell her after 30 days. Kalpi says you know Raghav motivates his staff to move forward. Kamla says do whatever you think will be good for you. Kalpi says I know Ai all I am thinking about is future. I will not fail.
Mummy ji says Paki is so sad Raghav is treating Kalpi so bad in the office. Paki is thinking of getting her a new job. Prem says oh wow Kalpana Yadav is not happy there.

Scene 6
zee world update on Reach for the stars 2 June 2020 Kalpi leaves for the office. Kamla gives her lunch box.
Prem calls someone and says enemy of enemy is friend. Raghav is your enemy and of mine as well. How about shaking hands ? Its Kamla on the other side.

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