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Reach for the stars Friday 15th May 2020; Reach for the stars update Friday 15 May 2020, kamla and vitthal are really happy. they thanks deevika. There pooja is ongoing. Suhana says let me call massi maa. Aryan says we should go for visarjan otherwise massi maa will get angry. Lets go.

Reach for the stars update Friday 15 May 2020 kamla says God you showed that you exist. You have always bee with me. I knew that kalpi is alive you kept my belief. There is just one thing left, give me strength to expose dheeraj and Aman. Suhana dewan is kalpana yadav. She smiles and cried as well. Vitthal says I want to say something. he says I was angry with you God but thank you so much.

Reach for the stars 15th May 2020 Sanja takes the ganpati murti for visarjan. Dheraj asks aman where is kamla? aman says to dheeraj Kamla will never know the reality we have closed all the ways. Suhana prays give everything to everyone. Give me my memory back so I can live my old life. Sanjay comes and says Jeweler is here suhana lets go. Suhana higs him and says I will miss you papa. He says I will miss you too. he says when did you grow this old? He says lets go.

Reach for the stars update Friday 15th May 2020 zee world Everyone is deciding sari’s and jewelry. Suhana comes out with sanjay. kavita says come suhana. Suhana asks sanjay to come as well. kavita shows suhana different sari and jewelry. Aryan helps suhana in deciding.

Reach for the stars Friday update zee world 15 May 2020 kamla and Vitthal come in. They are so happy. kamla recalls all her moments with suhana. Suhana is busy is selecting saari. Vitthall is about to talk kamla stops him and takes him out.

Reach for the stars zee world 15 May 2020 Vitthal says to kamla why didn’t you tell suhana that she is kalpi? Kamla sys I can’t the happiness from her. Our kalpi has suffered a lot. she has been in pain a lot of time. What we wanted to give our kalpi, we couldn’t.Kalpi always concealed her pain. It was our dream that our kalpi should be like princess. She gets all the happiness. Our kalpi gets a life partner who will keep her happy. when our kalpi is getting all this how can I take that from her. I am her mom I can’t see her in anymore pain. Vitthal is in tears. Vitthal says our kalpi will fulfill her dreams herself. what you thougth she will be happy without us? SHe is craving for us as well. she doesn’t want this gold and wealth. she needs her family. we are her real wealth. She doesn’t need anyone’s support. we have to bring her back. kamla and Vitthal go in. Vitthal says kalpi, everyone stops. Suhana stands up and says massi maa and uncle I am not kalpi I am suhana. Vitthal says I will make you recall. They both sind the theme song, thora thora kar k. Suhana again says massi maa I am not kalpi. I guess there is some misunderstanding. Kamla says there is no misunderstanding. You are our kalpi. Sanjay says what are you saying? Suhana what is all this massi ma? Kamla says we met in temple and mingled with each other. I came here as a maid. it happened because God wanted us to meet. He wanted to a mom to be back to her daughter. Do you remember tying Rakhi to pakiya. Vitthal says do you remember the lullaby? kamla says this is vitthal your baba. kamla says when you made tea it was exactly like kalpi’s. you are my kalpi your name is kalpana vitthal yadav. kamla says come home. SAnjay says stop it kamla ji. this is too much. I can’t tolerate this anymore.

Reach for the stars Friday 15th May 2020 Dheeraj says how dare you to call Suhana kalpi? Do you know who she is She is suhana dewan. She is our daughter. Dheeraj says I tild you bhaiya this woman is emotionally blackmailing suhana. Dheeraj says what you are seeing isn’t any incident. its their planning. Suhana says I can’t hear all that about massi maa. Dheeraj says you are dewan not a low class chowl girl. Kamla says she isn’t suhana dewan. she is kalpana yadav. Dheraj says what proof you have? kamla says I have proof. she asks deevika to come in. kamla says she is wife of Dr. Mehta. Deevika comes in. Deevika says kamla says is right suhana dewan is kamla yadav. Everyone is bewildered. Dheraj says you are lying. I will tell you the truth bahiya. These low class people have merged and are conspiring for money. Vitthal attacks him and says we are poor but we don’t sell our conscience. SAnjay says get out from here.

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zee world Reach for the stars update 15 May 2020 Kamla and vitthal are going home. they recall the accusations of Dheeraj. When dheeraj said tis man sent his wife here so they can blackmail suhana. Vitthla says we met our kalpi yet we didn’t. the one we have been looking for days, the one without whom our life is incomplete. kamla says that’s paranoid. But I am happy she is fine. she will get her memory back and will come running to us. Vitthal says you trust has won everytime. its kalpi’s wedding tomorrow, we don’t have much time. kamla says don’t worry we should be happy that suhana dewan is kalpana yadav.

Reach for the stars zee world Friday 15 May 2020 update Aryan comes to suhaana she is crying. Aryan says stop crying please. Masi maa had some misunderstanding. suhana says on my wedding maasi maa won’t be with me. Arayn says after so much the family won’t allow her. Do you want her to come? Suhana says there is something that compels me to her. I feel incomplete without her. when she calls me kalpi I feel like I have been hearing this name since forever. Aryan says you are feeling so because you are trying to recall your memory. Suhana says there must be some reason. Aryan says don’t worry everything will be fine. Suhana sya ryan maasi maa can’t lie. Aryan says suhana look at me don’t worry. I know you can’t live without maasi maa. she can’t live without you either. I will take you to her. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Reach for the stars Friday 15 May 2020 zee world update Vitthal and kamla come to chowl and start shouting pakiya’s name. vitthla says come down. He tells him that suhana dewan is our kalpi. Kamla says do you remember that suhana made the tea like kalpi. She is kalpi not suhana. Pakiya says our kapi? pakiya is in tears. Everyone is shocked. Manda says kalpi is alive. I knew nothing will happen to her. Vitthal says who doesn’t love kalpi. its just because of your prayers that she is alive. manda says where is she? why didn’t you bring her. kamla says she has lost her memory but I believe that she will come home soon. They sing the theme song.

Reach for the stars update Friday 15 May 2020 Suhana’s mehndi is ongoing. Everyone is enjoying. Suhana looks upset. Aryan is dancing with the girls. He brings suhana on the floor. She isn’t enjoying she goes back, Sanjay comes to her and asks whats wrong? Suhana says I have to meet maasi maa. Kavita says forget her suhana its your wedding tomorrow move on. suhana says I can’t I don’t know why. Sanjay says its wedding tomorrow suhan after that you and me will go to her. Aryan says in heart I know suhana can’t live without maasi maa. I have to unite them.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars Friday update 15 May 2020 kamla says to vitthal Kalpi is about to get wed. we have to stop this wedding. its her second wedding which is wrong. she is married to Raghav already. pakiya comes and says baba I can’t find auto there is a strike I guess. Nettu comes to the chowl. Manda says to nettu what are you doing here? Neetu says will you come back on work? Manda says didn’t you hear kalpi is alive and fine. Kamla and vitthal are going to take bring kalpi. nettu says I will drop you. vitthal says we don’t need your aid. Nettu says I have alwys been bad to you kamla. Vitthal says so yeah don’t care anymore we will go our self.

zee world Reach for the stars 15 May 2020 Aryan says I forgot my pajama I am going to take it from the shop. sanjay says go bring it hurry up. Aryan says I have to do something for suhana. A car comes and hits a man. vitthal and kalpi help him and take him with them.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars 15 May 2020 zee world suhana is getting ready. She recalls herself in a bridal dress. She says in heart why I feel like I have been someone’s bride before. kamla and vitthal take the man to a house. Kamla sees a guy there facing the wall and says here is your dad. The old man says he isn’t my son. I found him near stream. He keeps missing a girl kalpana. I guess he met an accident. kamla touches his shoulder and he turns to her. Its Raghav. Kamla says Raghav baba, Raghav says kamla maa. kamla says why didn’t you come to us? He says could I face you? I couldn’t save kalpi. Kamla says kalpi is alive Raghav. Raghav is dazed. kamla says yes that’s the truth your love, our kalpi is alive. She has lost her memory. Today is her wedding. Kamla tells him everything. Raaghav is in tears. Vitthal comes forward and hugs him.

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