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Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 on zee world; Kamla says when did you come sammy ? She has not listened anything. Sammy says just now, i came to wish her. She says come Kalpi Pakiya and his friends are dancing. Kamla leaves.

Reach for the stars 26th June 2020 update Sammy says he will wait for you till 10 pm, it 8 now and then he will give up on his life. You will be responsible for whatever happens today. Kamla is looking at Kalpi. Kamla says is her heart that i know you won’t ever break your promise Kalpi.

Gauri says Raghav is being distracted. My revenge is not complete yet. I jhave to remind him his mission. I want to see this Kappor family suffer. I want them to be destroyed. Raghav comes, Gauri says i wanna talk about something important. Raghav says i have something important to do we will talk later. Gauri says Raghav something should not be delayed. Raghav says okay tell wme what is it ? Gauri says you are bein g distracted from your point. You are forgetting your promise. Raghav says no i am not. I have to destroy Sahil and Nettu. I love kalpi and i am going to make her mine. I ahve to leave pakhi for that. I won’t effect our revnege in any way. I will never break the promise i made with you but i remember the one I made to kalpi too. I can’t leace kalpi. Gauri says you think we will complete revenge like this ? Nothing is gonna happen to them if you behave like this.

Manda is taunting at nettu. She says look how Kamla gives her to eat and she eats like beggars.
Manda says to a lady look at this nettu we are not stopping her from eating in our chowl. She used to beag about a cup of tea she used to gave me. Poor Nettu can’t even celebrate the birthday of her daughter. She got son in law who could not even keep them in their house.

Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 on zee world Gauri says look at your dada’s picture Raghav. Do you remember how brutally they killed him. Can you forget that? Pakhi is the weakness of kapoor family and we can’t let that go.
I like kalpi too. She is a nice girl but you can’t marry her. Nor can you divorce Pakhi. She will be free and we won’t be able to take our revenge. They will live happily again. We can’t do that. Ragahv says i can’t live without Kalpi. I love her so much. Before its too late i have to make her realize that i still love her.

Pakhi lightens the candles. She says Raghav made the sweet i made. Suddenly the candles blows. She says am I just dreaming it ? She recalls Raghav saying her that you are just a daughter of my enemy. I married you because i wanna detsroy Sahil Kapoor.

Reach for the stars update friday 26th June 2020 on zee world Gauri says you love Kalpi not your mom dad ? Kalpi has suffered but you don’t remember what happened to your mom and dad? I suffered for years. You forgot that Kapoor made me homeless. I have no issue for you marrying Kalpi but you can’t set pakhi at large. I want you to keep her for at least a year. Torture her like they did to us. This will kill Nettu and sahil inch by inch. Raghav says this is wrong. It will hurt me and kalpi. Just like Nettu and Sahil will suffer me and kalpi will suffer too. Raghav says I won’t repeat my mistake. I have to take revenge but not at cost of Kalpi. Gauri says you ahve to do this for your dad. Raghav says I can’t do this mom . Gauri says you ahve to do that for your mom and your dad. We have suffered every moment. Kill me if you don’t fulfill my promise. It will be better for me. You will see me dead if you dn’t do as i say. Ragahv hugs her. Gauri is crying. Ragahv says okay mom I will agree to what you say.

Kalpi looks at her watch she wonders what should she do ? She says i can’t break the promise I have to tell Ai. Pakiya comes and says come on lets dance Kalpi. He takes her in. Pakiya and his friends dance everyone is enjoying it. Manda joins them too. Nettu judges that Kalpi is quite disturbed.

Ragahv says to Gauri kalpi is waiting for me. Gauri says you won’t go. She leaves. Ragahv is tensed. Gauri locks herself in the room. Gauri says I promised your dad that i will take his revenge. But look he will be embarrassed becasue his son never completed his revenge becasue he felt in love with a girl. I am burning my memories along with my self so nothing will rmeind you of me. She takes out all the pictures and surround herself with them. She sets them on fire. Raghav says please don’t so this mom. Stop it.

Gangaa update Tuesday 23 June 2020 on zee world

Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 on zee world Gauri takes out all the pictures and surround herself with them. She sets them on fire. Raghav says please don’t so this mom. Stop it. He breaks the window and jumps in. He saves Gauri and says what were you doing mom ? I go you after such a long time I can’t lose you now.
Kalpi looks at the watch then she recalls her promise with Kamla.

Raghav says to Gauri that okay mom if you want me to take take revenge only then I will do that. Your life matters more than my life and my love. I will forget her and will remember my revenge only. Gauri says i am your mom i understnad you. We have to do this. If you have to make your future life perfect then you have to clear your past. We have to get done with that first. We have suffered a lot. We have been through a lot of pain after your dad’s death. We will never be able to live in peace until we don’t destroy them. Raghav says if you want that then only this will happen. Don’t ever endanger your life again. Gauri says just for one year. When will be done with our vengeance I will do a pooja for your dad. That will be the biggest day of my life. Don’t distract till then
Raghav thinks what can i do. I don’t wanna lose mom and can’t lose kalpo for another time.

Scene 2
Pakhi is outside. SHe recalls Kamla telling her that this wedding locket is so powerful. She say I will be on her hopes. I will win hearts of Raghav and Gauri. I will show Kamla maa that her upbringing was done well. I will get my Raghav.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 on zee world Sammy says to Kalpi look its almost 10. You know Raghav he will kill himself if you don’t go. Kalpi is so confused. Pakiya announces that my A baba will dance now. Vitthal says have you gone mad pakiya ? He takes them to the floor. Kalpi is so confused. She is looking at the watch again and again.
Vitthal and Kamla are enjoying the dance on ‘sari k fall’. Sammy says lets go kalpi. You know Raghav loves you so much and he can do anything for you.
Kalpi goes inside. Raghav is in car. He says I have to tell kalpi that she has to wait for 1 hour after that we will be one.
Sammy calls him. Ragahv says I am on the same spot again sammy. I thought i will meet and tell her that I will divorce her. Mom wants me to stay away from kalpi for a year. She doesn’t want me to divorce Pakhi. Mom tried to kill herself. I have to make kalpi agree. How will i meet kalpi and tell her that she has to wait for a whole year. I don’t know what to do. I am on the same place where i have to choose between my mom and kalpi. Sammy says decide something you don’t ahve time. Ragahv says thats the problem with me always.

Kalpi feels her conscience saying that you think about the promise you made to your mom b ut what about the one with Ragahv. He will kill himself if you don’t go to meet him. He will kill himself. Is a vow important than someone’s life. You have to go there. There were times when you could against whole world for Ragahv. You can make her agree. SHe will understand that her promise is not important than someone’s life. You know how stubborn he is. He will kill himself if you don’t go.
KAlpi says but how can i break the promise of my ai. Ragahv betrayed me and broke my trust. She is the one who trusted in me again and gave me new life. I won’t go to meet Raghav.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 Pakhi comes home and looks for Raghav. She wonders where he is. SHe goes upstairs and knocks the door of Gauri ? Gauri says what are you here for ? Pakhi says I was looking for Raghav. Its my birthday.. GArui says so what can I do ? Its better that you stay in your limits. We have favored you by letting you live here. No one is interested in your birthday. Go alone and eat your cake. It will be better that you understand taht rest of your life will be like this, Alone and without any sweetness. You should be grateful that you are here and we didn’t throw you out. You would be in that chowl with your parents.
Pakhi goes running to mummy ji. SHe is crying so hard. Muumy asks whats wrong pakhi ? Pakhi says Ragahv has not accepted me dadi but i won’t give up. My fight is difficult but not impossible. I wished that i could marry Raghav and now i want Raghav to accept me as his wife. I know its not a piece of cake. I will wait till teh last day. I know Raghav and Gauri aunty will accept me. Mummy ji says this wedlock is so powerful. No one can take Ragahv from you. Pakhi hugs mummy ji.

Scene 5
Reach for the stars update friday 26 June 2020 Ragahv recahes the clif near the temple.
There is the chowl, Pakiya says we have a new performance here. Some dancers come and dance on the song ‘lungi dance’ Everyone is enjoying except for kalpi. She is so tensed. Someone goes and switches off the main switch of the chowl. Its dark everywhere. Kalpi says forgive me God I am breaking the promise i made to my mo but i can’t let Ragahv kill himself.

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