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Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23 June 2020 on zee world; Reach for The stars 23rd June 2020 update, Raghav stands up and takes keys fro Nettu. kamla comes there. Everyone is quites hsocked to see her. Pakhi leaves for her Gauri smiles at Kamla and higs her. She says I am so happy Kamla I got my memory back and my son too. Come on let me itroduce you to my chinto. Here he is Raghav Singhnaiya. Kamla says God listened to me. Gauri says this has happened becasue of you. If you had not supported me I won’t be alivbe to see my son. You have helped me a lot. Tahnk you so much. Nettu goes to Kamla and says they wanna throw us out of our home. He has took all our property. Where will we go. Kamla says what you did with kalpi wasn’t right but you married Pakhi and they are your parents in law you can’t throw them out. Raghav says they have to pay for what they have done o my family. This is nothing as compared to what they did to us. Kamla says you did a sin too. You played with my daughters. You broke dreams of my Kalpi and heart of my Pakhi. You demolished our respect. You can’t see anything in front of your vengeanve.

Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23 June 2020 on zee world The fire of revenge burns you first. You destroyed kalpi’s life. What my daughters did to you? why you played with our emotions. I was never in consent of this wedding but you promised me that you will keep kalpi happy. I told you that Pakhi loves you a lot but you said I won’t marry Pakhi even if i don’t let you marry pakhi. I trusted you baba. Tell me why you did this to us ? The biggest sin s to break a heart and you did it. You hurt my Kalpana, you hurt my Pakhi. They are not the only sinners. You are a sinner too. There is no difference between you and them. Gauri says you are not getting him right. Whatever you are saying is right but Raghav is not wrong. whatever we are doing has long reasons. They have to pay for what happened to my son and me. It would be better if you don’t interefere. They have to leave this house right now without anything. It would be better for both of you to leave you self. She and Raghav leave. Nettu says Kamla please tell poki to stand up. SHe can do something. Kamla says yes I will talk to pakhi.

Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23rd June 2020 on zee world Pakhi has laid her head in Kamla’s lap. Kamla says don’t cry just calm down. Just stay strong. pakhi says I never knew about kalpi and sammy. Kamla says we didn’t know as well. We thought the groom is Sammy. When the engagement started the truth came out. Kamla tells her everything. Pakhi asks how is kalpi ? Kamla says how can she be ? she is trying to get out of trgedy. Truth is Raghav married you. I want Raghav to accept this relationship. The fire of vendetta in him should end now. You know everyone makes mistakes but parents are always yours. Parenst forgive when kids make mistakes. Your parents need you today. Stay them forever.

Kalpi is packing all the dresses that Raghav gave in a box and she places that rose as well. She remembers the moment when Raghav gave it to her. Pakiya sees her. Kalpi picks up the box and places it somewhere. Pakiya comes wearing a clown dress. Kalpi says what is it ? Vitthal says he is mentally ill. pakiya says no there is a competition i am going to it. People will all after me. Vitthal kicks him and says first win it then we will consider you. Pakiya says why don’t you try baba. Vitthal goes in and disguises as a woman in a sari. He and Pakiya dance, Kalpi is laughing uncontrollably. Vitthal is delighted and he hugs her. Tuesday update on Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23rd June 2020 Sahil says will Pakhi agree. Nettu says she is our last home. Kamla comes there. Nettu asks what did poki say ? Kamla says its not easy for us. Her husband has cheated us and the truth of her parents is clear to her. I have decided everything but truth will be hers.

Reach for The stars 23 June 2020 on zee world Pakhi comes and says my decision is still the same. I can’t help you. She leaves. Nettu says what will we do now sahil where will we go. kamla says madam you can come with me. I don’t have a banglow but i won’t let you moan. It will be better to live there than to live on the road. Sahil says how can we go with you. kamla syas I ahve worked for you. My children were fed with your money. Sahil says okay kamla bai until we don’t get some other way we will come with you.

Kamla arrives at the chowl along with sahil and nettu. everyone is shocked to see them. Vitthal sees them coming and is dazed. Nettu and Sahil are embarrassed. Nettu recalls when they were about to demolish this chowl. They go upstairs. Vitthal is angrily looking at Kamla. He syas what is this ? Why have you brought them here ? Kamla syas in wanna talk to you. They go in. Kamla says madam and sir will live here. Vitthal and kalpi are shocked. Vitthal says they will never live in my house. When kalpi will come i will make her agree. Raghav is trying to call kalpi. Kalpi disconnects. Raghav throws away his phone.

Gangaa update Friday 19 June 2020 on zee world

Reach for The stars Tuesday update 23 June 2020 on zee world Kamla says to Vitthal that Nettu and Sahil will live here. Kalpi, Vitthal and Pakiya are dazed. Vitthal says did you go to meet pakhi or bring this trouble for us ? Kamla syas they are in trouble. Raghav has taken everything from them. They have nothing now. How could I leave them alone there. Vitthal says we have suffered too. I don’t wanna help them. Kamla says you are a good man. Vitthal says no I am not. I have become a bad man because of these people. They are responsible for so much that happened to us. These are two snakes you brought for us. Kamla says they are not like that. Kamla says aghav is taking revenge and his mom is asking him to do that. He found his mom on wedding day. You know who she is ? Gauri tai. Oakiya says how is this possible.

Scene 2
Gauri comes to Raghav and asks where are you going ? He says to office. Will you be bored ? Gauri says who gets bored in own house ? Wait let me bring you breakfast. Pakhi comes there.
Pakhi says I came here to apologize. What my mom and dad did can be pardoned but I apologize. Raghav says I am glad you didn’t stand with them. I have no hard feelings for you. I know what your mom dad did was not your fault but I was helpless. I want you to understand my problems and that I can’t fulfill any of your dreams. We can live in the same house but not the same room.

Scene 3
Reach for The stars 23 June 2020 update Pakiya says those slefish mom and son did this to us. Vittahl says we saved GAuri’s life made her live here. and she did this to our daughter. We respected Raghava and he broke kalpi. Now you have brought them here. They will not live in my house. Kamla says its chastity to help someone. Vitthal says I am better a sinner. Kamla says please agree to me they are not like what you think. Vitthal says let them live on pavements they will understand. Pakiya says baba is right. Kamla says don’t be loud.

Scene 4
Reach for The stars 23rd June 2020 on zee world Ragahv is on his way. He recalls when he travelled with kalpi in the bus. He says she must have joined the office. I will talk to her and explain her everything. Raghav comes to office and sees Kalpi’s chair empty there. He goes to his cabin and takes his phone out. He is constantly starring at Kalpi’s place. He recalls all the moments with her. sammy comes in and says you didn’t do right. Ragahv says try to understand me sammy. Sammy says I feel embarrassed that you are my friend. You loved i got it you wanted revenge i got it.But you boke an innocent girl’s heart i can’t agree to it. You shattered a family. You hurt those who helped you along with your enemies. You destroyed kalpi’s life along with pakhi’s. Raghav says I know i have hurt kalpi but i am hurt too. I have seen hatred in eyes of kalpi and kamla maa for me. The one i love the most hates me the most. What could i do ? Forget what mom said ?When she will come i will give her everything i have to make her happy. Sammy says you are still talking about your wealth she loves you n ot your money. Peon comes in and gives them a box that kalpana has sent. Sammy says check it out may be she has forgiven you. Raghav opens in and it has all the gifts Raghav sent. There is a paper too that is resignation of kalpi.

He shows the letter to Sammy. Sammy is shocked to see the resignation as well. Raghav says how can Kalpi do this. HE tears the letter apart and crumbles it. HE says i will not accept this resignation. He calls Kalpi. Kalpi disconnects his call. He calla over and over again kalpi switched off her phone. Raghav throws away his phone.

Scene 5
Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23 June 2020 There arguement os going on between Vitthal and Kamla. Kamla says if we don’t help them what will be there difference between Raghav ans us. Please agree to me. I can’t say no to them. I asked them to come here. I beg you. Vitthal says don’t beg. Tell them to leave our house as soon as possible. Kamla asks sahil and Nettu to come in.She says you will live here until you don’t find some other place. They come and sit in. kamla says let me make you tea. Nettu says its too hot here. Kamla turns on the fan. Kamla says let me bring you water you will take a bath and feel better. Kamla leave. Nettu says how will i l;ive in this cage. This all is happeneing because of that Raghav and his mom.

Scene 6
Pakhi brings Gauri some juice. SHe says kamla maa said to me that you should never take medicine without eating something. Gauri says keep your care to you. Pakhi says but maa.. Garui says I am not your mom I am just Raghav’s mom. Neither he considers you wife nor i consider you daughter in law. I know how to take care of myself. Don’t try to make a place here. Leave now. She is about to leave. Gauri says take this breakfast with you as well.

Scene 7
Reach for The stars update Tuesday 23 June 2020 Kamla is bringing watre. Vitthal asks whom is it for ? Kamla says for madam. Vitthal says so now you will become her servent here. Nettu is in balcony and says there is no bath tub here how will i take a bath. She comes to Kamla and says I will carry the bucket. She hardly takes the bucket in. Raghav says the landline must be working. He calls, Kalpi receives. He says Kapi this is me Raghav. I wanna talk to you. I know you are hurt. Please listen to me once. I have something to say. Kamla asks who is it Kalpi ? Kalpi says its a wrong no. she leaves. He calls again. Kamla receives this time.

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