Reach for the stars update wednesday 24 June 2020 on zee world, Phone rings again. Kamla receives it. Raghav says please liten to me kalpi i love you. Kamla says don’t you know that she doesn’t wanna talk to you. You betrayed the one you married and left kalpi alone. Kalpi’s silence is the answer to everything. He says Kamla ma please. Kamla syas don’t call me maa. Kalpi comes is there in tears. Nettu comes and asks what wrong. Kamla says nothing. Kalpi is in balcony. Kamla comes and says you have start again. Nothing ends life. We can’t stop dreaming. Kalpi says I can’t understand. I can’t get him out of m life. I am trying to but i fail everytime. Kamla says I know but you say that if someone gave us tears that doesn’t mean that we will stop laughing. If someone played with our life we won’t stop living. If their life can go with out us the our can run with out them. Kamla says you have to live for us for your baba. Life is not easy. One day kalpana Vitthal will become a madam.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 24 June 2020 on zee world Ragahv is on the road. He goes to the park and recalls when he came there with Kalpi and lied in his lap. He says how can I make you agree that I wanted to take my revenge not betray you. My fate has taken me away from you. Why this haoppened to us. We were so happy together we saw so many draems. An old man comes and sits besides him. He asks whats wrong ? My experience says that pain can be lessen by sharing. Raghav says I broyught this in my life myself. I broke heart of the one i loved the most. I lost everything my love my happiness. I did this to myself. The man says i loved a girl too but i made a mistake and lost her forever. I come here everyday to look for her but can’t never found her. You should go and meet her before its too late. You should end this burden and talk to her.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 24th June 2020 on zee world Sammy wonders where is Raghav. He calls him ragahv comes home. He aks where were you Raghav ? Listen we have a meeting today it will benefit us. Raghav is not listening to him. Raghav put some water in the vase and say i promised kalpi that this flower will be fresh like our love always. I will make her so happy that she will forget all her pain. I will go and meet her. I sent her a letter too, don’t know if she got it or not. I will go to her and meet her. Sammy says Kamla aunty and Vitthal are so angry at you and Kalpi doesn’t wanna meet you. Raghav says I will go for sure no matter what happnes. Pakhi comes there with juice, Raghav leaves.

kamla serves food to Nettu and Sahil and goes to bring clothes. Nettu syas I can’t eat grass. SAhil says what you mean that I am enjoying ? Nettu says arrange something. SAhil says i am trying too. Nettu says when will you arrange when i die ? Sahil leaves. Nettu says i should go out and have some fresh air.
Kalpi receives a courier of her name. Kamla comes there with clothes. kalpi takes them from her. Kamla says Kalpi is in front of me. Pakhi is alone. I she should talk to Pakhi,she will feel better. Kamla goes out to call her.

Pakhi is sitting alone. she says I never loved something more than you Raghav. Till when will you punish me for something i haven’t done. Kamla calls her and asks hwo is she ? sHe says how can i be ? Raghav doesn’t even wanna see my face. He doesn’ even talk to me. Kamla says sometimes best comes out of the worst. Pakhi says I don’t know what to do. Kamla says you just have to be a good wife. Wake up tomorrow and pray to God. THen make the sweet dish i told you for you mom in law and husband. Pakhi says okay I will make my first dish tomorrow.

Raghav recahes the chowl and get out of his car. He says where is kalpi i asked her to be here. She will come for sure. He looks everywhere. Suddenly someone comes and stands on the other side of the car. Raghav thinks its kalpi. He says I knew you will com e and thank you for it. I just wanna says what in my heart, I wanna take away your congusion. I married pakhi but ui love you and nothing can change you. SHe can’t take place of my wife, that is just for you. One i am done with my revenge then we can get married and fulfill our dreams. I just wanna know whats in your heart.

Reach for the stars 24 June 2020 on zee world The person comes in front of him. Its kamla not kalpi. Ragahv is dazed. Kamla slaps him on the face. kamla says the corrier you sent was received by my son not kalpi. He gave it to me. He was so angry. Kamla said to pakiya that i will talk to Raghav singhnaiya. Kamla says I came here to end this Raghav Singhnaiya. If you think that sorry card will give you pardon then its your mistake. Your mistake is a sin. You will be punished for it.

Age is Just a Number update Monday 22 June 2020 zee world

Reach for the stars update wednesday 24 June 2020 Kamla says to Raghav shut up don’t call me kamla mma. I am not your mom. You broke my daughter’s heart and considered it your right. You made fun of our poverty. You played with my innocent daughters. You and only you are responsible for destruction of Kalpi and Pakhi. Raghav says please pardon me Kamla maa. I am ready for the punishment iw ill make everything okay. I still love Kalpi like i used to do. Kamla sys top it don’t ever say her name. What will you fix ? People like yoyu can only break. The fire of revenge always grows never abates. kamla says for sake of your revnenge you burnt you own happiness as well. Ragahv says please Kamla maa don’t come between and Kalpi. Kamla says I guess you are forgetting that you broke her heart. If someone loves another person they leave everything for them It was your decision to decide what to choose between love and revenge. She handover him the wedding locket and says keep it to you. You made fun of wedding. It is worn for the strength of love. You made fun of this precious relationship. I pray that you.. Kamla stops and says I can’t pray bad for your because you are associated to another daughter of me. I will pray to God that you may chnage. You lost Kalpi now I hope that you don’t hurt Pakhi. Kamla says life won’t let you settle down.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in balcony and is in tears. She sits down. Raghav is alone now at the place. Pakhi is alone and in tears as well. The ‘rabba’ plays in the background. All of them are in deep thoughts Raghav is looking at the moon.
Gauri gives a spoon of food and say eat it. She says call your parents and tell them that the food left for servant is being eaten by their daughter. Pakhi stops right there. Gauri says what you thought that i started loving you ? Finish this food all right ? It won’t be easy for you to live here.

Scene 3
At night Nettu can’t sleep she says there are so many mosquitoes. How do they sleep here. The matress is so uncomfortable. Kamla comes and asks Nettu whats wrong ? She says there are so many mosquitoes here let me go out. Nettu says this all has happened because of Raghav. I won’t forgive him I will make hi cry. Kamla says he if Pakhi’s husband don’t say like that. Nettu says ask poki to divorce Ragahv. Kamla says what are you saying its not a joke. You know how much Pakhi loves Raghav. She should strive for a new happy life with him. Kamla goes in and asks Vitthal to sleep at the floor. She says Nettu can’t sleep there on floor. Vitthal agrees. Kamla asks Nettu to sleep there. The light turns off again.

scene 4
Reach for the stars wednesday update 24 June 2020 Pakhi says whether Raghav accepts me or not i will do all a wife has to do. She goes to kitchen. Gauri stops her and says leave. I have to make Raghav breakfast. Pakhi says let me make it. Gauri says he won’t eat it. I know you are playing these games to catch my son but you will never win his heart. When Gauri is done Pakhi comes in again and makes the sweet. She takes it to the table and says i made this for you Raghav. This is my first dish. Raghav leaves the table and so does Gauri.

Scene 5
Some man has come to mee Raghav. He says I need a favor of yours, there is a girl i love her. To confess her I have arranged a the match, I want you to be in my team and let me get him. Sammy says i think you should help Raj. Raghav say yes i will come for your love.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 24 June 2020 Kamla calls Pakhi and asks did she make the dish ? Pakhi says yes but he didn’t even taste it. Kamla says it will take some time. I know your nature will win their heart just keep on trying. Pakhi plans on sending the dish to Raghav with dirver.
Kamla sasy to nettu that I am going to temple will you come with us ? Nettu says i haven’t even taken bath properly there was shortage of water. Kamla says let me get you more water. Pakiya says you are not there servent anymore. Let her bring it. Vitthal says he is right. Nettu goes downstairs to get a bucket of water, its so tiring for her. On the way back she sees a paper in trashbin that says Kalpana Yadav. Its the same Raghav sent her. She takes it out and reads the letter. She is really shocked at it. She says so this is the actual scene. I got my key to get back to old life.

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