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Reach for the stars update wednesday 28th May 2020; Reach for the stars update wednesday 28 May 2020, Kalpi says I haven’t failed I am saying truth. I don’t know will you believe me or not. I left 30 marks paper in the first paper but rest were all okay. Kamla says i have all my trust in you, I know my Kalpi hasn’t flunked there is no greater dream than you. Vitthal says they don’t know what my daughter is. They both hug kalpi. Pakiya says give your papers to recheck. Kalpi says yes I have talked about that. Kamla says promise me that you won’t do anything like that again. We were all so worried for you. Kalpi says I am sorry Ai baba I won’t do it again.
Kamla, Kalpi, Vitthal and Pakiya are having dinner. Kalpi is just gazing at her plate. Kamla makes her eat with her own hands. Kalpi smiles.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 28 May 2020 Next morning Raghav is dealing with some clients. He says to Sammy bring the appointment letter of Paki Kapoor. Sammy says why are you hiring daughter of Sahil kapoor after so much has happened. Sometimes I feel like an idiot with you. Raghav says you are intelligent that’s why you are here. Raghav says Paki Kapoor is not like her family. She is a bright student. Sammy says and what about Kalpana ? Her name was short listed as well. Raghav says it depends on the exam marks and Kalpana has failed already. Sammy says okay I will get the appointment letter ready.

Kamla wishes Kalpi luck. Kalpi is scared, Kamla says why are you scared I believe you more than anyting. Kalpi leaves the chowl believing that she won’t let her mom’s dream shatter. Kamla thinks you are my dream Kalpi nothing is more than you. Kamla waves Kalpi.

Reach for the stars update zee world wednesday 28th May 2020 Kalpi enters the college and asks the receptionist that she wants to get her papers rechecked. He takes her papers out and says all marks are accurate. Kalpi says how is this possible. He hands over her the papers and says check them out yourself. When she checks there are 3 supplements missing. He says you need some money to get all the papers checked. As soon as Kalpi leaves Nettu enters the college and gives the receptionist money. She says you another task to do. She explains something to him and he smiles. Nettu says your dream and you both are ended Kamla. Kalpi is asking for money from different students. She counts its still 4500 and still 15000 are required. She takes her laptop out and remembers Vitthal giving her that laptop. She holds it tightly.

wednesday on Reach for the stars update 28 May 2020 Vitthal asks Kamla to give him tea. When he looks at her he finds her in some deep thought. He goes to her and says have faith she is our daughter everything will be all right. Kamla says I know she has worked so hard she must be so sad. She says get ready I will make the tea.

Vitthal’s mom calls and says her that she is coming. Kamla says we won’t tell her about Kalpi we will tell her when everything will be fine. Pakiya says yes she is so angry all the time. Vitthal says okay we won’t. Vitthal leaves and asks Pakiya to take care of Kamla.

Lies of the heart update saturday 23 May 2020 on zee world

update on Reach for the stars wednesday 28 May 2020 Kalpi enters the shop. She wonders if she is doing right or not. It was Vitthal’s first pay gift to her. She thinks this is a step to that dream that he and Ai saw for me. I will send it and get me papers rechecked. She is all in tears. She recalls Vitthal telling her that he has got her the best laptop he could. Kalpi shows the shopkeeper her laptop. She says please forgive me my God, I am doing nothing wrong. i have to save the dream of my parents.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 28th May 2020 zee world Kalpi is at the shop. The keeper says her will only give 9000 for this laptop. Kalpi asks him to increase, its a new laptop. She is in tears having money in her hands. There are still 3200 left. She goes to the college and gives teacher the money. She says please solve my problem. I will give you rest of 3200 by the evening. He says you have to come to my house in the evening you will have to fill all the 3 sheets there and I will attach them. Kalpi says I have a very little time for rest of money. She leaves and he calls Nettu and tells her all that happened. Nettu says yes you know what to do next. What will you do now Kamla. Kalpi calls a friend and asks for koney. Kamla calls her. She says i was worried about you. Kalpi says everything is okay I am busy. Kalpi wonders how will she arrange 3200. She says this is the only way i have. I gotta do this.

Reach for the stars 28 May 2020 Vitthal comes home and asks about Kalpi ? She says she isn’y home yet. Kalpi enters the house. kamla asks what happened ? She says it will take a day. They lost my 3 supplements. I will clear the exams. Kamla says look Vitthal I told you she will fulfill our dreams.

Reach for the stars wednesday update 28 May 2020 Pakiya asks Kalpi where is your laptop ? Kalpi says I was working in rickshaw I forgot it in the rickshaw. Kamla says how can you ? Vitthal says it happens don’t say her anything, once she pass her exams the she will buy so many by her own laptop. Kamla says yes maybe God is teaching us something. He gave us a laptop he will give us in future.

Reach for the stars 28th May 2020 zee world Kalpi thinks yes next few hours will tell what happens or not. Kamla brings food for Kalpi. She asks what are you thinking ? Kalpi says in her her heart sorry Ai I lied to you. Kamla says let me call Paki. She was so worried about you. Kamla calls Paki and tells her that 3 of her answer sheets were lost. They are looking for it. Paki prays please pass Kalpi. Please don’t disappoint Kamla maa and Kalpi.

wednesday update Reach for the stars 28 May 2020 Her car stops on the signal and she finds Raghav in her neighboring car. She smiles and says Oh God I will get all what I want. There is some connection between us. Raghav sees her and looks on the other side. She says you have to answer me why you insulted my Kamla maa. She is about to open her gate when Raghav leaves. She starts following him and says you can’t avoid me today Raghav. She over takes him and stops her car in front of Raghav’s car. Paki gets out of her car and says how much attitude are you showing. I have been giving you horn since so long. Kamla maa came to meet you why you didn’t meet her. He says who came to meet, when she will ask I will tell her. Paki says i came there too. Raghav says what for ? She says to say you thanks and sorry as well. Thanks for helping Kamla maa out and sorry for what my family did. He says i will take your thanks and keep you sorry to you. She says why ? He says keep out of it. Paki how will our story proceed then. Raghav says did you say anything ? She says no. Raghav leaves.

Reach for the stars 28th May 2020 zee world The teacher comes to the chowl. Kalpi asks what are you doing here ? He says i came here to take the money. Kalpi says but I don’t have money. He says I won’t be able to do anything once the papers leave the college. He says ask your family. She says I can’t. Kamla comes and asks which money Kalpi ? He says you just have to give a little money to clear her exams. You can give a little more I will make her clear the exams. Kamla slaps Kalpi so hard. Sir leavs.

zee world update on Reach for the stars Kalpi says Ai you believe that I can’t fail. Kamla says what belief ? What trust ? Paki comes from the back as well. Kamla says I can’t believe you can be so bad. Kalpi says I passed the exams i gave money just to find those 3 copies.

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