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Reach for the stars update wednesday 17th June 2020; Reach for the stars update wednesday 17 June 2020, Shayl says kids are our eyes but why we see dreams for ourselves from those eyes. Why don’t we let them see their dreams. I made a mistake by getting my daughter married forcefully, You will never be able to forgive yourself like me. Kamla says you are right but when both are your children and they are chasing the same dream then which one to make happy and which one sad. I gave birth to one and raised the other. Shayl says when its about kids only God can answer. Go ask you your and share your pain he will show you the right path. Kamla looks in the mandir. Kamla goes in,Kamla says tell me what to do God I can’t let my daughters shatter show me the right path.Kamal places both pictures there she how can i choose one. Please show me some sign. A flowers falls on Kalpi’s picture. Kamla smiles and picks it up. She looks back ay Shayl and says he showed me the way. Kamla says are you in some trouble ? You should also say to God to show you the path. He will make everything all right. Shayl prays God please make me meet pihu to me. She should not suffer because of me.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 17 June 2020 Gunjan and Pakiya show the sketch of Vicky to the cops. She says I saw him here. Constable says we will find him soon. Gunjan says Vicky you won’t at large for longer Vicky. Pakiya asks what are you thinking ? Gunjan says I found that ritu’s audition card in the chowl that means Vicky is here. i need to get him selected there. They both leave . Mayank sees Gunjan on road with pakiya. He calls her. He says gunjan I am in mumbai for a conference. Gunjan says I am in chadni chowk with friends for shopping. I will call you later. He is shocked why she lied.

Pihu plans on sending a text to gunjan from vicky’s phone. She goes closer but the phone rings. Vicky picks up. He is happy to know that his role is finalized. He says I will reach the location soon. He looks at Pihu and wonders is this some plan by Gunjan let me call RK sir and know. He calls and confirms he says yeah Vicky has got selected. Pihu opens the door. Vicky grasps her and slaps her. She falls on the floor. He says oh I am so sorry. Les get married we will get everything. There will be wedding night we will enjoy it. Before that we need to do something. He binds her hand and puts a tape on her mouth.


Reach for the stars update wednesday 17 June 2020 Kalpi has called everyone in the house. She says I wanna apologize you all firstly. You all have suffered because of me. Raghav says what are you saying ? Kalpi says yes I am right. You came in my life and made me who I am. I saw my self special in your eyes. I love you so much Raghav but I can’t hurt Ai for my happiness. I can’t see her upset. I can never love someone else but this is truth that I won’t do any such thing that will hurt my mom. raghav says what are you saying ? Vitthal says you don’t take that important decision so fast. Kalpi says nothing matters more than the one who gave you life. I have decided that this wedding will only happen with Ai’s consent. Kamla comes in comes in and says you will have my consent. For that you both have to touch my feet, to get my prayers. Gunjan sees Shayl and hugs her. She asks is everything okay ? Gunjan says yes. Kamla says Kalpi I have decided that you will get married to Raghav baba. Everyone is shocked. Kalpi smiles. Kamla says you always thought that I was more inclined towards Pakhi. I agree that I did that but that doesn’t mean that I love her more. I did it because I wanted to see you strong. Kalpi, you said yesterday that Ai didn’t come to save me when i was drowning. I came there but Pakhi’s hand came first and baba came and saved you before I could hold you. I never concealed anything from you baba. I just wanted you to pass all the tests so you can be a strong woman. Everyone smiles in tears. Kamla says you are strong now, I know. You were first in swimming competition. I love you so much daughter just couldn’t say it. Kalpi hugs Kamla is tears. Kamla says today i realized when you can’t do anything we should leave matters on God he shows her the right way. He has shown me the way, which is Kalpana and Raghav’s wedding. Kalpi and Raghav touch feet of all the elders there. Shayl says it feels so good. Sammy says everything isn’t okay yet. There is one more thing left. He gives Raghav the wedding ring. Vitthal takes out theirs. Raghav places the ring in Kalpi’s finger and Kalpi makes Raghav wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 17th June 2020 Dayal’s brothers say to him that we were planning to go to Mumbai. So we can help shayl and Gunjan in finding Pihu. Dayal says whosoever has gone out of this home has gone with his own will and can comeback. You both won’t go anywhere. Rachna is over hearing them. If you both wanna go you can who am I to stop. He says bhopal and me do what you say. We will act as you direct. Dayal comes out and sees Rachna on the door. Shayl calls Rachna. Rachna asks where are you? Did you find pihu ? Shayl says no we will find her soon. She asks is everyone okay ? Rachna says don’t worry about us. Just find pihu didi.

Kamla and Vitthal ask a boy if they have seen a new boy Vicky here ? he says no. They hear some noise from manda’s room. Shayl and kamla are going there. manda stops them and asks what are you doing ? Kamla says we are looking for her daughter she has come form babras. Manda says the one in my room are sardar and says no one has come from babras here. Go and check on the back side. Pihu makes some noise again. Shayl stops. Kamla says lets go.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 17th June 2020 Gunjan asks where is Vicky why hasn’t he come. Ritu says don’t worry he will come for sure. Vicky comes there but disguised as the sardar. Gunjan is waiting for him there. Vicky says this is my destination no one can stop me now. He starts going in. Gunajn is talking to ritu. He goes to a lady and says your hero is here where is my get up room? She says who are you ? The director says I won’t even cast you extra here. Vicky says let me call ritu she casted me. Ritu sees that there is no network in her phone. The director asks Vicky to leave. He says let me show you who am I. Vicky says behave yourself. A fight starts there. Mayank comes there and asks a man where is floor no 3 ? A man says look another actor is here. A fight starts between some men and mayank as well. Gunjan sees the sardar and says why are they fighting like that ? Ritu asks whats going on ? He says they are fighting for a role. Cops come there. They stop everyone. mayank says to constable that I am not responsible for anything. They still take him to the jeep. Vicky hears Mayank. Ritu says to gunjan that, vicky is out of reach.

Reach for the stars wednesday 17 June 2020 update Raghav’s driver comes to Kalpi’s home. He has sent some clothes for Kalpi. Kalpi calls Raghav and says what was the need of buying all this. Raghav says when we punjabi wed we buy the whole shop. Kalpi says we marathi don’t spend that much. What is the need of plenty of clothes. Raghavs says because I want you to look special on every occasion. He says where a sari on the wedding and ghagra on the reception. I have sent some dresses for our honeymoon as well. Kalpi says when did you start saying all that? He says I am learning so much in your love . Now do me a favor. Wear these dresses and show me. She says will you come home ? He says no show me on a video call. kalpi turns on video call. He says now wear the party dress I have sent. Kalpi wears it and comes in front of the camera. Raghav whistles and says nice. He asks her to come closer and sends her a flying kiss. Kalpi wraps a sheet. He says wear something light colored now. Kalpi says I will wear whatever you like. Constable says to mayank that your bale has been made. Your lawyer has com. Mayank says thank God Verma ji you were here. Constable says to vicky its your time to go as well. He tries to give bribe to Vicky. The constable says sign there and don;t bribe. Vicky is about to leave. He strikes with a police man and leaves. The inspector ask who was he ? He says he wash on shoot for some role. Inspector says vicky had to be on the set too. He pencils some beard on vicky’s sketch and ask says that was vicky go and catch him. When they go out he has fled.

Mayank calls Rachna and asks whats going on ? Rachna tells him everything. Vitthal comes home and asks is kamla here ? Kamla says no she is not here. Vitthal says its her daughter’s wedding let me invite her. He shows her the card. Kamla is so happy to see it. She says its such a beautiful card. Kamla says our kalpi might leave us soon. Kalpi says I am nit going abroad. Just take a bus and reach me. Kamla says its the first card lets place it in the mandir. Vitthal says yeah we all will go. kalpi takes the card. Kamla asks Shayl to come with them. Gunjan says yeah we need some prayers as well. Vitthal says I have asked Pakiya to bring the taxi.

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Reach for the stars wednesday 17 June 2020 update Kamla along with everyone leave mandir. The constable comes there and says to kamla that vicky was in jail whole night but left before i came there. There is nothing to worry about. He is in Mumbai. He says lets go for FIR. Gunjan says what about the name of our family. Shayl says nothing is more than our daughter. Constable asks them to come with him. Kamla says i will come too. Shayl says no kaml you should go to mandir and pray. We will manage there. Kalpi says I forgot the card in the house. Kamla says let me bring it. Kamla is going upstairs when pihu comes running out of the room and hits kamla. Kamla is dazed why that girl is in hurry ?

Shayl and Gunjan come to the station for FIr Mayank is there too. Shayl and Gunjan sit on the other side. Mayan strikes with Gujan. They are shocked to see each other. Mayank sees Shayl there. He asks what are you doing here ? Gunajn says I know that you are angry because I lied but listen to me one. Pihu is here in Mumbai with Vicky she tells him the whole story. He says you people even didn’t tell me anything. Pihu is my sister as well. Now are all together. We will find her. They hold each others hand. Mayank says Mrs Kark you left me alone don’t ever do that again. Gunjan says sorry Mayank this won’t happen again.

Scene 2
Reach for the stars wednesday 17th June 2020 update Kamla and Vitthal come home. Shayl tells Kamla that he haev fires the FIR. Constable says he has disguised as a sardar and names himself as kholi. Kamla recalls Manda telling them that she has given her room on rent to mr and mrs kholi. She says I know where are they. They are in Manda’s home. Police goes in that room but they can’t find anyone. Constable asks Manda where is your paying guests. Manda says i don’t know where are they. Inspector says he kidnapped a girl. He says lets go to police station manda. She sasy I have nit done anything. I didn’t knew there was some probelm. Kamla says yes she is not that sort of woman. Constable leaves. Manda says to kamla that I made a mistake. Kamla says yeah be careful next time. They leave.

Scene 3
Kamla and Shayl do the pooja. Kamla says to shayl that when we call God there are no problems left. Your problems will be gone soon. You will find pihu before Kalpi’s wedding. I assure you. Kalpi and Raghav are being done ubtan. Sammy is taking their photos. Kamla puts ubtan on Raghav. Shayl gets a call from Mayank . He says I got clue. He was buying wedding stuff from a shop. Shayl tells Kamla that she has to go. They are all waiting along with police at Lokhandwala. Kamla says I am coming with you. She says no you should stay here. She gives her necklace for Kalpi as a gift. Shayl says I have to leave now.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars 17 June 2020 Rachna opens the door. Its Mirlu there. she is shocked and so is everyone. He asks is pihu back ? Rachna says no. His mom says has she planned to stay ther forever and do the drama. Where is our daughter in law. She forgot to come home. Dayal invites them in. She says if i knew before that your daughter is so interested in these drama we would never have go our son married to her. Call her right now I will talk to her. Dayal says don’t be worried. she will be here in a day or two. she says i am just giving her a day after that my son will forget her ? You have just one day to contemplate. She takes mirlu with her. Dayal is so heart broken.

Scene 5
Reach for the stars 17 June 2020 Mayank and all go to the shopkepper. They show him the sketch and asks was he the one ? He says yes they bought a lot of wedding stuff. There was a lady with him. They said they have to go to the highway in andheri. He shows them a card and says he gave it to me. Gunjan reads it out and it is wedding card of Phiu and Vicky. Inspector says lets go we have to stop this wedlock. Manda calls Vicky and asks where are you ? I kept that girl here and you fled with her. I helped you so much and you fled. i want 25 thousand right now and will tell the cops. Kamla iver hears her. Manda turns and sees her. Kamla says you will never change manda. What has pihu done to you ? She is someone’s daughter. Vicky is not a good guy he has kidnapped her. Tell me where is she ? I beg you. You are woman yourself. I know you will speak up. I saved you from the inspector. We are the maids we manage people’s house we don’t destroy them. Tell me where is Pihu.

Scene 6
Reach for the stars wednesday update 17 June 2020 Pihu is in an under construction building with Vicky. He is trying to get married to her on gun point. Kamla is trying to reach there by following Manda and Gunjan along with everyone are in the jeep. He makes here wear the garland. Pihu is crying. He says just the rounds are left and after that you will be my wife. Tonight will be our wedding night. Lets start it. He burns the woods. Manda reaches the site. The guards stops her. She says I am manda. he gives her the money. Kamla reaches there. Manda leaves with her money. Kamla starts goinn upstairs. she heards the mantra being recited. Vicky is taking pheray with Pihu. Kamla looks at them form behine the drums. She drops some drums. Vicky stops and gets alert.Kamla sees the pistol in his hand. Gunjan and cops have reach there as well. Kamla asks Vicky to leave pihu. He says I will kill her if you try t stop her. Kamla says Pihu’s family and police is about to come. Vicky laughs and says let them come i will marry her for sure. Kamla is unable to do anything. Pihu says please save me I don’t wanna marry him. Kamla takes the water bucket and puts it on the fire. Cops are coming upstairs. Pihu bites on Vickys and hides behind Kamla. Kamla says shoot me if you can. You havw to kill me to get her. All of them reach the floor. he takes pihu’s hand and points the gun at her. He says I will kill her if you move forward. Shayl says i will do anything you want just don’t do anything to her. Kamla starts moving forward. He says I will kill her stop moving. he points the gun and Kamla. HE fires a shot and everyone is shocked. Vicky laughs. Its him who has been shot by the inspector on the leg. Pihu runs and hugs Shayl. Everyone is in tears. Shayl says how are you muy daughter ?

Scene 7
Kalpi is dreaming about her wedding with Raghav. She is smiling to imagine the view. Vitthal asks him to come downstairs. Inspector calls for backup. Shayl hugs Kamla and Pihu hugs Gunjan. Shayl says you are like a sister to me. You are so brave. Kamla says i told you everything will be okay. Now have to go I have so much to do. Shayl says yeah take care and give them all my love. Kamla says you too. Kamla says to pihu take care of yourself. Gunajn says Kamla aunty thank you for saving my sister. Kamla says will meet you soon. Kamla leaves.
Scene 8
Reach for the stars wednesday update 17th June 2020 Vitthal is busy with the arrangements. Kamla tells him that she went to save pihu. Kamla asks how is kalpi looking ? Vitthal says she is so happy. Kamla says why won’t she be she is getting married to the one she loves. Pakiya comes and says we can do the fireworks whole ngiht. kamla and Vitthal laugh. Pakiya comes with all the stuff. He says everyone will remember Kalpi’s wedding. Vitthal says yeah just be careful with them.

Reach for the stars 17th June 2020 update The dance for the wedding starts. Its purvi she starts the dance on ‘Punjabi wedding song’. Arjun joins her over. They both dance with so much fun. Everyone is so amazed to see them. kalpi is getting redy in her room. A friedn comes in and says you baraat has come. Kalpi goes out in balcony to look for it. aklpi looks for Raghav. Sammy comes out of the car and says Raghav is busy with something he will come soon. Kamla asks till when ? he says don’t worry he will come any moment. kamla asks them to come in. Kalpi is worried. She texts Sammy to come upstairs. Sammy goes there. Sammy asks yes kalpi why have you called me here ? He asks where is Raghav he is not receiving the call ? he says I haven’t talked to him since tomorrow. his phone is switched off. Kalpi says Ai abba are so worried what should we do now. he says don’t worry. Everyone is distracted and they are enjoying Purvi and Arjun’s dance. kalpi is in the mandap everyone is so worried. Pandit ji says its the night where is the groom ? I think he is not gonna come. I have to leave now. Vitthal says there must be some problem. He must be coming shortly. Please stay. he sits. kalpi is so tensed. Sammy is trying to call him over and over again but he is not receiiving the call. He tries again. Suddenly a car comes and stops by. Raghav comes out of it. Kalpi stands up and goes to him. Kalpi says where were you ? we were all so worried why are you so late ? What new surprise is this now. Suddenly Pahi comes out of his car in a bridal dress. Everyone is shocked speacially Kalpi. pakhi is smiling, she comes forward. Vitthal asks whats is this. Pakiya asks kamla what is going on?

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