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Reach for the stars 20 May 2020; Reach for the stars update wednesday 20 May 2020, Kalpi knocks the door and asks someone to open. She says to Raghav won’t you do anything. Someone asks from outside what are you doing inside a men’s washroom. She says by walking open the door. Raghav says praying will do nothing. She says I don’t have time. He says why are you about to die ? She says my house is about to break. He says if your attitude remains same then I wonder will he even talk to you. Does he know you are here ? She says I should have called him. SHe starts knocking the door again. He starts using his phone.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 20 May 2020 Prem is angry at the behavior of people of neighborhood. He says how dare they saying this I can buy a whole building like this. I am asking you to shift out in the new house since so long. Muumy ji says why are snatching house of poor people then. Prem says they deserve this. They think they can stop our lives. Mummy ji says you tried to stop life of a kid by hiding his passport. Could you ? Nettu says this is too much. Sahil says this is about business don’t take it personal. Mummy ji says I don’t have any problem I on’t have much days left.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 20th May 2020 Nettu calls Manda and asks what happening there ? Could Kalpi find Raghav ? She says she won’t find him he remains so busy Vitthal tried to call her but there was no netwrok covergae. Nettu says to Sahil I have the most brilliant idea. She tells her idea to them. Sahil says idea is good but we have to be very careful.
Nettu calls manda.

Reach for the stars 20 May 2020 kamla tells Paki, Vitthal and Pakiya that more people are with them. They have more responsibility now. Pakiya says you are an example for the people here I am asking you to participate in elections. Kamla laughs. Suddenly her phone rings and she goes out. A man says to her that I am Raghav I have talked to Kalpi we will be reaching Mumbai soon. Kamla says this vchowl has been gifted by your dad if there is anyone who can save us is you. He says I can’t come in front of everyone you have to come to old mill to meet me. She says okay.

Reach for the stars wednesday 20 May 2020 Its Nettu and Sahil meeting that man. Kamla goes in and tell Vitthal that it was Raghav’s call. she says I had all my believe in Kalpi. He wants to meet me but he doesn’t wanna come here he has asked me to come at the old mill. Paki wonders has he really called ? Vitthal says its the ray of hope for us. Vitthal says lets go. Kamla says he wants to meet me alone. Vitthal says I won’t let you go alone. Paki wonders why Kalpi didn’t call herself.

Reach for the stars update 20 May 2020 Kalpi is moving in the washroom. Raghav makes fun of her saying left right left right, She says have you gone mad ? He says I am trying to work here and you are frustrating me. He says I am a rich man’s son but not like you who make their poverty an excuse and come in a men’s washroom.

Reach for the stars update 20 wednesday May 2020 Mummy ji calls Paki ? She says I am up to pray for you. She tells her that they three have gone out. Paki asks why so late ? She says they have some new plan now. I don’t know. Are you fine there ? Paki says yes I am all right here. I will talk to you later. She wonders what they have in mind now. Why are they out so late.
Kamla goes to the place. She wonders why has Raghva called her here. Suddenly a car stops there and a guy comes out. kamla says to him its so good to see you. He says Kalpi told me about the chowl. He says I wil handle that all. Kamla asks where is Kalpi ? He says I have sent her to the court for some legal work. You have to sign these papers. Prem, Nettu and Sahil are looking at all this. Kamla signs the papers. she says thank you baba I am really happy that you are back. Nettu says look Sahil we will demolish all the dreams of Kamla tonight. Just wait and watch.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 20 May 2020 Kalpi says to Raghva can you please call some and ask whats happening. She sees a phone at his back and says look you think yourself very intelligent. Can’t even look at intercom. She says calls the reception and says its been so long I am locked here and no one is opening the door. He asks are you staying here ? Raghav gets the phone from her and says I am Raghav Singhaniya. Kalpi is dazed.

Love will never Lie update wednesday 13 May 2020 Joy Prime

Reach for the stars wednesday update 20 May 2020 Raghav calls someone and says this is Raghav Singhaniya. Open the door in five minutes otherwise you are fired. Kalpi is dazed ? He asks what ? Kalpi asks are you Raghva / Why didn’t you tell me. You knew that I was looking for you. Raghva says that was your problem and you should find the solution. Kalpi says you have helped us before and I know you will help us now. You don’t know whats happening. Raghav says that the signs of my dad are fake and Kapoors got it from fake means. Anything else ? Manager opens the door and says its open now. Raghav goes out. He says I am sorry sir we didn’t know you were there / Kalpi goes to him and says you were looking for me I was looking for you too. He leaves. Kalpi thinks why would he help them Kaloi takes water from a waiter and her head hurts the manager says you know our client has suffered a lot because of us. Kalpi runs after Ragav and says please help me please save our house. Raghavs says I work for profit only and I am here for that. I won’t leave. Kalpi says I am her with a lot of hope. Raghav gathers manager and other people and tell them that their chowl is about to be demolished and her mom has started a campaign against rich people. Help them and join their protest. Everyone says who protest like that. Kalpi feels embarrassed. Raghav says they are poor like you and they don’t wanna help you. How can you expect from me ? This is the reality everyone has to run for their own fights. She remembers when Raghva paid their bill. Kalpi says thank you sir you proved me wrong once again. I said to Prem Kapoor when you paid our bill that there are two types of rich people the one who make fun of poor and the others that help others but I was wrong, Raghav ignores and gets angry at his employee for not doing the task right. He throws the file away. Kalpi takes the file and says I will complete all the files. He says really ? He leaves. Raghav throws the file. Kalpi says I will do your task but in return you have to come Mumbai with me.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 20 May 2020 zee world Paki remembers Kamla telling that Raghav wants to meet her at the old site and then mummy ji saying that her family has gone out. She wonders where Kamla is. Pakiya nad Vitthal come to the chowl. Paki asks where is Kamla maa ? Vitthal tells her the whole story. That Kamla asked her to go she has some important work to do with Raghav. Paki says and you left her there ? Vitthal says she was with Raghav there. Everything will be okay. Suddenly a car comes and Kamla gets out of it. Paki asks are you okay kamla maa where were you ? What did Raghav say to you? Everyone asks will Raghav help them or not ? Manda asks what are you concealing Tai. Kamla says I met Raghav and he said that he will save our chowl. She starts coughing. Vitthal asks to get some water. Kamla says I am fine we don’t have to be worried we have the stay order and Raghav too. Vitthal says you are great Kamla. Everyone smiles except Manda. Kamla asks why doesn’t she look happy ? She says I am but just not feeling well. Pakiya says let me call Kalpi and tell her. He finds her phone switched off.

update on Reach for the stars wednesday 20 May 2020 Raghav sees Kalpi downstairs working on a table from his window. He calls someone. A guard goes to Kalpi and tells her that Raghav has called her. When she enters his suite he is eating something. Kalpi is bit hesitant. He asks are you angry will you like something ? She says no thank you. He says sit here and complete the work you will get ill there and your mom’s dream will remain incomplete. He goes in and closes the room door. Kalpi finds it weird. She sits on the table and starts working. She wonders how will this all happen and whats up at the chowl. She thinks to call but finds her phone’s battrey dead. She sees a phone there and thinks to call from it then she sits again thinking she shouldn’t get another favor from Raghav.

zee world Reach for the stars wednesday 20 May 2020 Kamla goes to Paki and asks what is she thinking ? She says have the water. Kamla says I am on hunger strike you know. But I am fine. Paki says I am sorry maa but I think this all is not fine. This Raghva Singhaniya, why he appeared after the stay order. Kamla says but Kalpi met him. She says but kalpi hasn’t called and informed us. Kamla says Kalpi is fine she has gone to meet the lawyer. We don’t have much time. Kamla says God does everything for our own good, I told this to Raghav years ago. Paki says still I feel feared. Kamla says Kalpi has made this all possible good shall win over the bad. Paki says I wish so. They see someone with face covered going somewhere.

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