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Reach for the stars update wednesday 27th May 2020; Reach for the stars update wednesday 27 May 2020, Kalpi goes to the college and stands in front of her God, she hears everyone talking about their results.

Reach for the stars update wednesday 27 May 2020 Kalpi and Paki both are looking for the numbers in the sheet Paki is looking from the bottom and finds her name on the top. She shouts and says yes I am first in whole college. She looks at Kalpi then and leaves. Kalpi is looking and wondering why her number in not on the list. She thinks if she has failed. She says this is not possible.

Reach for the stars update zee world wednesday 27th May 2020 Kamla is cooking Kalpi’s favorite dishes. She has bought her a new jeans, top and skirt. Pakiya brought gifts for Kalpi. Kanta comes in asks Kalpi that Kamla is giving party tonight, Kamla says let her come first. Kamla prays to her God to give her strength.

Reach for the stars 27 May 2020 Kalpi is in college is is disheartened she says this is not possible I can’t fail. Paki says I canj’t believe this as well. What will I say to Ai she has all her hope from me. Paki says Kamla will understand if there is some problem. Kalpi says you are first and you passed you won the challenge and got your Kamla maa. Paki says you are Kamla maa’s daughter why will I want you to flunk in exams. Kalpi says let me go to office. Paki says I wanted to be first but never wanted you to fail. I am not happy at all. Kalpi goes to office and asks him to check. She says this isn’t possible. I have been topping exams since 2 years this is not possible. Please recheck my papers. The teacher says there is a process for everything here get the form of rechecking and submit it.

zee world Reach for the stars wednesday 27 May 2020 Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. Pakiya comes in. Kamla asks where are you coming from. Kamla is really worried. Kalpi remembers Kamla saying that my children will not live our lives. She recalls showing her good results to Kamla. That Kamla saw a dream of her becoming a madam and being so strong in front on Nettu that Kalpi won’t work. She in on the edge of building and is about to fall Paki stops her. She asks what did people say ? Kalpi leaves. Paki says why don’t you understand I am trying to help you. She wonders what will happen to Kamla maa if she gets to know that you failed.

Reach for the stars 27 May 2020 Vitthal is looking at his phone he wonders why Kamla didn’t call her maybe Kalpi has not reached the chowl yet but where she can be. Is it like she has not topped the exams but she must have cleared it with flying colors. Kamla asks Pakiya to go the college and check. Kamla is really worried she plans to call Paki. Paki is in her room. She gets startled with Kamla’s call. She disconnects it, Kamla is worried why is she not attending the call.

The boss comes to Vitthal and says what’s wrong. Vitthal says I just wanna go home early today. He says this happens with the people who are here on a source. You have to complete the work and then can go.

wednesday on Reach for the stars update 27 May 2020 Nettu gives Manda a saari any says wow you are so clever that’s why people don’t like you. Nettu says Kamla’s daughter doesn’t like her what can be more for me ? Nettu says Kamla will get to know now that the dream of hers has been broken by me. Kamla’s daughter will be a servant like her mom.

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update on zee world Reach for the stars wednesday 27 May 2020 Nettu is selecting dresses for Poki and says you are a winner I am so proud of you. Kamla calls, Paki wonders if Kalpi has told or not. She thinks how will she face Kamla she must be so sad. Door bell rings, Paki opens the door and finds Kamla there. She gets startled. Kamla says don’t worry daughter I saw you and that’s enough for me. I couldn’t contact my both daughters. Paki asks where is Kalpi ? Kamla says I don’t know she went to see the result, I went to college but the guard says no one is there. Did you see her ? Nettu says oh Kamla come in, my daughter has made history she is first in college. Have the sweets. Kamla is so happy to listen this, she says I am so proud you daughter, stay blessed. She gives Paki sweets. Nettu says eat your self as well. Nettu says but how can you, you must be sad. Kamla says sad ? For what ? Nettu says because Kalpi has failed. I felt so sad for her. All your dreams are shattered. Kamla says you have no right to say anything about my daughter. Nettu says I am telling you what I heard. Didn’t she tell you ? Its truth your Kalpi has flunked. Kamla turns to Paki and sees the tears in her eyes that say all. Paki tries to console Kamla. She says why you concealed this from me ? You left Kalpi in the college and didn’t receive my call. Paki says I tried to talk to her but she left. Kamla says left where ? Paki says I thought she is going home, I couldn’t see you like this so I didn’t talk you as well. Kamla falls on the floor. Nettu says what are you making of yourself Kamla. Paki says please control your self Kamla maa. Kamla says I will Paki she gets up and starts moving. Paki says let me drop you home Kamla maa. Kamla says no I will go. She swipes her tears away and leaves.

Scene 2
Reach for the stars update wednesday 27 May 2020 zee world Its late evening and Kalpi is on a bench on a road side, she recalls teacher saying him that you are fail Kalpana Yaday just accept that. A bicycle stops by her and Raghav on it. He rings the horn and looks at her, Kalpi looks at him too. He says thank God you are still alive. He parks his cycle and sits beside her, drinking the water calmly. Kalpi is about to go he says there is a place for two people on this bench. Kalpi asks what are you doing here ? He says why? Can only you be here. Kalpo is about to leave he says I didn’t know this bench is for failures only. Kalpi turns to him, he says you failed.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars wednesday update 27 May 2020 Nettu says to paki how can you let a maid talk to you like that. She shouldn’t feel that she can control your life. Paki says whats the problem Nettu ? Its because of her that I am first. If someone inspired me that was Kamla maa. Nettu says do you think I love you benefit. Paki says what was the need of telling her Kalpi’s result ? Nettu says I didn’t know she doesn’t know about all this. What if her daughter hs failed my daughter is first and I will tell everyone. I have arranged a big party for your result. Paki says till yesterday you were blaming me for your alcoholic son and sending me out of house and now you are throwing a party for me because I am first. Enjoy yourself Nettu and atten that party alone. I won’t come.
She leaves. Nettu says I will tell you Kamla, I will make Paki forget you completely.

Scene 3
Reach for the stars wednesday 27 May 2020 zee world Raghav says what can I do, I have to keep an eye on the people. Well what can a weak girl like you do than this. You decided to run away from your family and life. He smiles, Kalpi is frustrated. Raghavs says won’t you confirm my information ? And where are you going now ? To suicide ? No people usually choose it in these sort of circumstances. Don’t you have any answer ? Kalpi says are you interviewing ? I thought it was an insult excersie. You just wanted an educated coffee maker. Raghav says you are not even educated now. Kalpi says what is educated for you ? Raghav says not a graduation fail at least. You think you have strength/ Just to face some boys on road or sit here alone ? Or leave an interview. He leaves and Kalpi recalls all they said.

Scene 4
Reach for the stars 27th May 2020 zee world Kamla is really worried for Kalpi. She asks Vitthal to go and look for him. Mangesh and Kanta come in. They say how about reporting in police ? Raghav says there is no need of it. Stay with Kamla, me and Pakiya are going to look for her. Kalpi comes in. Kamla hugs her, they are both in tears, Kamla asks where were you ? We were all so worried for you. Mangesh says I said nothing would have happened to Kalpi. She must be celebrating. Kanta says we will come later Kamla. Kalpi says plese forgive me Ai. I was so scared, i shattered your dream please pardon me. Kamla says its okay. Kalpi says my name was not in list. When I got to know that I am failed I had no courage to face you and tell you. I can’t fail ai. I don’t know if you will believe me or not.

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