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Ring of Fire 2 January 2021: Zee world Ring of Fire update 2nd January 2021, Anurag kneels down and pleads Ragini to forgive him. Vikral’s whole family, Anurag, and Shristi get video where Anurag is kissing Sangini. Revathi’s friends walk in and say they sent it and their nephew recorded it during trip, who is the woman whom Anurag is kissing shamelessly. Shristi tries to tell it is Ragini, but stops thinking Ragini will be insulted. They continue alleging that Anurag is London studied and likes modern girls, it is not his mistake but Ragini’s instead. They continue their allegations. Vikral warns them that he is sparing them because they are women, they should get out of his house. They continue yelling that he forcefully got Ragini married to Anurag and all this happened because of him. They walk away. Anurag asks Ragini to not believe them. Ragini asks if he is done, he can go now and attend his wedding. Anurag asks what…Vikral pushes him and asks to get out now. Anurag leaves with Shristi.

Ragini walks inside home and asks Vani not to worry and prepare food for her soon, she is very hungry. She keeps her and Anurag’s photo in cupboard. Vikral asks Vani to remove photoes from here. Ragini says she will not break up seeing these photo as she is Vikral’s daughter. Vikral says that is like her daughter.

Anurag walks angrily saying how can Ragini think of remarrying someone else. Shristi says Ragini is supergoistic and adamant like him and he should think calmly. He says he will not return without her and will stay outside her house. He waits outside Ragini’s room. Ragini looks from window. Anurag signals that he will not go from here without taking her. She closes window.

Shristi informs Revathi what Anurag did. Revathi shouts she should not have let Anurag stay there. Shristi says Anurag told he is adamant like his mother and will not return home without Ragini. Dulari says he is right. Revathi says Vikral is dangerous, she will not let him there. Vidhvan stops her and says let him try to convince Ragini and if he succeeds, he will be happy whole life and even realize he should not repeat his mistake again.

Anurag continues waiting outside Ragini’s house. Vikral angrily walks to beat him, but Ragini stops him and says they should not bother about strangers, let us enjoy dinner. Vani serves them food and takes food for Anurag in a plate, but Ragini stops and eats food praising its state. Anurag eats biscuits and says he finished romantic dinner with her and is fine. She fumes.

Ring of Fire 2 January 2021: Anurag’s efforts to convince Ragini continues. Vani sees Anurag sleeping on boundary wall and takes food for him. Ragini stops and eats food saying why should she feed a stranger. Anurag bites biscuits and says he is having romantic dinner with his wife. Guards come and ask him to go. He cracks jokes with them and then asks to go.

Vidhvan brings lawyer’s robe to Shristi’s room and says this color cannot be changed even with lots of dirt, it signifies law and power, she should adapt it now. He gives a big lecture. Shristi accepts robe and touches his feet.

Shristi then takes Revathi to temple. A goon comes to market around temple and forcefully collects ransom. Shristi gives some moral gyaan to Revathi consoling her when she remembers Vishu. Pandit hears that and says life and death is in god’s hands, one’s soul can enter other body. Goon continues frightening people and snatching money. An old kumkum seller asks what will he get snatching his money. Goon throws kumkum thali. Kumkum falls on Shristi. Shristi scolds him and warns that his goondagiri will not work. He fumes seeing her confronting and tries to reply when he hears police siren and runs away.

Shristi returns home with color all over her. Vidhvan asks what happened. Dulari takes Shristi to clean her. Revathi says some goon threw color on her, she should not have gone there. Vidhvan says he is seeing same anger in Shristi when she was a lawyer, it is a positive sign.

Zee world Ring of Fire 2 January 2021 update: Ragini wakes up in afternoon and thinks why did she sleep during day. She peeps from window and does not see Anurag, thinks babuji was right, there is no love in this world. She picks sari, then thinks she used to get ready for misterji, why should she now, she should get back to her old avatar. She walks out wearing shalwar and sees Revathi’s friends again enjoying drama. She warns them if her babuji insulting them was not enough. They say look at the drama, they can bear any insult. Ragini sees Anurag fixing tent and singing ek ghar banaunga tere ghar ke samne. She asks to take out his tent and leave. He says not without her. Ladies enjoy their nok jhok and discuss if Anurag or Ragini is right. They bet money on them. Ragini scolds if they are betting on her life and angrily hits tent bamboo. Tent falls on Anurag and her. Anurag says even tent wants their love story to continue. She gets out of tent and warns ladies to run away, else she will kill them. They both run away…

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