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Ring of Fire Friday 7 May 2021 update: Ring of Fire 7th May 2021 After Baiju is arrested by police, Shekhar shows his identity disguised as eunuch to Solid and says as promised he saw Vidhvan’s family’s destroyal. Solid says he is bigger goon than Baiju. Shekhar laughs and says his ugly face is because of Baiju, Shristi, Ragini and whole Vidhvan’s family, he will make them hide their face like he is hiding his face, Baiju wll not see his child’s face at all. Solid asks what he should do next. Shekhar asks to make a call.

Ragini searches for clue in store room and then Solid’s room. She gets tired and does not find clue. She gets labor pains and requests her unborn child to wait till she gets proof to prove Baiju innocent. She checks behind bed and finds Solid’s bag, reminisces incident where she catches Solid with drug packets and he says they are glucose packets. Sh realizes they are drug packets and flushes them in toilet to stop from others getting affected. She then fills packets with talcum powder and keeps packets back behind bed.

Shristi continues crying for Baiju. Revathi consoles her and gives her milk. Ragini walks down seeing Solid entering and showing him drug packets confronts him, but does not reveal his name. Solid relaxes and records conversation on phone. Shristi says they all were present when toys were packed. Solid says Baiju got greedy and and tried to sell drugs. Shristi says she does not believe this. Revathi says even she does not. Daadi consoles Shristi.

Shekhar picks Anurag’s photo next and says it is his turn next. Shristi sleeps with Ragini reminiscing Baiju. Aye dil hai mushkil.. song plays in the background… Next morning, Ragini goes to meet Baiju. Baiju takes his unborn child’s oath and says he did not peddle drugs. Ragini says she knows and tells him Solid is behind all this and says she has a plan to trap him and his boss.

Ragini reveals Baiju that Solid got him trapped in drug peddling case. Baiju says Solid is his friend since childhood. Ragini reveals that she saw Solid with drug packets and lied that they are glucose packets, he has hidden drugs in many places and she wants to save other innocent people like Baiju. Baiju says Solid is not that intelligent and shrewd. Ragini says he is dumb and someone else is behind him, so she will make a master plan and trap him. Inspector hears her and says he heard everything. Ragini asks to not inform anyone until she executes her plan. Baiju says Shristi must be tensed. Ragini says she understand, but she has to do this to save him and others.

Ragini returns home. Anurag informs her that he lost his tender on moral grounds as contractor does not want to give contract to criminal’s family member. She thinks this is the right time to trap Solid, walks down and fights with Shristi that because of Baiju, Anurag lost contract and her family’s future is spoilt because of Baiju. Revathi says it is not Shristi’s mistake. Ragini continues alleging and says she does not care about Shristi and her child from hereon. Solid hears her conversation and informs Shekhar. Shekhar rejoices that his plan is working.

Ragini call her father and asks suggestion how to trap an enemy in talks. Solid passes by. She scolds him that because of Baiju, she incurred heavy losses and wants to sell drugs to repay her losses. Solid acts that he does not know anyone. He informs Shekhar who asks to tell her to meet him in some venue and thinks he does not need money, he just wants to destroy family.

Shristi walks into Ragini’s room and tries to reconcile, but Ragini continues acting and scolding her. Solid signals her to come aside and informs her that he found a customer and he will meet her tomorrow at some venue. Ragini thinks now main culprit will be trapped..

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