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Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021 Sanjay goes searching for Revati and hits her with his vehicle when he recognizes her out and about. Since it was a quick in and out case, Agni gets called to the medical clinic and is crushed to discover Revati around there.

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 222

Sakshi begin captivating about Kishan while family plan for Sameer coming. Sameer keep being a tease at home. Kishan and Sameer battle while Revathi escape from her kindnapper.

Episode 223

Revathi falls into trance like state.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 224

Agni clears Sakshi’s errors and reveals to her that she cherishes her. Sakshi, understanding the monstrosity of her wrongs, obliterates her sculpture and pronounces before the whole family that Kishan and Agni will get hitched once more.

Episode 225

Agni And Kishan’s Sangeet Party happen.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 226

Kishan is devastated and Devi attempt persuade Sakshi to go near him. Agni who fled as Sameer attempt to exploit her saw Kishan drinking. Kishan discovered Agni and Sameer are imagining and promise to spread the word about it the family. Vashali affront Agni and Sameer lash out on her.

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 227

Kishan gets an electric stun when he goes to check the power load up, however Sakshi comes to there on schedule and saves him. While attempting to resuscitate Kishan, she in a condition of frenzy admits her affection and Agni observes everything.

Episode 228

Agni Bears the Family’s Anger while Kishan is sorrowful.

Friday 5 June 2021

Finale! (The End)

Kishan demands that Sameer and Agni play out the petition function. Revati awakens and reveals Sanjay’s reality. Feeling remorseful for having misjudged his family for his entire life, Sameer requests pardoning.

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