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Zee World Ring of Fire November Teasers 2020: Ring of Fire Season 2 features the life of Anurag, a young man with a bright future. His future gets ruined when his family insists on him getting married. The worst part about it is that his parents conflict on the person that he should marry. Will they consider his voice amidst the confusion?

Ring of Fire Wednesday 25 November 2020

The PWD engineer drives his scooter, humming to a song; he is unaware of the presence of Ragini and her men who are coming after him. Ragini orders her men to stop the engineer and humiliate him for failing to stick to the rules of the deal as they agreed. In the meantime, Ragini’s father engages Anurag’s parents in talks regarding their daughter marrying Anurag. Srishti’s father also arranges for a meeting with Anurag’s parents to propose a deal for his daughter to get married to their son.

Ring of Fire Thursday 26 November 2020

Anurag’s mother wants her son to marry Ragini, although her husband declines it, stating that Ragini is the daughter of a thug. Parag, Ragini’s brother, learns of his sister’s probable marriage to Anurag, and the news makes him troubled.

Ring of Fire Friday 27 November 2020

Vidhvan, Anurag’s father, meets Parag, and he is unhappy to learn that his family accepted the shagun that Parag brought.

Ring of Fire Saturday 28 November 2020

Srishti’s family proposes the value that they are willing to pay for the dowry, although Anurag’s mother declines, and the conversation leads to a heated exchange. Anurag and Srishti sit back and listen to them hurl hurtful words towards each other. Narad tells Ragini about the deal that Tribhuvan will make with Anurag’s family. Meanwhile, Srishti reaches out to Anurag, although Vishnu receives the phone call and talks to her.

Ring of Fire Sunday 29 November 2020

Anurag intervenes when Vikral’s goons try to ruin the shops, and Parag spots him and informs his men not to harm him. Vidhwan’s brother goes to Ragini’s house to return the money that Vikral sent them.

Ring of Fire Monday 30 November 2020

Ragini holds a man and a lady at gunpoint and threatens to kill them if they do not teach her English and make her behave like a lady to please Anurag. Radhey Shyam locks himself up in the room; hence, Srishti’s father breaks in and learns that he committed suicide.

Anurag gets into a complicated situation as his parents decide to choose a wife for him. His mother chooses Ragini, although his father insists that his son will not marry the daughter of a thug. Srishti’s parents also try to ask him to marry their daughter. Whom will he choose between the two women?

Ragini engages in heinous acts and attacks Anurag. Later, her parents inform her about their prospects to marry her off to Anurag. When she learns about this, she holds two people captive and asks them to transform her into a lady that would please Anurag. Will Anurag consider her as his wife?

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