Ring of fire Tuesday 25 February 2020 update zee world


Ring of fire Tuesday 25 February 2020 update; Shristi walks towards her room. Dulari continues searching Shristi’s room and opens cupboard. Chutki comes and asks what is she doing here. Dulari says she came to take decorative items. Chutki says let us go and picks Shristi’s mobile. Shristi enters. Chutki says if she came to take this. Shristi says yes. Chuti says let us go. Dulari thinks she escaped somehow today.

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Ring of fire 25 February 2020; Vishu’s friends come for his birthday and he gets happy. Vidhvan says let us cut cake. Ragini gets Narad’s call who says he reached her village with a big cake, if he can come in. She says there is no need for that, he can wait until she orders. Cake delivery boy brings cake. Anurag says he ordered one more cake thinking not to spoil Vishu’s birthday if Ragini has not prepared cake well. Ragini fumes. Narad also enters with cake and says he brought Hari nagar’s best cake, Ragini had ordered thinking if her cake is not good, she can serve this. Dulari comments Badki bahu is concerned about Vishu and ordered 1 more cake for him. Anurag comments she does not trust herself, so she ordered one more cake. Ragini confronts him and says whole family knows she cannot cook, but he ordered her to prepare cake, she tried her best and ordered one more cake to be on the safer side. He yells her wrong upbringing forces her to do wrong things and she will never change. She confronts for him only one person is right and all others are wrong. Shristi interferes and says children are waiting for cake, stop arguing and let us cut cake. Ragini comments now he got permission from his boss. Revati scolds Shristi why is she interfering between husband and wife, if her parents taught her that. Shristi’s mother enters and hears that. Shristi asks why did she come here. Surekha says she spoke to Vishu and he told he got an electric shock, so she came to see him. Ragini says good Shristi’s mother came before cutting cake. Surekha thinks she is the one because of whom her daughter went away from her.

Ring of fire Tuesday 25 February 2020 update; Vishu’s friends comment there are 3 cakes, which one Vishu will cut. Vishu says babhi’s cake first as she worked really hard to prepare it. She asks to take his wife’s permission first. Vidhvan comments when Vishu wants to give respect to her hard work, she should allow. Vishu asks Shristi’s permission and she nods okay. HHe cuts cake and says it is very tasty. He then hugs Shristi and thanks her for changing his life. She silently pushes him away. Revati notices it. Revati praises Ragini that cake is very tasty, she did not each such a tasty cake till now. Narad says when Ragini prepares something, it will be very tasty, he will stop eating roti from today and will eat Ragini’s prepared cake. Chutki also praises Ragini. Ragini says thanku. Ragini gets jealous and leaves saying he has to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting.

Daadi asks everyone to sit to have Vishu’s favorite kheer and asks Shristi and Ragini to bring kheer. Shristi comments Ragini that cake was tasty. Ragini says thanku, thinks she has to see if it changed Anurag’s mind or not. Shristi keeps kheer bowls on tray. Chutki gives kheer to Surekha. She says she cannot have even water in daughter’s house. Revati thinks she will not let Shristi stay in her house. Raginni takes kheer bowl from Srihsti and thinks whatever her cake did not do, kheer will do to her mister. Revati loudly comments that Anurag is very lucky to marry Anurag, she brought so many gifts. Surekha comments even her daughter is very lucky, she will change her and her family’s life once she becomes lawyer. Revati fumes and thinks she will not let Shristi write exam. Daadi asks Shristi to take her mother to her room. Vishu says he will take her. Vidhvaan says his friends are waiting for him and he should attend them, he asks Shristi to take her mother to her room. Ring of fire 25 February 2020

Ring of fire 25 February 2020, Shristi takes her mother to her room and reminisces her mother forcing her to marry and accept life as it comes. She says some relationships are better forgotton, she cannot forgo her mother, so mother did her kanyadaan and should forgo her. Surekha hugs her and says a mother sacrifices her happiness for children, how will she sacrifice her child. She knows she is going trough tough times and will pass in both personal and professional exams. Vidhvan enters and apologizes Surekha on Revati’s behalf. Surekha says Purshotam trusts him a lot and says he will take care of Shristi, if he will. He says and walks away.

Revati fumes in front of Brij that Shristi’s is so arrogant and was boasting about her daughter and degraded Vishu. Brij says he saw everything, nothing to worry, once they get Shristi’s admission card, Shristi cannot write exams and her mother’s arrogance will be destroyed. Revati gets happy. Ring of fire 25 February 2020

Shristi studie for her exam. Vishu wakes up and asks her to sleep, why she is tensed. Shristi says she is anxious as it is her first exam tomorrow. Vishu says god will help her, he prayed god to help sristi and give questions which she knows answers of. Ring of fire 25 February 2020

Ring of fire Tuesday 25 February 2020 update Ragini keeps kheer in front of Anurag. Anurag busy on laptop thinks why she is staring him, what is going in her mind. She thinks he should eat kheer. She stands near him, then coughs. He thinks he is not deaf. She drinks water and praises kheer. He thinks why she is praising kheer, if she mixed something, he cannot trust her. She thinks she has to feed him kheer and not trust. She switches on her favorite song Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam…and says it is a very beautiful song. He walks towards her. She closes eyes in excitement. She switches off music.


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