Ring of Fire update Friday 22nd January 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire 22 January 2021 update: Revathi scolds Dulari why did not she inform her that she needed money, she would have scolded her but given money. Ragini and Shristi tell Dulari is too innocent, her husband is bad and wanted money instead of knowing how she is, she should not fall for his buttery talks. Dulari agrees and says let us have food, she is living for food.

Ragini serves food and fills extra plate. Divya asks for whom it is. Ragini calls Baiju and asks to come and have food with them. He says he is comfortable sitting on floor. She points gun at him and warns to obey. Revathi and daadi also insist. He agrees. Daadi says she got halwa prepared for all her children.

After dinner, Ragini goes to room with Anurag and says Baiju is a boon for our family. Anurag says yes. Ragini says Shristi has calmed down in Baiju’s company. He asks is it and gets romantic. She says she is elder bahu of this house, trying to take clothes from cupboard. Night falls down. Anurag insists her to wear it. She agrees hesitantly.

Shristi gets her friend Payal’s call that she is eloping with her boyfriend and is in a hotel room now. Shristi warns not to betray her parents, she is coming right now to meet her. She walks down. Baiju asks where is she going at this time. She tells whole situation. He says he will accompany her.

Ragini comes out wearing nightie and draping towel around. Anurag insists. She shyingly removes towel. He gazes her and their romance starts. He lifts her and takes her on bed. A romantic song plays in the background. Revathi knocks door and informs Shristi is missing.

Baiju takes Shristi to a cheap hotel where Payal is and ask people. He says her friend came to wrong place. Police raids place revealing it is a brothel. Baiju says they are trapped badly. Police arrests even them.


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