Ring of Fire update Friday 26th February 2021 Zee world


Ring of Fire 26 February 2021: Shekhar/Vishu mixes oil in Shristi’s coconut and thinks it will blast and harm Shristi and keeps it back. Ragini performs pooja. Daadi asks Shristi to perform pooja next. Vikral sitting on wheelchair thinks how to expose Shekhar’s truth. Shristi starts rounding holding coconut. Oil from coconut falls on floor and she slips. Vikral swiftly gets up and holds her and falls down slowly. Family gets concerned shouting Shristi bitiya..samdhiji…Anurag lifts Shristi while Revathi and Dulari lift Shristi. Family thanks Vikral for saving Shristi. Anurag and Ragini take Vikral to his room and make him lie on bed.

Baiju massages Shristi’s sprained leg and praises Vikral that even being paralytic, he got up and saved Shristi, fathers are great, he did not see his father, but thinks he was like Vikral and Vidhvan. He asks her to change and take rest. She will say she will change later and rests on bed.

Vikral thinks how to inform family that Vishu is Shekhar. He scribbles on paper and throws it in air thinking someone from family should notice it and read it. Dulari while brooming floor sees paper, but it flies away. It falls near Ragini. Ragini picks it. Anurag walks in and gets romantic, says Vikral will be ready to play with their chote thakur before he is born. Ragini says she is preparing pineapple kheer for babuji. Anurag says it is also his favorite. She drops paper and gets busy chatting with him.

Ring of Fire 26 February 2021

Shekhar walks into Vikral’s room and asks if he is feeling helpless, he became hero today, but how will he save Shristi again. Dulari walks in and says she will take badki bhabhi’s babuji on a walk and tells about paper flying in room. Shekhar thinks if Vikral scribbled anything and checks notepad. He searches paper. Dulari takes Vikral to living room and finds paper there. She picks it and gives it to Revathi. Shekhar sitting there lights match stick to burn paper…

Dulari gives Vikral’s scribbled paper to Ragini. Vishu/Shekar silently throws fire stick and burns paper. Dulari shouts fire. Ragini asks how did paper catch fire. Vishu saays he burnt it by mistake while playing with match stick, if it had something important written. Ragini says she does not know. Vishu says he will go and rest now and leaves. Ragin says Vikral even he should rest. Vikral thinks how can he be in peace seeing Shekar’s evil plans. Vishu/Shekar walks to kitchen and drinking water thinks he has to keep calm, else his plan will spoil. He sees kheer and mixing sleeping powder in it thinks Vikral will be out soon, but before that he has to make whole family unconscious.

Ring of Fire 26 February 2021

Revathi serves food to Vidhvan. Vidhvan says looks tasty. Revathi says Dulari prepared it. Dulari says even she can prepare tasty food. After finishing dinner, Ragini serves kheer and says she prepared it seeing Vikral’s progress. Vidhvan praises her. Daadi asks Ragini and Shristi not to have kheer. Ragini forcefeeds kheer to Vishu. He goes aside and spits it out. Anurag taunts he will have Ragini’s share of kheer also. Vidhvan gives Ragini shagun.

At night, Shekar/Vishu walks into Vikral’s room and says he will kill him now and tries to inject poison, but Vikral resists. Ragini wakes up and seeing a man in dark runs behind him, but Vishu runs away and hides. Ragini returns and sees Vikral on floor, calls Anurag and makes Vikral sleep back on bed. Anurag does not wake up due to sleeping pill. Vikral points at table. Ragini calls whole family, but nobody comes. Vikral continues pointing at table again. Ragini sees notepad and rubs paper and reads that Vishu is doctor’s murderer, thinks how can he, asks Vikral if he is mistaken. She reminisces Vishu spitting kheer, whole family eating it, Anurag warning not to show kheer to Vishu, else he will finish whole bowl. She asks Vikral to rest and switches off light.

Ring of Fire 26 February 2021

Next morning, Shirsti searches grocery. Baiju asks her to return back to room and lifts her, gets romantic, but then gets call and leaves. Shristi finds coconut and oil leaking out of it and realizes someone purposefully made her fall. She walks out with coconut and clashes with Ragini. Ragini asks if it is pooja cococunt. Shristi explains whole situation. Ragini shows Vikral’s letter that Vishu is dangerous and asks her not to inform family, else they will think Vikral and she are lying. Vishu hears their conversation and thinks if they doubt him, his game will end, so he has to kill Vikral soon.


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