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Ring of Fire 8 January 2021: Ring of Fire update Friday 8th January 2021, Anurag tells Ragini that he can tolerate her hatred but not someone touching her. She says she can understand his condition as she has gone through it already. Vikral walks in asking if something is wrong. Ragini says Anurag is stuck in the past and walks out. Vikral asks how dare he is to enter his daughter’s room. Anurag says Vikral’s daughter is his wife. Vikral says ex-wife and he is staying here with some reason, so should not forget his limits.

A newspaper editor enters Shristi’s house and says he had published that advertisement and apologizes Shristi and Vidhvan. Baiju’s puppet enters and says editor will print apology tomorrow and since Baiju is feeling guilty, he does not want to come in front of her.

Anurag walks in to Abhimanyu’s room with towel. Abhimanyu says he already has towel here. Anurag sees his abs and praises them. He tries to brainwash Abhimanyu against Ragini. Abhimanyu says he likes her way. Anurag continues counting Ragini’s mistakes. Abhimanyu says he likes it even then. Anurag walks away fuming and sees Ragini standing near door.

Ring of Fire 8 January 2021: Baiju’s amma comes to Shristi’s house and gives her prasad calling her daughter. She asks not not call her daughter from the mouth she called her son, they both want to see her shattered, but she is not so weak. Amma says when she was 18, she got married and when Baiju was 1 year old, when he lost his father and does not know father’s love. She bought him up alone, bearing society’s dirty eyes, she got blind in son’s love. She pleads Shristi to forgive Baiju, else they both will not forgive themselves. Shristi walks out of house. Baiju stops her and says amma cursed herself for bearing him, he did a big mistake and needs her forgiveness. She walks away.

Anurag thinks Ragini helped him so much in business, personal life, etc., but he did not respect her at all, he is a big fool. He then thinks all allegations are fine, but he did not love Sangini though. Vikral used to say he is perfect match for Ragini, but what happened now. He mimics Vikral and then Parag and continues his drama.

Vidhvan while having lunch says their time is tough, earlier family issues, now Baiju goon. Revathi says Shristi taught nice lesson to Baiju. Dulari says she heard Baiju is very cruel and continues her explanation.

Divya gets emotional seeing bhindi sabji in lunch and says Vishu loved bhindi roti. Shristi feeds her and asks to feed her now. Their emotional bonding and remembering Vishu continues. At Ragini’s house, Vikral shows shooting target to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu excitedly thanks him and asks Ragini to practice shooting with him. She says it is late night now, they will practice tomorrow. At night, Divya cries reminiscing Vishu and asks god why he takes good people like Vishu and not punish goons like Baiju. She calls Anurag. She speaks to him and asks to come home soon with bhabhi soon.

Ring of Fire 8 January 2021: Next morning, Abhimanyu eagerly waits for Ragini and asks Vikral to show his shooting skills. Vikral asks him to show his talent instead. Abhimanyu target practices. Ragini enters. He asks to show her talent now. Anurag enters. Ragini takes position. Abhimanyu praises she is standing like professional, who is her coach. Vikral says who else than him. Ragini reminisces promising Anurag that she will not shoot first, but shoots. Abhimanyu says she missed a bit, let him teach her. He holds her and teaches. Anurag enters holding snacks and gets jealous that nobody can touch his Ragini, let him separate Abhimanyu first. He serves snacks and drops chutney on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says looks like he is still not skilled at house work. Anurag says may be this house’s food likes his clothes. Vikral scolds him that he is incapable of anything.

Once they both leave, Anurag confronts Ragini and says he cannot see anyone else touching, only he has right on her. She reverts back and says only she has right on herself and only she can decide who can touch her, it is her life and she will marry the boy her father has chosen. Anurag angrily breaks glass. Ragini gets concerned and asks servant to nurse Anurag’s wound. Anurag asks what about his heart wound. Ragini says she is not concerned about his heart anymore. Vikral warns Anurag to mind his business and not interfere in Ragini’s life. Anurag says he is trying to save his life.

Baiju goes to shopkeeper and forces him. Shristi enters and says Baiju is leach from drain and will always be same who sucks poor’s blood. Shopkeeper says Baiju is giving money instead. Baiju gives money and leaves. Shristi returns home and tells what happened in market. Dulari says Baiju changed like in Bhojpuri films. Revathi says evil cannot change and is acting. Daadi asks not to take evil’s name in this house.


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