Ring of Fire Monday 10 May 2021: Ring of Fire update Monday 10th May 2021, Agni returns home calling mamma and seeing someone in dark warns to come in front, pointing gun. Foster mother switches on lights and scolds that she spoilt her birthday surprise. Agni asks if she is not afraid of bullet. Mother says she spent more time as jailer than Agni’s age and is not afraid of bullets. Agni says she has good news for her. Revathi feeds roti to Sakshi. Sakshi says that Toni and Senti will finish any task household she gives. Revathi asks why will doctors do household chores. Sakshi nervously says they use hammer to correct patient’s bones and can fix nails in wall also. Revathi brings cake saying she prepared it and wishes her 20th happy birthday. Sakshi angrily leaves saying she hates her birthday. Revathi says she is stubborn like her.

Agni’s foster mother brings cake and feeds her. Agni asks where is her gift. Mother says she has special gift for and brings suitcase. Agni sees doll and says it is last birthday’s gift and she cannot repeat it. Mother shows her Raginni’s family photo. Agni is shocked to see Ragini and says her face is exactly like her. Mother then shows Ragini giving baby to her and says Ragini is her biological mother, she is just her foster mother. Agni stands shocked. On the other side, Sakshi gives doll to Revathi and apologizes her, says she hates this day when her mother left the world. Revathi says how can she forget the day when Sakshi is born and even her sister who died after her birth. Sakshi angrily warns not to call her sister, she was criminal’s daughter who killed her father, she can be anything than her sister.

Agni asks jailer fi she is not her mother and if her biological mother was murderer. Mother says her mother was not murderer and asks to listen to her carefully. Revathi looks at family photo and says only this photo is left. Sakshi says this is her house and she does not like murderer’s photo here. Revathi takes photo. Jailer tells Agni that her mother is innocent and would sacrifice life instead. She reminisces the incident where Ragini requests to take her daughter far away and tell everyone that she gave birth to a dead girl. Out of flashback, she says she got transfer from Bilaspur to here. Agni says she got promotion and transfer to Biaspur. Jailer says she should prove her mother innocent. Agni says she does not want to go away from her mother. Jailer says she is always with her, but Agni has to go there alone and wipe black mark from her mother’s name. Sakshi yells that she will not forgive Ragini in life.

Agni reaches Bilaspur’s police station. Jailer mother calls her and asks how is police station. Ragini sees dust all over and says it is very neat, she will call her later. She asks constable what kind of police station is this without any police or criminal. Constables walk in singing happy birthday to you, holding cake. Ragini cuts cake and says she feels as if she reached home. Constables praise her bravery and says they want to felicitate her. Ragini says she wants to rename Bilaspur police station as Bilaspur garbage center and asks constable where is FIR book. Lady constable says she took it home to complete pending work. Ragini asks to bring book and orders other constables to clean place right now.

At Sakshi’s fake clinic, her aides discuss about slapping their victims. Revathi asks what do they mean. Sakshi says they mean to treat patient’s ears. Revathi says she brought food for her and asks her aides to go. Sakshi says she has to go now and attend patients and asks her to go home now.

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