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Ring of Fire 22 February 2021: Ring of Fire update Monday 22nd February 2021, Vishu waalks to Baiju and says sorry, says he should not have irked Shristi. Baiju says madamji is overeacting, he will go and calm her down. Vishu sleeps on Shristi’s bed laughing and thinks if Baiju had come 30 seconds later, he would have kissed Shristi.

Ring of Fire 22 February 2021 Shrtisti stands in garden. Baiju walks in and asks why she is angry so much, earlier other family members like Dulari, Ragini, and Vasu have slept in her room. Vishu hides behind tree and hears their conversation. Shristi says Vishu is different and she feels something is wrong. He says she is over reacting. Ragini comes out checking signal on mobile and seeing them fighting asks if they gave room to Vishu does not mean they will spend whole night in garden. Baiju asks how does she know. She says Vishu himself told and asks them to sleep in her room as she and Anurag are sleeping in Vikral’s room. Baiju and Shristi leave. Ragini tries calling Parag.

Vishu walks back to Shristi’s room, picks her clothes from cupboard and smells them lustfully. Ragini walks in switching on voice recorder on her mobile and asks him to stop his drama provoking him to confesses his crimes. He confesses, but then he sees her recording and changes his tone. She asks to stop. He says he saw her recording and realized that she is up to and warns dare not to try again. Ragini says his truth will come out like this mirror. He asks to close room \and go. He then takes out Shristi’s perfume and smells it lustfully.

Ragini returns to Anurag tensed. Anurag tries to calm her down and plays piano on Ragini’s hand. Ragini asks him to stop. He gets sad. She then plays piano on his hand and tries to calm him down. He gets romantic. Vikral coughs in sleep. They both get alert and then again get romantic. Ragini goes to prepare juice for Vikral reminiscing her romance with Anurag. Vishu watches hiding. Once she goes aside, he mixes rat poison in juice and thinks Ragini will kill her old father now. Ragini passes by via hall and sees Shristi making Baiju write down grocery list with Kashmiri rajma in a list. Baiju says he likes local rajma. Shristi says everyone likes Kashmiri rajma and cannot change to his taste. Ragini keeps juice on table and asks Shristi to order both. Shristi yells she will order via shop and leaves. Baiju says he will bring it. Ragini suggests they both should not fight. Baiju says Shristi is getting groggy, yesterday she scolded Vishu and now him. Ragini asks why did she scold Vishu. He says he does not know, she herself can ask Vishu or Shristi. She says she will and asks him to feed juice to babuji till then. Vishu gets happy thinking Ragini prepared juice, he mixed poison, now goon Baiju will feed it to Vikral and will be blamed for Vikral’s death.

Ring of Fire 22 February 2021 Baiju extends juice towards Vikral’s mouth to feed him. Vishu gets excited. Baiju stops and says it has fly, he will prepare another juice for babuji and goes to kitchen. Vishu angrily walks into his room and yells this old man is not dying at all, he will kill old man ruthlessly and protector Baiju will not be able to help.

Revathi walks into Dulari’s room calling her and scolds what is she doing. Dulari says she is fixing different girl’s features and making a perfect girl’s pic for Vishu. Revathi scolds her and sends her away.

Baiju returns home holding grocery bags. Shristi helps him. He says looks she is calm now. She asks why did he bring it. He gives her gift box. She asks what is it. He says shop keeper must have kept it. Shristi says she will thank shopkeeper then. He says she should thank him and he knows where to accept it, signalling to romance her. Shristi goes to her room with gift box. Vishu breaks vase and hides. Shristi goes to check. Vishu runs to her room and checks gift and Baiju’s message in to to wear gift and come to their favorite spot at 9 p.m. He smirks and leaves.

Shristi waits fo Baiju in garden wearing dress and shawl over it. Vishu goes there. She thinks it is Baiju and turns closing eyes an dremoves shawl revealing mini skirt. Vishu lustfully looks at her. She opens eyes and gets shocked seeing Vishu and drapes shawl back over her. Baaiju walks in. Vishu shows letter and says Baiju gave it to him. Shristi is shocked looking at it. Baiju says it is his handwriting, but he did not write it. Shristi reads lewd letter by Baiju and slaps him. Vishu reminisces writing it. Shristi leaves. V ishu tells Baiju h e should not have written this letter.

Ring of Fire 22 February 2021 Baiju follows Shristi. Shristi closes door and says she does not want to see his dirty face. Revathi passes by and asks if something happened. Baiju say usual misunderstanding. Shristi opens door. Baiju tries to convince he that he did not write it, but Shristi alleges he did it and even he sent that MMS. Vishu watches standing near door and smirks. Baiju checks letter and realizes Vishu wrote it, he walks to Vishu and holding his collar warns how dare he is to play his evil game. He goes to Shristi and iinforms he did not write it as letter is addressing Shrisit as tum when he always addresses her aap. Ragini hears that and thinks it is Vishu for sure.


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