Ring of Fire update Monday 25th January 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire update Monday 25 January 2021 On Zee world

Shristi and Baiju’s wedding rituals continue. Pandit pronounces them husband wife and asks tot take elder’s blessings. Anurag and Ragini head to their room after Shristi and Baiju’s wedding. Anurag gets romantic with Ragini and holding her from back says tonight that moment will come at last. She asks what moment. He says to spend quality time with her. She says let us speak then and lies on bed. He says he felt so proud of her seeing her fighting for Shristi, he gets jealous of himself, she is so beautiful and lively. Ragini falls asleep. He asks if she heard what he told. She says she looks beautiful when she smiles and falls asleep again. Anurag makes her sleep properly and continues looking at her face.

Shristi waits for Baiju in her room with milk glass. Baiju walks towards Shristi’s room. Dulari stops him and says he considered her as sister, so he should give her gift before entering Bhabhi’s room. He gives his salary and says just today sahab gave it. She says sahab is his FIL now, so he should stop calling Vidhvan badke phupa as sahab. He walks in. Shristi touches his feet as respect and says she respects him more now and kept the thread he tied on her forearm till now. He says even he wants to gift her something in returns and gives her a tight slap. She falls on bed in a shock. He reminds her of slapping him and insulting him. He leans on her and says he wanted to punish her brutally and planned all this. Her slap hit his heart than cheek, so he planned that snake incident with Revathi first, then entered house, and then took her to brothel hotel sending opportunity, rest she knows. He is protecting her from others, but who will protect her from him. He continues revealing his evil plans while she cries sitting near bed.

Next morning, Anurag wakes up and laughs seeing mustache and design he made on Ragini’s face. Ragini asks if he means she is looking beautiful even now. Dulari knocks door. Ragini opens it. Even Dulari laughs. Ragini asks if she is looking bootiphool. Dulari says she should ask her husband and came to invite them for breakfast. Ragini checks herself in mirror and gets angry on Anurag. Anurag continues laughing.


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