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Ring of Fire 28 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Monday 28th December 2020, Vidhvan’s family accepts that Vishu is dead. They organize Vishu’s shanti pooja. Guests gather in white clothes. Vikral and Purshottam try to calm down Vidhvan. Pandit asks to bring dead person’s photo. Brij brings Vishu’s photo and cries hugging Vidhvan. Vidhvan also cries holding photo and then keeps it on table. Pandit starts pooja. People bring Shristi down next wearing white sari. Divya cries that Vishu bhaiya always wanted Shristi to be well dressed with make up on.

Shristi sits crying. People asks her to remove her mangalsutra. Shristi says she will not remove it. They ask Revathi to explain her bahu and remove her mangalsutra. Revathi says she will not, but thinks she has to convince Shristi later. Ladies insists her to follow rituals. Revathi says she does not believe in all these rituals, she is on her bahu’s side and cries hugging Shristi. Ladies start badmouthing.

Anurag looks at Vishu’s toys and cries reminiscing gifting him toys and time spent with him. Ragini walks in. Anurag thanks her for being good with Vishu. Ragini says when she came here, Vishu was her best friend and Anurag was not in picture at all, so he does not have to thank her.

Shristi stands in living room. Revathi asks her to go to her room. Shristi says Vishu’s memories are all over room, she cannot face his memories. Revathi says this whole house is hers, but she has to face the reality. She takes her into room and says she will give if she asks something. Shristi says she gave her everything and can take whatever she wants. Revathi asks to give her mangalsutra.

Anurag requests Ragini to stay back. Ragini says she will not for his sake as their relationship is over, but she will to support family and his sorrows…

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