Ring of Fire update Monday 4 January 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire 4 January 2021: Ring of Fire Monday 4th January 2021, Baiju throw food and complains that Shristi threw his food. Constable scolds Shristi and gives her food to Baiji. Baiju enjoys food and says home cooked food is so tasty. In Ragini’s house, Anurag signs Pyaar Hame Iss Mod Pe Le aya…song while doing household chores. Ragini walks to kitchen. Anurag says he did all the decoration, prepared salad for good health, cleaned utensils with which she can see herself and her husband’s face, shows their faces. He continues. Parag walks in and says he is multitalented and uncle unnecessarily sent him to London, instead he is better as cook and gardener. Anurag says no work is small and every work needs respect. Vikral walks in and says if he has done goo jobs, he needs tips. Anurag says appraisal and tips. Vikral pulls out a currency note. Anurag says he will take it from the bride. Ragini does Parag’s nazar and gives money to Anurag. Anurag kisses note.

In jail, Baiju writhes in pain. Shristi wakes up and asks if he is feeling severe pain and calls constable. Baiju gets up and strangulates her neck and says when he is not in peace, he will not let her in peace. He leaves before constable walks in. She coughs. Constable scolds her and leaves. Shristi says he is really a rakshas and must have done a lot of bad deeds, but he did wrong by confronting a lawyer, he is brought here to be punished by her, he will repent for coming here.

Anurag plays with children and explains his plan. He walks back home and watches drama. Ragini’s fiance walks in, children throw cow dung on him. Vikral asks what is happening there.

Constable opens jail door and asks Shristi to work. Shristi says until her crime is proven, she will not work. Constable yells at her and says if she does not work, she will not get food. Baiji praises constable and she leaves. Shristi cleans her cell. Baiju throws garbage in her cell and complains constable. Shristi praises constable and says her bucket is full, but Baiju’s bucket is empty, so he is lying. He says she is using same game he used. Shristi looks at constable.

Ring of Fire 4 January 2021: Abhimanyu comes to meet Ragini. Neighbor children throw dirt on him and then dirt smeared ball. He catches ball and says it is his turn to play now. Vikral greets him. Parag scolds children. Abhimanyu says that is okay, he loves playing with children as he is busy acting as businessman whole day and cannot be himself, so he wants to play with children. Vikral says a man who loves children is clear hearted. Anurag tries to introduce himself, but Vikra stops and says he is my manger.

Shristi tells constable, but she cannot believe that such an intelligent constable did not notice Baiju’s lies. Constable scolds Baiju to be in his limits and clean the floor. Shristi smirks at Baiju. Once Shristi falls asleep, Baiju thinks Shristi is very intelligent and he has to use brain to defeat her. He keeps master key on her side while she is sound asleep.

Ring of Fire 4 January 2021 Zee world: Vikral introduces Abhimanyu to Shristi and asks Anurag to prepare tea. Parag asks to add more tea powder and make it bitter. He continues his misbehavior with Anurag. Vani asks Anurag why he is tolerating all this. He signals because he loves Ragini. Ragini and Abhimanyu get along well. Vikral asks Anurag how is his choice and tells Abhimanyu that last time he made a mistake, this time he does not want to.

Constable gets food for Shristi. Baiji gets happy thinking Shristi will be punished for having master key. Constbale does not find key. Baiji realizes his plan backfired and hurriedly picks key from his side. Constable catches him and extends his punishment while Shristi walks out free. Baiji determines to take revenge from Shristi.


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