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Ring of Fire 13 February 2021: Ring of Fire update Saturday 13th February 2021, Shristi says Ragini that her condition is because Ragini stopped talking to her. Ragini hugs her and reconciles. Shristi then returns to her room and rests. Baiju brings her milk and tries to leave. Shristi stops him and asks if he is angry on her and not talking. Baiju says he is sad, but her smile makes him forget everything. Shristi says she knows she is not against him, she just could not go against Anurag, Baiju is one of important family members and is needed at home. Baiju offers her milk. Vishu enters and throws milk and shouts if he wants to make Shristi ill and asks if milk had almonds. Shristi says she is allergic to almonds. Vishu scolds Baiju what if Shrhisti had fallen ill, thinks it is good maa informed him everything about Shristi. He asks Shristi if she is fine and says he will get her juice and scolds Baiju. Baiju leaves.

Baiju walks to living room sadly. Ragini asks what happened, if Shristi is fine. Baiju says she is fine, thinks he wants to tell her everything, but cannot burden his problem on her, says nothing wrong, if he can help her in studies. Ragini says she is reading about Hitler and he is like Anurag, very commanding. Anurag hears her from a distance. Baiju says even he wants to write something and scribbles on paper. Paper falls in front of Anurag. Anurag reads best of luck bhabhi and praises Baiju, but says it has spelling mistake, he should also study now, asks Ragini to be with Shristi till he returns and leaves. They both laugh Hitler. He returns and leaves with car keys.

Revathi tells Dulari that she has to plan big to separate Shristi and Baiju and has an evil plan to provoke Baiju, she is just worried if she is doing wrong in son’s love. Dulari says mother cannot think wrong for child. Revathi calls someone.

Baiju wanders outside Shristi’s room reminiscing Vishu scolding him. Shristi sees him and takes him in and says she knows what is going in his mind, they both have to live life together and should know about each other, it was not big for him not knowing about her almond allergy, she will tell him her favorites and starts. Baiju continues further. Their eyes lock. Teri naam ki kasak hai naa…song… plays in the background.

Ragini while studying says she wants to have something spicy and asks Dulari to bring chaat masala. Dulari says she finished it. Vishu brings gol gappa for her and challenges her. Ragini accepts his challenge. Dulari takes Baiju’s side and Shristi takes Ragini’s side. Anurag comes and scolds Baiju and says he went out to bring flower bouquet for her even though she was wrong, she is pregnant and this all is bad for her. Ragini says her child is breathing in her womb and she knows what is better, Daadi and Revathi are in front and they will stop if something is bad for her, he is pestering her a lot after he became teacher and pricks thorns each day. She walks away. Revathi scolds Anurag. Anurag thinks he should console her. After sometime, Baiju gets Shristi’s lab report. Family asks to read it. He reads and looks shocked. Shristi asks what is in report. Baiju says it says Shristi is pregnant.

Baiju reads Shristi’s lab report and informs family that Shristi is pregnant. Revathi and Daadi congratulate Shristi and happily say they will play with 2 grandsons together. Baiju says Vidhvan and Brij would have danced in happiness if they were hear, but who is baby’s father, Vishu or Baiju. Shristi stands shocked. Vishu angrily leaves. Dulari continues her doubts. Everyone walks away. Revathi scolds Dulari for her drama, then praises her and ask to continue this baby and father’s confusion repeatedly.

Ragini and Anurag argue in front of Vikral. Ragini says she knows Shristi well, she will not do anything wrong. Anurag says it is a good news and instead of getting happy, Ragini is angry. Ragini says she wants to shoot doctor who prepared false report, but Anurag took away her gun. Anurag says she should feed sweet to doctor instead. Their argument continues. Vikral raises his hand. Ragini gets happy seeing that.

Shristi tries to explain Baiju that she is not pregnant and she considers him as her husband. Baiju says he does not want to talk about it and is confused. In Vishu’s room, he fumes thinking Shrihsti betrayed him. Revathi walks in acts as consoling him and says he and Shristi wre together that night, so baby must be his. Vishu says he does not remember what happens at night after having heavy dose of medications. Revathi continues.

Anurag and Ragini’s argument continues. Anurag says Shristi should get retested. Ragini says Shristi is well educated and will not agree. Anurag says it will clear everyone’s doubt. Vikral raises his hand again. Ragini gets happy.

Anurag insists Shristi to get her lab test redone. Ragini insists Shristi not to. Shristi agrees and says if family’s doubt will be cleared, she is ready. Doctor comes and takes her blood and urine samples. Family eagerly waits for doctor. Dulari’s comments continue in between. Doctor returns and says she was present in lab during sample testing. Vishu reads report and says Shristi is pregnant.


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