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Ring of Fire 19 December 2020: Ring of Fire Saturday 19th December 2020, Revathi calls Ragini and Shristi down. They both walk down with Anurag and Vishu, fearing Revathi’s wrath. Ragini and Shristi apologize her. Revathi says they got nice gift. Anurag says it was Ragini and Shristi and scolds them. Revathi warns not to scold her bahus and pampers them both. Family is shocked seeing Revahti’s changed behavior. Rohini realizes she is acting. Revathi says her both bahus and sons will prepare food tonight.

Ragini and Shristi, Anurag and Vishu prepare food enjoying their nok jhok and serve food. Revathi determines to separate Anurag and Ragini at any cost. Family enjoys dinner and praise bahus. Revathi tries to send Anurag away giving him weird jobs. Vidhvan and Brij handle situation. Rohini praise Vidhvan for getting such beautiful and intelligent bahus. Revathi continues fuming.

Revathi walks to her room fuming thinking how to separate them. Dulari brainwashes her that all her efforts to separate Anurag and Ragini failed. Revathi yells at her and says she will at any cost separate them. Anurag and Ragini’s romance continues. Rohini tells family they should celebrate shiv ratri pooja lavishly this time. Revathi gives pooja responsibility to Ragini. Rohini thinks bhabhi must have changed. Ragini does rituals well. Anurag tells Ragini that maa forgave her. She slips and drops holy pot. Revathi holds it…

Ring of Fire 19 December 2020: Revathi asks Vishu and Shristi to enact as Shiv Parvathi during maha Shivratri event. Shristi gets nervous and Revathi asks her to relax, she will perform well with devarji. Anurag throws letter. Revathi reads it and says her misterji is calling. Shrsiti asks her to come back soon and not get engrasped in her misterji’s eyes. Ragini leaves.

Ragini walks to Anurag’s room. Anurag asks her to help him wear dhoti as he has to teach i tto Vishu. Ragini shies. He insists it is a question of pride. She asks to inform Vishu to learn wearing dhoti from Brij. Anurag continues insisting. His dhoti gets stuck in furniture and tears. Revathi walks in. Anurag peeps from dhoti hole and seeing Revathi’s sari asks Ragini if she changed her sari. He then gets nervous seeing Revathi. Revathi angrily asks Ragini to go and get Shristi ready and even herself get ready. Ragini leaves.

Zee world Ring of Fire 19 December 2020: Vishu gets ready as Shivji. Dulari sees Shivji’s shadow and thinks real Shivji came. She says she cannot believe Shivji came for her. Vishu asks to slap herself. Dulari does. She prays him to separate Ragini and Anurag. Vishu says sit is a sin and instead she should help them. Divya watches and laughs silently. Dulari asks him to give her a boon then and make her bua a chameleon so that she can beat and kick her out whenever Bua forces her to work. Revathi walks in and fumes seeing this. She scolds Dulari.

Vishu and Shristi as Shivji and Parvathiji walk into temple with family. Pujari greet them and describes importance of dance in Shivji and Parvathiji’s life. Vishu and Shristi dance. Rohini asks Anurag and Shristi to join them to please Shivji and Parvathiji. They both also dance. Revathi fumes that Rohini is helping Ragini a lot, now she will see how she will save Ragini…She smirks thinking of her evil plan.

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