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Ring of Fire 26 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Saturday 26th December 2020, Anurag and Ragini attend party holding each other’s hand and join Vishu and Shristi. Dulari wears mask. Revathi gets afraid. Dulari says she read it is a mask party and they will get price. Anurag shows mask and says it should be like this. Vishu says they can dance with anybody. Revathi thinks this is good, Ragini can become Sangini under mask. Psycho insurance agent enters and wears mask. Anurag picks liquor glass. Revathi sees that and says he is on honeymoon trip and can enjoy, but should not drink so much that he forgets Ragini. Anurag says she is too good, not to worry, he will clear all complaints of Ragini today. Vishu tells Shristi let us have water. Shristi goes to kill goes to bar and asks water. Psycho insurance agent stands behind her. Vishu joins Shristi. Shristi asks where was he, she cannot stay without him even for a second. She drinks water and leaves with him. Psycho insurance agent smirks.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi dance on Dekha tumhe jab pehli dafa…song….while Psycho insurance agent wait for a chance. While dancing with Ragini, Anurag diverts his attention towards a mini wearing girl. Ragini asks what is he looking at. He says that dress would look good on her. She says she does not like it. He insists. She says maybe, she will give medicine to sasumaa and leaves. Dulari mixes something in juice and asks waiter to give it to Anurag. She joins Revathi who says let us see new drama today.

Anurag gets heavily inebriated with Dulari’s medicine and searches Ragini. He forcefully dances with waiter. Vishu notices him and tells Shristi bhaiya is inebriated, he will give him water. Shristi says he needs partner and walks to him. Anurag says he needs to talk to her, she is a magician. Shristi walks back to Vishu who asks her to come along, he needs to give her a nice gift. He saks asks her to close her eyes and shows her a ring. She gets emotional seeing ring and hugs him. Waiter drops juice on Shristi’s sari. Shristi tells Vishu that she will go to washroom and clean herself. Vishu asks to return soon as he cannot even breathe without her. She says she will return soon and leaves.

Ragini returns as Sangini and walks to Anurag. Anurag says Ragini. She says no..He says Sangini. Sangini says he again made a mistake, if he has fallen in her love. Shristi walks towards washroom. Psycho insurance agent walks behind h er and hits her with vase. She collapses. He drags her with him. Vishu searches Shristi and finds broke broken vase pieces.

Vishu searches Shristi and finds a broken bottle outside washroom. He continues searching her all around hotel. In party venue, inebriated Anurag dances sensuously with Sangini thinking her as Ragini. Revathi gets happy seeing her plan succeeding. Anurag tries to kiss Sangini. Sangini pushes him and gives him a tight slap. Dulari says Anurag babu has lost it. Revathi says he came to senses now and will realize what she was trying to show him since so long. Anurag continues that he loves her and collapses.

Psycho insurance agent puts Shristi into dustbin and drags it. Vishu continues searching Shristi and finds psycho insurance agent wearing mask and walking with dustbin. Psycho insurance agent escapes. Vishu continues searching him. At home, Daadi gets worried for children and prays god. Rohini asks her not to worry, they are fine, she will connect to them. She tries their numbers, but nobody picks. Divya walks in and says she saw news about psycho contract killer killing people in disguise, he is the one who came here as insurance agent and she saw her behind family when she was on skype with them. Rohini asks not to worry, they are all fine.

Sangini takes inebriated Anurag to their hotel room and thinks Anurag does not love Ragini. Anurag wakes up and seeing himsmelf with Sagini asks what is she doing here, where is his family and Ragini. Sangini says he said her I love you and kissed her. He does not believe. She shows video clip. He says he loves Ragini and not her. She says he is lying and removes her wig. Anurag is shocked to see Ragini. Ragini says she is both Ragini and Sangini.

Psycho insurance agent drags dustbin and puts Shristi into his car, calls his aide and says he did his job. Vishu continues searching Shristi, takes someone’s phone, and calls her. Psycho insurance agent picks call. Vishu hears temple bell and asks man where is this temple. Man says nearby mountain. Vishu rushes towards temple.

Ragini shows her skin and confronts Anurag that he ditched her love for Sangini’s skin.

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