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Ring of Fire 27 February 2021: Tiwari points at Vishu/Shekhar before dying. Vishu silently moves aside. Family is shocked to see Baiju. Ragini says Baiju cannot murder Tiwari, Tiwari’s hadn was shaking before he died. Shristi says her Baiju is goon, but cannot murder anyone. Ragini says she knows, but who murdered Tiwari then. Police reaches and investigates. Constables tell inspector they searched whole house, but did not find anything. Inspector says some clue must be there. He asks Ragini if they knew this man from before. Ragini says Tiwari is her babuji’s party worker. Anurag says Tiwari tried to kill babuji twice and even today he attacked, but Ragini and Shristi caught him red handed and Vishu fought him and got his hand injured. Inspector asks Vishu which weapon was used to attack. Visu says 6-8 inch long knife. Inspector asks if it handle wooden or metal handle. Vishu says he did not notice and reminisces murdering Tiwari and hiding knife. Inspector asks what was Tiwari’s reaction before dying. Dulari says he was pointing at a family member. Inspector walks to Baiju and says he knows it must be Baiju. Vishu says Tiwari wrongly pointed at Baiju, though Baiju has criminal record, he cannot murder Tiwari. Anurag says whole family trusts Baiju. Vishyh asks Baiju not to worry, they will hire a big lawyer. Ragini asks why lawyer, crime is not proved at all. Inspector takes Baiju aside to question.

Vishu walks to kitchen, takes out knife from his pocket, wipes blood from knife and cuts apple from it and then keeps it back with knife set, praises himself that Tiwari pointed at him and he went on the other side, Baiju is caught, now he will be caught.

Ragini searches for clue. Anurag asks her not to get so tensed. Shristi asks Baiju why did Tiwari point at him, why he is blamed…Baiju says even he does know what is happening, she knows his truth. Ragini tells Anurag that Baiju cannot do this, then who did, someone from outside tried to attack Babuji and she is relaxed culprit is not a family member, she is confused. Baiju tells Shristi that Tiwari is not related to our family and in confusion pointed at him. Ragini continues panicking. Anurag gies her medicine and asks her to relax. Ragini thinks if Vishu is murderer or Baiju..

Next morning, Ragini and Shristi prepare breakfast reminiscing Tiwari pointing at Baiju. Ragini thinks Tiwari was pointing at something else and they thought something else. She thinks if Dulari and Brij did it, or if Vishu has done and she is not doubting him.

After sometime, Ragini brings Vikral on chair and gathers family. Family asks why they all gathered them here. Ragini says babuji saw murderer’s face. Brij says everyone know Tiwari was murderer. Ragini says he was attacked many times and only he saw murderer’s face. Vishu asks how will he inform. Ragini says he can point and asks Vikral to ring bell twice if his answer is yes and once if no. She asks if he saw murderer. He beeps twice. She asks if Tiwari attacked him. He beeps once. Revathi asks who was it then. Ragini asks if culprit is a family member. Vishu thinks he has to do something before old man takes his name. Ragini thinks he is relaxed and thinks he cannot be caught.

Ragini gathers family and asks Vikral if his attacker is from family. Vikral beeps twice. Ragini asks if he/she is present here. He says he beeps twice. Brij says how can family member attack samdhiji. Vidhvan says if samdhiji is doubting, then he must be true. Ragini takes each family member’s name. Vikral press beep only once. Ragini looks at Vishu/Shekar and seeing him standing relaxed thinks why he is not tensed. She says only 4 members are left now. Vishu calls Revathi and tries to divert attention. Ragini takes Vishu’s name, but Vikral collapses. Ragini asks Anurag to call ambulance soon. Vishu says he will call.

Ragini with Vishu and Anurag takes Vikral to hospital. Revathi calls her. She asks her not to worry as Vikral’s condition is stable and she even informed Ammaji and Parag not to worry. She stays with Vikral and asks Anurag and Vishu to go.

At home, Vidhvan tells Revathi how can a family member attack samdhiji, who is that heinous person. Revathi asks where is Vishu. Brij says he is resting in his room. Vishu enters hospital disguised as doc and tries to stab Vikral. Vikral holds his hand while he tries hard. He pulls bedsheet and is shocked to see Ragini. Ragini says she doubted him from before and caught him red handed. He says good she is also here, he will kill her and her old father. He strangulates her neck. She tries her best to escape. Vikral crawl from under bed and pulls his leg. He falls down. Ragini tries to take Vikral away. Vishu gives her injection and she collapses. He gets them both on stretcher and tries to get out of hospital. Anurag passes by and calls Ragini. Vishu holding Ragini’s phone does not pick it. Anurag being in front does not identify Vishu and walks into Vikral’s room and searches them. Nurse says doctor took Vikral for scanning.

Vishu takes Ragini and Vikral to a godown, ties time and starts torturing them. Ragini warns to free her and see what she can do and pleads to spare her father. Vishu trashes Vikral. Anurag calls him and says Vikral and Ragini are missing, he is going to file police complaint. Vishu asks to send their pics, he will also search via his contacts. Ragini shouts misterjii.. Vishu shouts to shut up.


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