Ring of fire update Saturday 29 February 2020


Ring of fire 29 February 2020; stooped so low to keep marbles under mat and make Anurag fall. Shristi asks how does she know it was marble. Dulari says she is judging and walks away with Revati.

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Ring of fire 29 February 2020 update, Shekhar meets Purshotam and says he met Shristi and he is in-charge of her exam center. Purshotam acts as not knowing anything. Shekhar says she is doing her exams well and he offered to work with him. Purshotam says he did good. Shekhar says he felt Shristi is not happy in her home. Sumer enters and says he is worried for Shristi seeing her situation at her home. Purshotam says his daughter is a fighter and will fight for her rights.

Ring of fire 29 February 2020 update, Anurag brings Ragini back home after getting her wound dressing and arm sling. Vidhvan asks what did doc say. Ragini says she herself told doc to give tetanus injection and apply dressing. Vidhvan smiles and leaves. Anurag says doc told her dressing needs to be changed every 3 hours, he will call Divya or Shristi. Ragini says she will change dressing herself. He stops her and does her dressing. A romantic song plays in the background. Ragini feels shy and romantic. Shristi knocks door. Ragini gets angry that she always disturbs their romance. Shristi enters and gives ointment and leaves. Anurag applies ointment and finishes dressing. He thanks her for saving him. She says it is her duty. They continue chatting and he then asks her to sleep now. Ring of fire 29 February 2020 update

Ring of fire 29 February 2020 update, Next morning, Ragini gets ready and tries to apply sindhoor on her forehead with great difficult. Anurag is about to leave for work when he sees her effort. She says her suhaag is more than her life. He applies sindhoor. She gets very happy. Revati brings her breakfast and asks to have it. Ragini asks Anurag to finish it as he needs to go early. He says it is okay, he will have downstairs. She tries to eat with great difficulty. He feeds her. She bites his finger. He asks what is she doing. She says sorry, she thought it is her dream. He feeds her and tries to leave. She asks him to have curd and go and feeds him. He goes down. She thinks today is very good day, he fed her and even she fed him.

Ring of fire 29 February 2020, Anurag joins family for breakfast. Shristi finishes her breakfast hurriedly. Anurag wishes her all the best for her exam. She waits for Poonam eagerly. Anurag says he will drop her. Ragini sees that and feels jealous. Shekhar comes and says Poonam asked him to pick her up and let us go. Vishu says thanks for coming, but Anurag will drop her. Revati thinks Vishu changed after her moral gyaan. Anurag says Shekar is going to exam venue itself, so let him drop Shristi. Revati fumes.


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