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Ring of Fire 8 May 2021: Ring of Fire update Saturday 8th May 2021 Shristi goes to meet Baiju and says he will be out soon, else who will change baby’s diapers. He says he will and take his daughter to Sheetala mata temple. Shristi writhes in pain when baby kicks. Baiju says baby is eager to meet papa. Shristi says even baby’s mamma is eager to meet him and says their future is related to him. He asks her to stand silently, he will stare her and imprint her face into his heart. She says even she will and says I love you. He says I love you too madamji. Constable says visiting hours are over. A romantic song plays in the background. Shristi leaves.

Vidhvan’s creditors come to collect money and warns they have property papers mortgaged and if he does not repay loan, they will auction house. They pick furniture as surety. Ragini walks down and warns to dare touch furniture, she is Vikral’s daughter and dare to touch her house’s furniture. Vidhvan asks Revathi to take bahu in. Creditor says Vidhvan his bahu is not well, so they are going, will return again. Anurag asks Ragini to go and rest.

Ragini shouts where will she sit and eat, he would have taken babuji’s help, if husband and FIL cannot give proper facilities to bahu, they are called eunuchs in her village. Anurag raises hand. Ragini says he wants to slap his child’s mother, she will leave this house right now. She then walks to room and holding doll cries that she loves Shristi more than her sister and insulted her for her betterment, when she will know truth, she will hug her emotionally. She has to complete a task before that and writes letter, keeps it on table and walks down. She looks at house sadly. Anurag passes in front of her ignoring her.

Solid meets Shekhar who shows his psycho nature as usual and says it is Ragini’s turn now. Solid asks if he will kill even Ragini. Shekhar says he has not decided, he will leave her helpless and will not let her help herself. Solid asks to tell what he has to do. Shekhar asks to get out no. Solid thinks if Shekhar kills Ragini, he will be in huge losses.

Shristi confronts Anurag and asks how can he raise hand on his wife. Anurag says he does not know why she is doing this. Shristi says even she is confused, but Ragini is kind hearted and Anurag should support her. Anurag says she is trying to hide her tears and acting as angry on him, he can realize that. Shristi says she can see anger in Ragini’s eyes but not tears. They both walk into Ragini’s room and don’t find her. They both go out to check.

Ragini meets Baiju and breaks down. Baiju consoles her and says she is pillar of the family and should be courageous, he wants to meet madamji once. Ragini says she will think something. Inspector comes and asks if Solid will accept his crime. Ragini says she hopes so and is taking a big risk and does not want to fail.

Inspector takes Baiju out of cell and takes him along to Solid’s said place in jungle. They watch hiding. Solid takes Ragini to the venue. Ragini asks where is his boss. Man enters and asks where is drugs, he does not have time. Ragini shows him drug packet. Man checks. Baiju walks in. Solid gets tensed. Ragini acts and asks what is he doing here, he was in jail. Solid says it is his drugs. Ragini says her drugs, she will sell it. Baiju says it his child’s future. Ragini pulls gun and warns her to back off. Man says he does not want to fall in their fight. Solid says he will give him drugs. Shekhar shoots Baiju’s forehead hiding. Shristi and Anurag also come out of hiding and run to him. Ragini is shocked. Shristi takes Baiju’s head in her lap. Baiju says he does not have time and is paying for his sins. He dies. Shristi shakes Baiju. Solid shouts Ragini killed Baiju. Ragini says she did not. Inspector enters and checks gun, says one hole is empty, so bullet is shot. Ragini says she did not fire at all. Inspector asks constable to send gun to forensic lab and dead body to postmortem. He arrests Ragini and leaves. Shristi continues crying.

Ragini is thrown in jail. Ragini pleads it is not her mistake. Jailer walks in and asks why did they bring here instead of taking her to hospital. Constable says they cannot until labor pains start. Ragini pleads to take her to Shristi. Doctor enters and makes her lie down. Jailer thinks she killed her own devar and is worried about devrani, she is seeing first time where a woman is worried about someone else than her unborn child.

Baiju’s body is brought home. Each family member reminisce time spent with Baiju and cry. Shristi sit widow for the second time sits senseless. Anurag, Vidhvan and other take Baiju’s body. Shristi gets up and asks not to take her Baiju away. Revathi and Dulari hold her. Solid lies that he saw Ragini going angrily and meeting drug dealer, Baiju came there and their fighting started, Ragini shot Baiju. Family believes him. He smirks.

Ragini pleads jailer to take her to Shristi as she is alone, she did not kill Baiju. Jailer gives her medicine and food for child’s sake and asks not to punish her child. Shristi cries holding Baju’s clothes. Jag Soona Soona Laage…song plays in the background. She reminisces time spent with Baiju.

Next morning, family goes to meet. Ragini asks where is Shristi, why did not she come. Anurag alleges her that she tried to peddle drugs and killed Baiju, why did she do that. Ragini says she thought he would believe her without any proof, but she was wrong. Revathi starts her yelling next and says Ragini did a sin and her sin will not spare her child. Family leaves while Ragini stands crying.

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