Ring of Fire update Saturday 9 January 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire 9 January 2021: Ring of Fire 9th January 2021, Abhimanyu excitedly watches football game on TV. Anurag comments he also likes football a lot and asks Parag which team he supports. Parag says he and Ragini/Guddi likes cricket. Abhimanyu says he was captain of his team. Anurag asks if his state? Abhimanyu says his college team. Anurag says even he was captain of his team and have kicked many goals. Ragini asks him to explain the game. Abhimanyu says it is easy. Ragini says she will bring juice for them all first. Anurag says he is manager and will bring juice. Ragini goes first to kitchen and prepares juice. Anurag enters and keeping her busy in his talks mixes alcohol in Abhimanyu’s glass and adds 2 ice cubes as a sign.

Anurag then serves juice to Abhimanyu and others. Abhimanyu says he will explain what football game is via these juice glasses and exchanges them. Anurag gets tensed who drank alcohol now. They all gulp juice in 1 go. Ragini gets inebriated and starts talking. Anurag realizes she drank alcohol instead and reminiscing her not able to handle alcohol once thinks what to do now. Ragini continues her drama. Parag asks her to calm down as babuji is outside and takes her to room.

Daadi takes Shristi to temple and asks panditji to do special pooja. Pandita sks her to wait. Shristi sits under tree and seeing children fighting tries to stop them and falls on pooja thali. Pandit angrily shouts she did a big sin by dropping thali and should be punished by tonsuring her head. Shristi confronts and as if her punishment will correct everything, she does not believe in all this and is not ready to bear punishment. Arrogant pandit says this kind of widow is harmful to the society and sould be tonsured. Women around hold Shristi while Daadi pleads to leave her bahu. Women throw water on Shristi. PAndit brings shaver and is about to tonsure Srhsiti’s head when Baiju enters and stops Pandit.


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