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Ring of Fire 21 February 2021: Ring of Fire update Sunday 21st February 2021, Vishu asks Shristi to prepare turmeric paste for him as his leg is injured. Ragini says somewhere in his heart, he still loves Shristi and the more he hurts her, the more he will suffer. Vishu throws turmeric paste on floor and says Vishu may need it as he will need it, Shristi’s past will haunt her again. Ragini gets confused and thinks what he is up to now. She goes to Shristi and asks if there is any past related to her and Baiju. Shristi says she does not remember and asks her to concentrate on her studies. Ragini says he says not chemistry at least as she hates it. Shristi jokes she should think of her and Anurag’s chemistry. Their jokes continue.

Family sits for breakfast. Vishu smirks thinking of his evil plan. Brother owner Chanda mausi walks in calling Baiju Kanpuria and says she has come here to earn as her item is here. Baiju starts coughing. Family gathers confused. Chanda says Baiju sold chamiya Shristi to her in her brothel for 50,000 rs. Shristi starts shivering in fear. Family asks what is happening. Chanda says she came here to collect her money as Vishu took away Shristi back, she needs either Shristi back or her money and drags Shristi. Revathi stops her and warns how dare she is to touch her bahu. Chanda asks Shristi to speak if Baiju had not sold her in brothel. Shristi stands shivering. Chanda says she needs 10,000 rs. Chanda gives Vishu’s signed divorce papers. Anurag pays and sends her. Shristi tries to speak. Anurag asks her to shut up. Revathi asks Vishu if he signed divorce papers. He says yes. She slaps him and says she consdiered him more than her sons and gave him rights for her last rights, but he showed his true colors.

Ragini walks to Baiju and pointing knife on him scolds she thought him as a good man, but he stooped so low and does not deserve to live. Shristi walks in. Baiju says she can kill him. Ragini angrily throws knife. Baiju says he deserves punishment and picks knife to slit his hand.. Drama continues…

Vishu alleges Baiju for attacking Virkal. Shristi says Baiju saved Vikral instead. Shristi scolds Vishu that he cannot allege family member. Vidhvan says they cannot allege each family member like this. Anurag says they all should take care of Vikral as only he and Ragini cannot take up responsibility. Vidhvan says it is a good idea. Revathi consoles Ragini that whole family will take care of samdhiji. Vishu says each member will guard Vikral turn by turn and asks Ragini not to get tensed. Ragini says let us go and have food.

Each family member takes care of Vikral. Anurag, Baiju, and Vidhvan play chess with him, Dulari reads novel, Shristi and Baiju tell him stories. When Vishu’s turn comes, he looks suspicious. Ragini enters and feeds him soup. Vishu’s face turns into evil. He walks into his room and punches pillow angrily that old man is enjoying favors, then laughs and says they get blessings for serving dying people and then will kick out goon Baiju from Shristi’s life, he will win this time.

In the morning, Shristi comes to living room drying her hair after bath. Vishu sees that and runs in front of Dulari frightening her. She drops milk on Shristi and asks her to go and bathe again and change her dress. Vishu smirks and follows her hiding. Shrihsti walks to her room and walks into bathroom. Vishu calls Baiju. Baiju goes out. Vishu walks in smirking. Shristi asks towel. He shows towel. She pulls him in. She is shocked. They get drenched in shower and come out. Vishu says he heard someone asking towel, so entered in, but Shristi pulled him in. Shristi says she thought it is Baiju. Baiju says he understood and asks Shristi to go and change. Revathi passes by and notices that. Vishu smirks at her and leaves.

Vishu goes and changes his dress smirking. Ragini walks in and asks why he is interfering between Shristi and Baiju, their bonding is very strong and he will end up empty handed. Vishu says he loves Shristi. Ragini says he does not. Vishu picks hammer and makes a hole in wall and says he will break Shristi and Baiju’s relationship like a hole in this wall. Ragini walks out fuming.

Shristi walks into her room and sleeps on her bed thinking Baiju is sleeping already. Vishu turns. Shristi is shocked seeing him and asks what is he doing here. He says Baiju asked him to sleep here. Baiju says yes and says Vishu messaged his room’s roof is leaking, so he asked him to sleep in our room and messaged Shristi to sleep in Dulari or Ragini’s room. Shristi says she did not get any message. Vishu reminisces deleting message from Shristi’s room. He takes Baiju’s mobile and shows message sent to Shristi. Shristi argues. Baiju asks not to make an issue out of small confusion. Shristi walks out yelling. Vishu smirks thinks their misunderstanding starts.


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