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Ring of Fire update Sunday 24 January 2021

Sarpanch orders Vidhvan to leave village with his family for not accepting panchayat’s order. Vidhvan leaves. Sarpanch warns he is insulting panchayat and will have to return back to them. At home, Revathi says she will not leave this village. Divya says this issue is because of Baiju, so if they change Shristi’s bodyguard, villagers will not oppose. Ragini says this will make Shristi a culprit. Anurag says Ragini is right. Villagers chant Shristi singh murdabad. Ragini fumes and says she will teach them a lesson. Villagers provoke Sarpanch that Vidhvan’s family is arrogant and insulted him, what will he do now. Sarpanch says he has a plan.

Shristi asks Ragini not to do anything wrong and says it is all her mistake and family is suffering, so she will accept panchayat’s order, holding white saari. Vidhvan says it is not her mistake. Revathi says Vidhvan is right, she should change her decision. Shristi says if her decision can save her family, she is ready to accept panchayath’s decision. Raginbi says Shristi is right and showing her law book asks to burn it as this teaches to get justice to weak and victims, if she does not trust it, it is better to burn it. Anurag says in old says, widows were sent to holy place, but this is modern age. Revathi says Anurag is right, she has whole life in front of her. Ragini asks Shristi to burn book. Shristi kisses book. Ragini throws white sari. Vidhvan praises Shristi and says let us oppose injustice loudly.

After sometime, Revathi asks Vidhvan to inform police to get protection. Vidhvan says they will get protecting in 2 days as it is govt work, but until he is alive, he will not let anyone harm Shristi. Dulari starts her jokergiri and shows how Biju taught to throw opponent on floor. Family then prays god to protect family and Shristi.

Ring of Fire 24 January 2021: Villagers shout slogan against Vidhvan’s family. Family walks in front of them and says they will not leave this village. Sarpanch says he is doing wrong, but can stay in village, he has to keep his bahu out. Revathi says they will not leave her daughter alone.Villagers drag Shristi out of village yelling characterless woman cannot stay in this village. Family protests, but they are gripped by villagers. Ragini entes holding gun and warns to leave Shristi right now. Villagers pelt stone on her and continue dragging Shirsti out of village and tie her to a tree.

Ragini takes bridal sari to Shristi’s room and tries to convince her to accept her fate and agree to marry Baiju as he risked his life to protect her often. Baiju walks in and says nobody will force Shristi to marry him, he just protected her from villagers, even if he gets 1000 lives, he cannot compare himself to Shristi, she is much more superior to him, he is a goon and she is a well educated advocate, so he will leave this house right now. Shristi stops him and showing bridal sari says she is ready to marry him.

Anurag and Ragini decorate house for Baiju and Shristi’s wedding. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She points flower at him and says she is target practicing and does not want to forget what Abhimanyu… Anurag stops her and asks not to take Abhimanyu’s name again in life. Ragini says she does not have time other than taking Anurag’s name, why will she take any other person’s name. He gets romantic. She says Daadi is calling and runs away..Aftere sometime, Ragini and Anurag’s romantic song starts. Lahoo muh lagggaya…song plays in the background. Daadi calls them this time really and they part ways nervously.

Ring of Fire 24 January 2021 update: Baiju and Shristi’s haldi ceremony starts. They both come wearinng beautiful dresses. Surekha asks Revathi to apply haldi on Shristi first. She does followed by other. Dulari and Baiju’s ammaa’s jokergiri start. Whole family applies haldi on her. Baiju stares Shristi while she gets mehandi applied. Their wedding rituals start next. Pandit calls Purshotam and Surekha for kanyadaan. They say Shristi’s real parents Vidhvan and Revathi will do kanyadaan. Rest of wedding rituals complete, and they are pronounced husband and wife.


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