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Ring of Fire 29 November 2020: Ring of Fire update Sunday 29th November 2020, Rajjo brings trainer for Brij and asks him to start training for the competition. Brij asks where did she get this joker from. Rajjo says he is sweet shopkeeper and does wrestling as a hobby. Brij says he does not need any training and asks her to send this man back. Trainer asks Brij to do pushups and prove his strength, then he will go. Brij tries pushup and twists his nerves. Rajjo takes money from his pocket and gives it to trainer and asks him to run away. Brij continues writhing in pain.

Shristi teaches children and speaks about fear and how to overcome it. Vishu comes and says they should practice 3 legged race if they want to win. Shristi agrees. He ties towel to their legs and walks. She says her leg is twisted. He frees her leg. She asks not to touch her feet. He says that is okay and ties legs properly and they both practice race again.

Anurag gets Ragini’s old dress and after she wears it, he ties their legs for practice. She asks how did he get this dress. He says that is not important, she is looking very beautiful in this dress. She says he used to hate her before. He says now he loves her a lot and tries to kiss her cheek. Dulari brings Revathi to show Anurag and Ragini’s romance and says they are getting more closer and intimate. Anruag and Ragini sees them and acts as fighting with Ragini and asks Revathi why did he ask him to compete with this dirty girl, she stinks. Ragini says even his shirt is stinking, she will not compete with him. Anurag says he is fighting with this chipkali, but Dulari thinks he is romancing. Revathi says now she will guard and they can practice.

Rajjo fills her trunk with weights and asks Brij to lift it. Brij hops for air. She then gets ladder and asks him to jump and have his favorite grapes. He jumps and gets tired. She then takes him out and asks to climb stairs and return back for a kiss each time. Brij runs and returns and kisses her. Dulari sees that and rushes to inform Revathi.

Ring of Fire update Sunday 29 November 2020: Shristi says Vishu how will they win competition without proper technique. Vishu says they have to win. Shristi hears students reading not to lose hope and to continue practice. Student teaches her technique. Shristi thanks him and ays she will gift him something. Revathi sees that and determines she will not let Shristi win.

Vishu with Shristi prays god for their win and tells Shristi that they will win for sure. He sees Shristi limping and asks her to rest as today is competition day. She says she has to finish household chores and goes to kitchen. Rajjo hears their conversation and thanks god that she is always on her side and helps her.

Brij comes wearing t-shirt and tracks with cap and asks Rajjo how is he looking. She says young and dashing. He asks if he is looking like Brad Pitt and says let us practice. She sees Vishu passing by, makes Brij sit and applies herbal paste on his legs. He says he is feeling really good and pain-free. She says she had actually prepared it for Shristi as she is having leg pain, but Shristi may not accept it, so if he can give it. He agrees. She silently changes bowl. Brij sees Vishu and gives him bowl. Vishu accepts it thinking Shristi will feel good.

Ragini wears salwar kameez for competition. Anurag pulls her dupatta and plays with her. She asks to return it before Dulari or Revathi comes. He jumps and asks her to take it back. Revathi comes yelling. Anurag scolds Ragini she should wear t-shirt and track pant for competition and not shalwar kazmeez like illiterates. She also fights. Revathi asks to stop fighting as they both have to win for sure.

Ring of Fire Sunday 29 November 2020: Vishu walks with herbal paste bowl and clashes with Dulari. Dulari takes bowl and keeps it with Rajjo’s bowl. Vishu picks Rajjo’s bowl, goes to Shristi and applies paste on her feet and says she will feel good. Rajjo peeps in and thinks Shristi wont be able to walk now and will not compete. Vishu picks his shoes and asks Shristi to come later after resting, he will go with Anurag and Ragini.

Shristi gets up and works after sometime and walks into a room to clean it. Revathi silently locks door from outside and switches off light. Shristi knocks door and asks to open it and hears car leaving.

Family reaches competition venue and get ready for competition. Vikral enters. People greet him. Rajjo asks who is this man. Brij says he is Anurag’s father-in-law. Vikral goes on stage and announces 10000 rs price for winner. Ragini and Anurag touch his feet. He blesses them. Shristi at home knocks window and pleads to open it, she needs to attend competition. Vidhvan asks where is Shristi bahu. Shristi’s students pass by and hear her voice.

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