Ring of Fire 3 January 2021: On Ring of Fire Update 3rd January 2021, Anurag video calls Revathi and says he is fine and has lots of food to eat. She asks when is he coming home. He says not to worry about him, he has taken oath to return home only with her bahu. Revathi sees her plans to separate Anurag and Ragini failing.

Shristi talks about Vishu and showing incomplete woolen sweater to Revathi asks if she was preparing it for Vishu. Revathi says yes. Shristi asks to teach her weaving sweater and then asks if she can teach her preparing Vishu’s favorite halwa. Revathi says there is no halw grocery at home and Brij is also not at home, if she can go and bring it. Shristi agrees. Vidhvan asks why she is troubling bahu, he will go and bring grocery. Revathi says he is old and should rest, gives list to Shristi and sends. Vidhvan asks why did she do this. She says Shristi cries always reminiscing Vishu, so she sent her out to divert her attention.

Anurag continues flirting with Ragini and says she is looking lallan tap/beautiful in her black dress. He continues that pandit gave forcecast that they will get 2 children, she can name them herself, since she likes desi and English, she can name them same. Ragini asks Vikral if boy’s photos came for alliance. He says yes and shows photos. She asks to show it amma and finalize one. Vikral asks guard to throw away Anurag’s tent and clean the space, else he will kick him out of job. Ragini says let him stay there till her marriage pendal is fixed there, then they need labors to work during marriage, Anurag can work and pay his rent for staying here. Anurag says whatever she does, he will not go from here without her.

Ring of Fire 3 January 2021: Shristi goes to buy grocery and chats with shopkeeper. Baiju goon comes and asks protection hafa from shopkeeper. Shopkeeper says this is wrong. Baiju forcefully takes money and drops it in his box. Shristi holds box and asks to return. He says it is charity. She gives whole money to children for sweets. Baiji angrily pushes her on ground and says he does not beat ladies, so he pushed her without touching. Shristi calls police and gets him arrested. She then takes shopkeeper home and tells his story to Vidhvan. Vidhvan suggests to hire lawyer to punish Baiju goon. Revathi says Shristi should fight this case as she is a lawyer. Vidhvan says it is a good idea. Baiji conspires against Shristi in jail.

Ragini gets ready to meet a boy and asks Anurag how is she looking. He says lallantap. Vikral comes and says she is looking pretty and should go and meet boy soon. Ragini says let the boy come here so that Anurag can see how much superior the boy is than Anurag. Vikral gives divorce papers to Anurag and asks to sign them. Anurag refuses and says he will never divorce Ragini. Ragini asks to finalize the boy without seeing and call him home here.

Baiju continues to taunt Shristi in jail. Purshottam and Vidhvan go with bail papers and asks inspector to leave Shristi. Inspector refuses to leave her as they came a few min late. Baiju asks inspector to send her out as elders are requesting. Shristi asks them to go and as she does not want to bend rules. They leave. Baiju continues taunting her.

Ragini asks Vikral to let Anurag in and stay at home, he will do household chores like a servant. Anurag agrees and sleeping on bed says Ragini that sasurji has made such a comfortable house. Ragini asks him to get back to his work.

Baiju continues mentally harrassing Shirsti and says she spoilt his business of ransom collection and sent him behind bars, he did same and took revenge from her. Food comes. Shristi cries. Baiji gives her water. She drinks it. He throws his food and alleges she did it. Constable scolds Shristi.

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