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Ring of Fire 6 December 2020: Ring of Fire update Sunday 6th December 2020, Shrishti and Ragini come to Vishu and Anurag. Shrishti asks if you saw my husband. Ragini says you are cute. Vishu says we shall dance. They lift the veil. Vishnu says I will identify you always. Anuraj tells Ragini that whenever she speaks, it is like she is expressing her love and then he don’t understand anything. Ragini takes Shrishti with her. Vidwaan and Revati waits for the Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan. He enters the scene heroically. Vidwaan introduces Amma, Revtan, Vikraal and others. He praises his daughter in laws and says Ragini is working with Anurag and the younger bahu is a lawyer. Ragini talks about her perfect aim. Ravi asks her how she made Anurag fell for him. Rajjo gives her introduction. They take a selfie. Ravi Kishan says your family is good. Vidwaan asks Revati to come. Ragini asks Vishu to meet Ravi and says he is a big fan of yours.

Shrishti thinks how can think of hurting him. Ragini prays that Vishu’s happiness shall never be fade away. Suddenly a decoration piece falls down. Servant asks Shrishti to give him rope to tie it. Dulaari comes there wearing clothes like Ravi Kishan’s film character and says she is his big fan. Ravi Kishan makes her wear stole. Ragini thinks to check the arrangements. Brij tells Rajjo that he will apply ointment on her injury. Rajjo says she will do. She goes inside and gets the rope which is kept over there.

Ring of Fire 6 December 2020 zee world: Parag asks Ravi if he can do item song. Ravi says he can dance on full fledge song. Vishu searches for Shrishti and goes inside. Revati takes scissor and keeps it. Ravi Kishan and others dance on a Bhojpuri song. Anurag searches for Vishu and gets tensed. Ravi Kishan takes pic with guests. Anurag searches for him. Vishu says he is here. Anurag says Ravi Kishan is waiting. Vishu says someone has thrown cold drink on his shirt. Anurag sprays perfume on him and asks him to come. Rajjo asks Brij why he is standing alone and asks him to give phone. She takes selfie with him. Ragini brings cake and says they will cut at 12 am.

Vidwaan says you can cut whenever you wants. Ravi Kishan asks family members to dance. Rajjo says she will dance, but Ragini says her husband is half british and can dance on English song. Anurag says he came from London, but his heart is desi. He says he will dance on thumka desi song. He dances with Ragini on song bareilly wale thumke pe. Revati gets up and asks them to stop it.

Party continues at Vidhvan’s house. Ravi Kishan enjoys everyone’s dance. Rajjo insists Brij to come on stage and dance with him. Dulari hosts the event. Anurag thinks culprit has not come out yet, but he will continue watching carefully. Diya comes on stage and insists to dance. Tu dances on Ishq Kamariya baaje re…song.. Parag joins her and when her anklet falls silently picks and keeps it in his pocket. They both continue dancing really well. Dulari again comes on stage.

Vishu makes her sit and says Ravi Kishan saw Anurag/Ragini, Divya/Parag and other’s dance, now he will see his fan’s dance. He asks Shristi to accompany him. Shristi comes on stage and says she can handle business and even dance. Ravi Kishan praises this family is awesome. They both dance energetically on a romantic song…. Ravi Kishan comes on stage and praises them. Divya comes on stage again. Ravi sends her back and praises family that he is a professional, but being homely they are dancing like a professional. He then dances with Shristi and Ragini on Kaanon wali baalon wali..Bhojpuri song.

Ring of Fire update Sunday 6 December 2020: Ravi Kishan with Vidhvan’s family does new year countdown and wishes everyone happy new year. Everyone clap and hug each other. Shristi wishes happy new year to Revathi, but Revathi as usual makes jealous face. Shristi then wishes Dulari. Ravi Kishan feeds cake to everyone and thanks them for inviting him, he will leave now. Vishu says party has just begun. Vidhvan with others takes walks out with Ravi Kishan. Power goes off. Culrpit walks in, hits Vishu on his head making him unconscious and drags him with him/her. Everyone outside discuss why power go on new year’s eve. Culrpit drags Vishu to home temple and pulls knife. Power comes back.

Vidhvan asks Anurag where is Vishu. Anurag asks him to see off guests while he searches Vishu. Ravi Kishan leaves in his vehicle. Vidhvan thanks Vikral for coming. Parag walks to Divya and flirts with her. He shows her anklet and says good he got it, else others would not have returned it. He returns her anklet and leaves, while she smiles shyingly.

Anurag searches Vishu at home and just when culprit is about to stab Vishu catches him. Culrpit tries to stab Anurag, but Anurag overpowers and pushes culprit making him/her fall on table. Whole family returns and are shocked to see culprit is none other than Shristi. Shristi gets out of control like in split personality and rushes to kill Vishu, but Anurag holds knife. His hand starts bleeding. Shristi shows bipolar symptoms. Family is more shocked. Shristi tries to attack again, but Anurag holds her and family wakes up Vishu. Shristi loses consciousness. Revathi yells if Anurag had not reached on time, dayan Shristi would have killed Shristi, asks everyone if they need proof even now.

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