Ring Of Fire update Thursday 18 February 2021 On Zee world


Ring Of Fire 18 February 2021: Ring Of Fire update Thursday 18th February 2021, Vishu walks to Shristi and tries to convince her to reaccept him. Shristi says she loves Baiju and not him. He asks what about their love and his child in her womb. Shristi says she is not pregnant. Baiju walks in and says Shristi is not pregnant. Vishu walks to his room shattered. On the other side, Ragini reminisces Vikral’s wheelchair speeding towards stairs, she and Anurag rescuing Vikral on time. Anurag asks her what happened. She says she is tensed thinking who must have attacked babuji. Anurag says whoever has troubled his wife, he will not spare them, he will make so many holes.. Ragini asks to stop and laughs.

Ring Of Fire 18 February 2021 Baiju walks to Revathi and asks her to explain Vishu that Shristi is not pregnant and she loves him now and not Vishu. Shristi says she wanted Shristi to return back to Vishu, but seeing Shristi has already moved on, she does not know what to say. Shristi hears their conversation and walks in. Revathi gets emotional.

Police comes to arrest Baiju. Family is shocked and asks who complained. Vishu says he complained and says this famous Kanpur goon Baiju Kanpuria has brainwashed his wife and trying to lure his wife. Anurag and whole family says Vishu is thinking wrong. Baiju says Vishu is right, Shristi had married him earlier, but after he went missing, they thought he is dead, so Shristi married Baiju under weird circumstances and loves him now, even her pregnancy is fake. Doctor walks in and says she prepared fake report on someone’s insistence. Baiju says it is true, he asked her to make that report. Police says there is no question of complaint here and walks away. Vishu angrily says his whole family is against him and walks to his room. Whole family runs behind him. He continues venting out his anger, then comes out and says he was wrong, he has accepted that Shristi loves Baiju and has moved on. He apologizes Shristi. Whole family relaxes.

Ring Of Fire 18 February 2021 Ragini congratulates Shristi and says she told everything will be alright, she knew her devar is pure hearted. Shristi says she was afraid seeing Vishu’s anger. Anurag tells Ragini that her brother proved he is brave hearted. Revathi pampers Vishu. Anurag salutes Vishu. Dulari walks in holding water glass and mimicks. Water falls on Vidhvan. Vidhvan scolds her. Vishu laughs. Dulari says Vishu laughed with her foolishness. Vidhvan says she is right. Family bonding continues….


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