Ring of fire update Tuesday 11th February 2020 zee world


Ring of fire Tuesday 11 February 2020; Ragini travels in car with Anurag for pagh phera rituals. She requests him to get her some chat and stops at chat stall. She asks Anurag to have chat and he says he does not, she can have. She insists, and he agrees. She asks vendor to prepare spicy chat soon. On the other side, Vishu offers juice to Shristi and she says she does not need. He says okay, thinks he cannot waste money, and drinks both glasses. Shristi looks in a shock. He gets into car and asks driver to drive. Ragini enjoys chat and sees a man suspiciously walking hiding his face. She catches him and is surprised to see her debtor Tribhuvan. Tribhuvan shivers seeing her. She pulls gun on him and scolds. Narad opens bag and finds money in it. She orders babuji/Vikral will decide his fate. Anurag asks her to spare him as people are watching. Ragini drops gun hearing his voice and stares at him smilingly. They both get into car. Tribhuvan sits in front seat and says if he escapes here, Ragini will catch him in some other place, so it is better Vikral decides his fate. Ring of fire update Tuesday 11 February 2020

<<Ring of fire update Monday 10th February 2020 zee world

Purshotam’s wife Surekha eagerly waits for Shristi for pagh phera ritual. Purshotam says Shristi will not come. Door bell rings. Surekha opens door and gets very happy seeing Shristi and Vishu. Vishu greets them. Shristi asks if she can come in. Surekha says it is her house. They both enter in. Vishu tells how Shristi guides him with good moral gyaan, etc. Ring of fire 11 February 2020

Ring of fire Tuesday 11 February 2020

Tribuhavan enters Vikral’s house. Vikral scolds him. Ragini enters with Anurag next. Her mother gets very happy. Ragini’s friends surround Anurag and greet him with garlands and then entertainment. Mother asks Ragini how her family treats hre. Ragini praises that her MIL takes her care of her well, her dadi sasuma gives moral gyaan, Divya became her friend, etc. Mother asks what about Anurag. Ragini says she can ask him directly. Ragini’s friends continue forcefeeding Anurag with feast. Vikral comes and tells Anurag that he needs to speak and takes him to room. Ring of fire update Tuesday 11 February 2020

Shristi’s friend Pooja enters her room and tells we don’t get what we think of. She asks how is Vishu. Shristi says he does not even know meaning of marriage. Their conversation continues.

Vikral tells him that a person has both weakness and strength, his weakness is his son and strength is his daughter. He gave Ragini before she asked anything and cannot see tears in her eyes, warns if he makes her cry, then nobody can help him. Parag enters next and tells Ragini is not educated but is very intelligent, whole village respects her. He should move on with her. Ring of fire 11 February 2020


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