Ring of Fire update Tuesday 12 January 2021 On Zee world


Abhimanyu proposes Ragini, but she does not reply anything. He says he will wait for her replies. At Shristi’s house, Brij returns home. Divya tells him whole story and says how can evil change suddenly, she feels he planned all this drama. Brij says why did not she inform him beforehand. Daadi asks her to calm down and tells a thief’s story to changed to saint with one incident in his life. Revathi pampers her and feeds her food.

Anurag seeing Ragini’s growing proximity to Abimanyu and confronts her that he cannot stay without her, she has to give him a chance. Ragini keeps her point that she wants to live her life hereon. He says even he wants but with her. She says she does not want to change for anyone and wants to be herself. Argument ensues.

Baiju’s mother gets worried for him when he does not return till late. His enters with his friend. Amma gets worried and asks what happened to him. Friend jokes he became vish purush/poison man. Amma gets worried and insists to tell what happened. Baiju tells about snake incident and saving Revathi. Amma says she is proud of him and goes to get milk for him. Friend says even he needs milk. Baiju scolds him.

Ragini wears western gown and walks down to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says she is looking beautiful. Ragini says she got ready in western outfit only for him as he must have seen girls in similar clothes. He says ye is, but where is Ragini, he wants her to be the same she wants to be and not change for anyone, especially him. She looks at Anurag and then tells Abhimanyu what if someone wants to see her changed. Abhimanyu says then that person does not love her. She wears dupatta on her shoulders. Abhimanyu says that is like Ragini and asks not to change. Ragini walks in front of Anurag. Vikral praises Ahimanyu and feels him sweets. Anurag feels bad.

Shristi gets ready in lawyer’s gown to go to court. Revathi happily praises her. Masked goon enters and makes Shristi unconscious to kidnap her. Revathi rushes for her. Another goon holds her. She sees goon’s face and gets afraid identifying him. Goon pushes her towards pillow, lifts Shristi and leaves.


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