Ring of Fire update Tuesday 16 February 2021


Ring of Fire 16 February 2021: Shristi asks Damini to go out as she needs to speak to Baiju alone. Damini says Baiju does not hide anything from her, so she can speak. Shristi says she will speak later. Baiju say okay and starts dancing with Damini again, once Shristi leaves, he pushes Damini away. Damini yells he is so rude. Ragini in her room tries to read something. Shristi walks in and asks if she had something. Ragini says Dulari fed her juice and even Damini served her soup, asked if she knew about Damini. Shristi says no. Ragini says not to worry, she will get used to it. Shristi says she doubts Baiju and Damini as Baiju is still keeping her pic as his mobile DP and Damini does not know about Solid and told his real name is Chandan. Ragini says it is lie. Shristi says she has a plan and murrmurs in her ears.

Shristi walks to Damini’s room and hears her practicing dialogues and asks why did not she marry Baiju. Ragini on the other side asks Baiju why did not he marry Damini. Damini tells Shristi that her daadi did not like Baiju’s goondagiri. Baiju says same to Ragini. Shristi asks what are her plans. Damini says whatever Baiju decides. Baiju says same on the other side. Ragini asks him where did he meet Damini first. He says he was selling Salman Khan’s movie ticket in black when Damini came to buy tickets and fell in his love.

Ring of Fire 16 February 2021 update: Damni says same. Shristi continues questioning Damni. Both Damini and Shristi say same answer. Ragini meets Shristi next and says they both are in deep love. Shristi says they answered without hesitation in one go, that means they are acting. Ragini says she has one more idea and continues speaking. She slips and falls from stairs and collapses. Shristi runs to her and calls Baiju. Baiju runs and lifts her and rushes her to hospital.

Shristi, Baiju, and Anurag rush Ragini to hospital. Ragini says my child. Anurag says nothing will happen to their child. Doctor does not allow them in ICU. Anurag requests and walks in. Shristi blames herself for Ragini’s condition. Doctor does Ragini’s ultrasound and tells Anurag that she has bad news for him, Ragini has internal bleeding and baby has matured and delivering her/she is risky, they can save either mother or child. Ragini pleads to save her child even if she dies. Anurag says let him take decision and requests doctor to save Ragini as he can get another child but not his wife. Doctor asks him to go out, she will try to save them both. Anurag waits outside ICU tensely. Baiju consoles and hugs him. They all 3 wait outside ICU.

Baiju asks Shristi to give mangalsutra. Shristi says she will not as it is her mangalsutra and she considers him as his husband even now. Baiju says Damini has right on this mangalsutra and she will be his wife and not Shjristi.

Ring of Fire 16 February 2021 update: Anurag shows photo collage to Ragini and fixes Vikral and his photo with Ragini’s. Ragini happily thanks him and shows him family photo.

Damini waits for Vishu in temple. Vishu walks in and scolds why did she call him here, he will pay her money. She says Shristi told he called her here. He says he did not and she sent him message instead. Shristi walks in and takes them into temple and shows wedding arrangements, says when they love each other, then they should marry. Baiju and Damini get tensed and asks what drama is this. Shristi asks panditji to start mantras. Panditji asks mangalsutra. She says she will give her mangalsutra, she just wants to see Baiju happy. Rituals start. Baiju stops. Shristi reveals that she doubted Damini and found drama certificate in her bag and realized she is an actress. Damini thanks god that she does not have to marry Baiju, she is stuck between Baiju and Shristi’s love. Shristi asks Baiju if he does not care for her. Baiju says he loves her a lot, but wants her to return to Vishu. Shristi says how can he think like that, she loves only him and he is her husband and not Vishu. She hugs him emotionally. Baiju prays god not to examine him repeatedly.

At home, Vishu panics that both Baiju and Shristi are not at home. Revathi tries to calm him down. Baiju returns home and says Shristi was feeling unwell, so he took her to doc. Vishu gets concerned and asks Shristi if she is fine, holding her hand. She pushes his hand, yells at him and leaves. Revathi fumes noticing everything. Dulari taunts Revathi that her plan is backfiring on her.

Ring of Fire 16 February 2021 update Zee world: Shristi and Baiju’s romance continues. They hug each other. Ragini passes by and seeing them coughs. They get alert and act nervously. Ragini taunts him and leaves. Their drama continues…


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