Ring of Fire update Tuesday 23 February 2021 On Zee world


Ring of Fire 23 February 2021: Ring of Fire update Tuesday 23rd February 2021, Baiju shows letter to Shristi and says Tum is written in it, but he addresses her Aap. Ragini hears that. Shristi claps and says he is lying as usual, she does not trust him anymore. Baiju says their relationship is based on trust, but she does not trust him anymore. He walks out sadly. Ragini tries to speak to her, but she walks away. Vishu laughs and says it is bad, asks Ragini how did she like his high voltage drama. Ragini also leaves angrily. Vishu continues laughing.

Ragini walks to Baiju. Baiju sys madamji does not trust him at all. Ragini consoles him and asks him to give Shristi some time to get back to normal. Vishu continues laughing in his room and continues planning. Ragini walks in and warns him to stay away from Shristi and Baiju. Baiju challenges her to prove him wrong, else bend in front of him and accept her defeat. Ragini angrily tries to slap him, he holds her hand and warns to keep this excitement for Shristi and Baiju and yells to get out. Ragini leaves fuming.

Revathi arranges Satyanarayan pooja for Ragini’s child and Baiju/Shristi’s better future. Ragini arranges havan and other pooja items. Anurag tells Vikral everything is under control, his Patna project is going fine. Ragini asks Anurag to give her thali. Vishu gives it and showing her timer asks her to hurry up before time finishes. Family performs pooja next. Baiu sits next to Shrtisti, but she ignores him and performs pooja. Baiju walks away. He returns. Shristi leaves. Ragini consoles Baiju again.

Shristi walks to her room and sees wedding dress, mangalsutra, bangles, etc. on her bed, thinks who brought it. Baiju messages that she trusts Vishu more than him, so she should marry Vishu and he is gifting wedding dress. Shristi walks to Baiju and asks what rubbish is this. Vishu watches standing at a distance and smirking. Baiju says he did not understand. She says he wants him to marry someone else, so she will divorce him and already got divorce papers prepared. He asks what does she mean. She shows message and says he sent it. He says he did not. She says their relationship has finished from today. Vishu smirks. Baiju asks how will it end. Shristi says it is an end and walks away fuming.

Ragini tells Baiju there is some confusion. Baiju leaves. Vishu walks to her and laughs and says she challenged she will reunite Baiju and Shristi, but she failed. He confesses that he ordered wedding sari for Shristi and sent message to Shristi via Baiu’s phone, he is being all the drama, Baiju is clean bold, now he will enter with band baaja. She and her god could not do anything, he won. He orders to accept her defeat and kneeling down rub her nose on floor. Ragini kneels down. Vishu asks to rub her nose.

Whole family enters. Vishu stands shocked. Shristi says she doubted Baiju because of him and finally realized he is behind it. Revathii slaps Vishu. Shristi apologizes Baiju and says when Ragini told truth, she did not believe her and reminisces the incident. Baiju explains his side of story. Ragini asks Vishu what will he do now. Vishu holds knife and tells Shristi he is her culprit and should be punished, she can kill him. Baiju says he is unfit to be forgiven. Shristi says she can give him a chance, he should forget the past and move on. Revathi scolds Vishu next. Vishu does emotional drama and requests to forgive him. She does. He thinks mothers are emotional fools, wait and watch what will happen nex.


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